NFL Game Rewind app for tablets lets you break down every facet of the game


All of you coaches at heart who also tend to be NFL fans should be excited to know that NFL has finally released its Game Rewind app for Android tablets. If you don’t know, Game Rewind gives users access to on-demand games from at least the 2012 season after they’ve aired.

Higher subscription tiers give you access to last year’s playoffs, and all games from 2009 through 2011. You can watch full games sans commercial breaks, or you can watch condensed versions that give you the entire games in an average of 30 minutes.

Coach’s film is available for higher subscription tiers so you can watch the game how the coaches watch the game once they head back to the office Monday. Usual broadcast strategy follows the ball, but with the “All 22” angle you’ll be able to see where every player is throughout the duration of the play.

The tablet app is even more special than the web version of this great service. For starters, it features a telestrator feature that allows you to pause game film and draw over it. This is great for those who wants to really analyze a play and perhaps teach it to family or friends.

Play-by-play analysis of every game, full box score stats, big play markers, and more make up the rest of this experience. Head to to see the different subscription options if you’re interested, and if you happen to get service (or were already subscribed) be sure to download the tablet app from the Google Play Store.

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