Sony Officially Releases Xperia S Binaries To JBQ And The Android Open Source Project Team


It was a few weeks ago we learned that the Sony Xperia S would soon join the ranks of Google’s elite Nexus devices, officially supported by the Android Open Source Project. This was a joint effort between Sony and Google to help bring a pure Nexus-like Android experience to the Sony Xperia S and marks the first time we’ve seen a non-Nexus device officially supported by AOSP.

Today Sony announced, via their blog, that they have officially released their Xperia S proprietary binaries to JBQ, AOSP’s Technical Lead. Also, with the help of the CyanogenMod team — who’s also announced they will be submitting software patches for the Xperia S to AOSP — development for the device will be thriving.

Let’s hope Sony’s move is the beginning of a trend we’ll begin to see more from manufacturers in the future. Just imagine what the world of Android landscape would be like if every OEM was as cooperative as Sony about submitting their hero devices to AOSP for development. This is what Android’s dream of at night.

[Sony Developer World]

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  1. And with this single move by Sony, they are suddenly an OEM that I’m considering for my next phone … prior to this I wouldn’t have looked at any of their phones twice!

    1. So f’ing true. Sony has been doing wonders lately.

  2. Nobel!

  3. A Nexus from every manufacturer is awesome, Google can do a Microsoft here and directly supply and update the OS, while keeping it an open source project the rest of us can use for free. Gotta love Google.

  4. AWESOME!!! can consider a Sony device now

  5. Hopefully someone can now slightly improve the camera photo quality, think Sony over compresses the pictures! The Xperia S does take very nice photos but can do better.

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