comScore: Android’s market share grows in the US, but Samsung down a tick in July


The latest numbers are in from market analysis firm comScore, this time covering the figures as they stood in July. News is mostly good on the Android front, where Google’s mobile OS continues to lead the pack in the US. In fact, the operating system’s share continues to rise north of 50 percent, coming in at 52.2 percent since the last time numbers were tallied in April. While many project Microsoft’s Windows Phone to come on strong in the coming months, the platform’s share actually dropped a hair to 3.6 percent. Apple picked up some ground, growing from 31.4 percent to 33.4.

Taking a hit was Samsung, a company that saw a slight drop off in market share despite the release of their flagship Galaxy S3 handset. The Korean manufacturer’s US market share ended at 25.6 percent, 0.3 percent down from previous figures. The good news is that Samsung retained its position as the number one manufacturer in the US. LG’s share dropped a couple points but the company still managed to rank second just ahead of Apple.

[via comScore]

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  1. LG second? Are u sure?

    1. Yup. If LG can beat Apple then HTC has no excuse

    1. It’s a big milestone for Android for a single phone to beat the iPhone though of course there are many other Androids besides the SGS3.

    2. Interesting that on Verizon, #1 is SGS3 and #2 is Motorola droid razr maxx. iPhone is #3. HTC One isn’t on Verizon.

      1. Well the Droid razr has been number 1 on Verizon even after the debut of the iPhone 4s, there was a report like 4 months back comparing sales, but the galaxy s3 topped 10 months worth of iPhone sales in less then 2 months that’s huge even the pre sales for the device topped the iPhone, i think the iPhone 4s had around 4-5 mill pre orders while the S3 had 9 mill

        1. You know what they are saying, that SGS3 only beat the iphone4s because it is so close to iphone5’s release.

          1. I think that’s partially true some are waiting but not all , Android shares have increased and Samsung still has strong sales, I think some of apple’s consumers are making the switch to Android. also if that were true then how did apple’s market share increase slightly if everyone’s waiting for the iPhone 5, i would imagine they would keep declining until the release of the iPhone 5.

          2. i think android steals more customers from blackberry than they do from iOS. But that’s just my uneducated opinion.

  2. I don’t even know what’s LG selling o.O

    1. TV’s…and washing machines.

      1. and more phones than Apple

    2. the new iPhone 5’s displays

  3. Galaxy S3 sales hit full force mid-July. We should wait till next analysis before including the S3.

  4. Why isn’t Motorola up their? They need to get serious about this business. HTC and Motorola were both early Android Manufacturers. I guess they have to overcome some of those early disappointments we had. MyTouch and the Original Droid.

    1. If that Edge phone is the real deal and it’s not made out of plastic, they could have another Razr phenomenon where everyone just has to get one.

    2. If a manufacturer can’t make itself stand out with quick android version updates (ASUS and acer on tablets), demonstrable dedication to quality (again, ASUS), fashionable design (SONY and Samsung) and innovation (Samsung), then you just become a shadow vying for discounted phone sales.

      Revert to locking bootloaders (who was this?) or not admitting to multiple, mulitple manufacturing and design mistakes (Lenovo and its defective ThinkPad Tablet), and you’ll have an army of insiders waiting to pounce on every new product announcement with tales of “if they didn’t do this right on the last phone and actually screwed their customers, then why would they do it right on the next one”. If these claims are backed up (check Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet and defective GPS, breaking power button, breaking volume rocker, breaking micro-USB port, non-focusing camera, screen defects, for example ;-) then potential customers can easily be swayed to choose something else by just a few well-placed, documented comments on android fan sites.

      (I was serious about Lenovo. They screwed their customers over and never even admitted it. Google the terms above and see for yourself. The complaints are legion, and the responses pathetic. ASUS screwed up on their Transformer’s GPS too, but they went to extraordinary lengths for an expensive fix and thereby implied they would not let such a fiasco happen again. I’d happily be an early adopter of an ASUS tablet; Lenovo will never be trusted again.)

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