HTC Rezound now $80 at Verizon [Deal Alert]


The HTC Rezound is nearing its first birthday heading into November, and as Verizon is prepped to announce new handsets tomorrow (on top of a couple launched earlier today) it’s time among the elite offerings from the carrier may be drawing to an end. While other devices such as the Droid Incredible 4G LTE have launched more recently, the Rezound has remained one of the better specced offerings from HTC to find a home on Big Red’s airwaves.

It now looks like the carrier is ready to phase out the Beats-enabled handset as the phone’s price has dropped to $79.99. And it’s one of the few HTC smartphones left on the market that still comes bundled with a pair of Beats headphones. So if you’re looking for a great deal on a solid Android handset in the twilight of its life, now’s the time to act.

[Verizon via DroidLife]

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  1. I still love mine! My wife’s GS3 is hard to beat though….

  2. had the razr maxx, went to the gs3, and then bought a rezound on cl, and havent looked back since… absolutely love this phone. With ICS it’s awesome, even with sense, its smooth. My GS3 had that annoying redraw, and honestly my biggest complaint was the size. call me a pansy, but the rezound is the perfect size for me, and i honestly like the sharpness of the screen more. Both great phones, the rezound won for me based on size. And some of the sense features.

    1. and yes, i know i coulda got rid of the redraw, spare me that.

    2. If you like size (and I agree, the GS3 is too big), why not go for the Inc4G? it’s a little smaller, thinner, faster, and better battery life.

      1. only cause i got this for 160 on cl in perfect condition. maybe 4″ is a tad but smaller than i would like? 4.3″ seems to be on spot, or 4.5 with no bezel (hint hint motorola)

      2. also, doesnt it have a lower res screen, half the memory, and slightly slower processor? I’m sure i wouldnt notice, but the resolution is a big deal, cause i like the screen on the rezound way more than the gs3 even

      3. The inc 4 display is nowhere near as good as the rezound’s though. And that’s unacceptable to me.

  3. Would rather have an Incredible 4G over this with the Snapdragon S4. But it doesn’t matter because neither are a Nexus. I want my phones to actually get updates.

    1. So you’re ok with a qhd, low pixel density screen when nowadays hig-end phones have a 720p HD display with way sharper images?

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