Game Genome Project looks to deliver game suggestions using the very “DNA” of what you’re looking for


App and game discovery tools have been trying to “get it right” since before I can remember. Even with Google’s nice strides to improve recommendation in the Play Store, some companies believe it still isn’t good enough. One of those companies is making something called the Game Genome Project.

So, if you didn’t know what a genome is:


  1. The haploid set of chromosomes of an organism.
  2. The complete set of genetic material of an organism.

So apply that to the make-up of a game. Games have certain “DNA” or properties about them: it can be 2D or 3D, it can use touchscreen controls, tilting, or a gamepad. It can be a racing game, RPG, shooting game — you name it.

Well, much like the Music Genome Project to help people discover the exact type of music they’re looking for using musical tones, rhythm, themes, and more, the Game Genome Project will let you look for games using the same type of criteria.

Instead of wasting time looking for games based on generic keywords or stale top lists, you can now search using a combination of traits such as “3D Graphics + Play By Tilting + Fast Game Play + Sci-Fi Theme”.

The results reveal a variety of games that are more tailored to what you actually want. With hundreds of traits and millions of combinations, the Game Genome Project makes game discovery faster and more personalized than any other method, including the Google Play Store.

They’re calling their tool the “Blender,” and that name does good work to illustrate what, exactly, you’re getting. It’ll blend all the different elements of a game you want, and out pops a game or several games that would be perfect for you based on that exact search.

The Game Genome Project is launching this October on Best Apps Market, but you can already try it out over on their site to see the exciting recommendation tool in action. I’ll just say that I absolutely can’t wait for its arrival.