Samsung Galaxy S3 with 4G, quad-core, and Jelly Bean heading to Australia


Folks living in Australia look to be getting a version of the Galaxy S3 with a nice, desirable trifecta under the hood. Telstra and Optus will be getting the 4G variant that features LTE, a quad-core processor that may be Exynos, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean under the hood.

Considering Samsung’s current models don’t yet have Jelly Bean (Europeans are sure to see it sometime soon) I’d say this is one of the more exciting releases of the device, even if it is taking place down under.

Optus is expected to deliver pre-sales by September 20th, while Telstra won’t be offering its version until this October. Any of our Australian fans ready to pounce on this quad-core wonder? [via The Verge]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It’s Telstra not Telus ;)

    1. It says Telstra, what are you reading???

  2. even if it is taking place down under.”

    Hah. Unintentional dig @ Australia?

    1. It’s intentional.

  3. Why is it that U.S customers ALWAYS GET FUCKED. We always get these dumbed down versions of the latest and greatest from Samsung. They told the U.S that they couldn’t implement both a quad core and LTE in to the device cause of the chipset. That is complete and utter BULLSHIT, Then why is it that Korea and some parts of Europe have it. Now Australia!

    They FUCKED ALL OF US U.S CUSTOMERS JUST SO THEY CAN BEAT APPLE TO THE PUNCH. I know people will hate me for this but I hope Apple does win what ever lawsuits they have against Sammy here in the states. Maybe then we will stop getting these fucking retarded versions of great devices.

    1. Hey dude…. It’s a phone….. No need to stop acting like a lady now.

      1. Women has nothing to do with the way he’s acting.

    2. Holy Waaaaah batman. Breathe. Its okay bromandudeguy. If the device in question doesn’t have EXACTLY what you want hardware wise…Don’t buy it. It’s that simple. They offered it in it’s original config as it was and you chose to purchase it that way. They didn’t F you or anyone else. Wishing them bad in their legal battles just makes you out to be a whiny spoiled little git. I’m also from the US, you don’t see me flipping out and raging. Samsung while they do have boss devices are only ONE Android vendor. There are other alternatives out there that may suit your needs.

      1. Nice reply, you took that guy John and literally turned his weiner into a vajayjay (had to use different words, didn’t want to get booted) Good job, i hate people that complain all day about nothing. WE REALLY DON’T CARE IF YOU GOT F’D, ACTUALLY I’M, GLAD SAMSUNG GOT YA, that’s just more $$$ for them to use against Apple!!!! GO SAMMY!

        1. I wouldn’t say we don’t care seeing as I don’t think you or anyone else speaks for the community as a whole…but I see your reasoning.

          Samsung has deep pockets as well. They have the cash to fight the battle. At some point its going to spill over to the general public (we enthusiasts are a small part of the pie) about what Apple is doing. It’s a monopoly they want and sorry but US based or not, Apple that doesn’t fly here in the US. You didn’t invent the rectangle, you didn’t invent the idea of a small screen that responds to touch and voice commands and anyone with eyes in their head can see the difference in product A and product B. I’d like them to find ONE real life person who accidentally walked into bestbuy or wherever and ACTUALLY went through the entire process of selecting the said item, purchasing said item, drove all the way home and was like HORRRY SHEET! ITS NOT A IPAD O_O_O_O!!! – Apple used its wallet to buy patents from people that DID invent them. In most of those cases there are plenty of examples of PRIOR art. This is a dark time in mobile technology. Everyone is getting sued. We’re gonna end up with 2 cans and a string by the time the war is done. All because of greed.

    3. I think your overreacting. I believe I heard it was sometime this fall that the Exynos quad would be getting integrated LTE. So when they made the US version that particular chip set wasn’t ready. Now it is. Samsung didn’t screw anybody. Believe me when I say you have a bad a** phone and the version mentioned in this article isn’t going to be world’s better because it’s quad core.

    4. You sound like a whiny kid that got a ton of gifts for christmas from his parents but didn’t get something he wanted so he’s ungrateful for everything. Quad core vs the S4 isn’t exactly necessary, and I personally enjoy the 2GB of RAM over 1GB that the Quad core model uses.

      Considering Samsung is strongly helping Android to grow, you are completely retarded to wish ill upon them.

    5. you mad bro?

    6. You seem mad but I’ll gently point out that 4G in Australia and 4G in the USA are different. The Apple iPad 4G for example won’t work on Aussie 4G networks yet people aren’t bunching their panties and claiming Apple screwed Aussies over. Mostly because they’re sitting in the sun with a beer. I recommend it.

  4. Looks like the Galaxy Note 2 LTE for North America might sport an Exynos.

  5. Australia gets major love in the cellphone dept. They also got the 32GB LTE One X

  6. They should bring this to the states

  7. Tweak this a bit, 2GB RAM, and make it the next Nexus. Good day.

  8. Its funny to see how many assholes replied to what I wrote. However, I’m not angry at all I upgraded to the GS3 knowing the specs it had. Its true though Samsung seems to alter there U.S versions either through the carriers decision or because Samsung wants to, either externally or internally. I wish I was spoiled, I spoil my self but that’s about it and maybe my dog. I will definitely buy the next Nexus device when it is released(hopefully in the play store) and my GS3 will go to my girl. LOL, you idiots made my day! ;•)

    1. You sounded quite angry from your post but whatever. Remember its a lifeless device, don’t let it ruin your day.

  9. Man…. America the Capital of money doesn’t get it first? Where is the logic?

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