Google wants to add greater third party support to Wallet, create a total replacement for your real billfold


Though any immediate plans are unknown at this time, at a recent developer talk Google Wallet development manager Robin Dua revealed a desire to build greater support for third party credentials into the mobile payment service. This would include everything from transit passes to reward cards, with the ultimate goal being to provide a total replacement for the physical billfold in your back pocket.

The move echos recent pushes by Microsoft and Apple to provide similar all-in-one services to store payment credentials, but wants to take things a step further through the use of geo-location to automatically pull up the appropriate ticket when near an event and peer-to-peer payments. Exact details on when such features might become available were not made known.

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  1. My stock S3 still can’t use Wallet. They need to hurry up and get Verizon on board. I would love to use it for those times I forget my wallet.

    1. um verizon is blocking it. you can still sideload it apparently. google is your friend.

      1. Sorry, but I have no desire to install a hack job of an official app just to shoe horn it into my phone. When it comes to banking service apps, I want the real thing (offical release-no hacks), that can easily be installed and uninstalled.
        Have you read the steps it takes to get Wallet on your Verizon S3?

        1. Same. I hacked Wallet on mine for a week, but it’s not worth it. Financial stuff especially should JUST WORK.

        2. The easy method I used was to install Market Enabler app (spoofs your carrier so you can install official apps from the Play store), set it up to pretend to be T-Mobile, installed Wallet directly from the Play Store, then uninstalled Market Enabler. Worked easily on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus; I’d be very surprised if it didn’t work on an S3 or any other Verizon phone.

          1. Seems you have to be rooted to do that. I am on a stock Verizon S3.

          2. The S3 on T-Mobile is blocked currently, I have the app installed but when you try to run it it says device not supported and closes ><

        3. That sucks, my Galaxy Nexus is blocked from downloading Wallet by Verizon as well, but sideloading the official APK works like a charm, no hacks required. I agree though that Verizon has to stop being stupid, although I believe the FCC recently ruled that Verizon must stop censoring the Google Play Store on 4G phones because it violates their spectrum agreement. Not sure on the time frame of that Cease and Desist…

    2. just download the apk file and install it. No root needed. Works on my GNex.

      1. If it were that easy (on the Verizon S3), I would. Did you see the link I posted … it requires a hack job on the Verizon S3 just to get it working. Did you install it on a Verizon S3?

  2. The only problem I have is battery life. For some reason, most of times I want to use Google Wallet, my GNex is dead or dying. So if you rely on it, you’re SOL until you find a charger.

    1. You know, you can always get a second battery and not worry about that anymore…It’s not like the battery is nonremovable…

      1. You know, I already have an extended battery and a stock one. It’s kinda inconvenient to carry around a second battery with me. Unless I had a purse maybe.

    2. They should attach a micro USB cable right to the card reader so that if someone’s phone e is dying they can plug it in and use it for the moment they need to use it.

      1. Or improve battery life.

  3. This needs to happen asap so they can build on the Wallet momentum of adding any credit card. I went into the rewards section thinking I’d be able to add my accounts and have it produce a bar code (like so many other apps), yet that functionality isn’t there yet. Seems like a no brainer. Geo location should be a snap for those geniuses.

  4. would use it but I guess my carrier won’t support it for the S3

    1. Yeah, I hacked Wallet onto my AT&T S3 by pretending to be the htc_jewel (yay – free $10 prepaid), but it’s a PITA to re-setup everytime you flash a new ROM update, so I spent the $10, “reset google wallet”, and then uninstalled it.

      I’ll give it another go once the greedy carriers get their act together… which should be annnyyyy day now, now that the NFC-enabled iPhone5 will be out in full force in a few weeks.

      1. lol finally iphone gets nfc oh but wait so who are they gonna sue now, now that they have nfc

  5. I wonder how they plan to replace my standard condom in my wallet

    1. Google wallet! now introducing prophylactic+, with geolocation . instantly share your extracurricular activities with a dedicated share button!! …..maybe….

  6. although my current phone doesn’t have nfc I want a app that I can type in any code enbeded on a magnetic strip so I can just put my student id on it and and instead of swipeing it when I board public transit just tap a phone on a NFC reader witch is installed on the fare boxes but unused by the transit agency where I live. I just love seeing people’s reaction when I used to pay with my phone.

  7. ONE thing I hate about this idea, is that NO F”ing clerk knows how to use it on the west coast. LISTEN TO THIS TIHS,

    I went to GAP (of all places), asked the clerk if the NFC machine was working (because NONE work in phoenix no matter where I go), she replied “no”. Okay, so I saw that the green light was on and asked her, “Do you know what NFC with Google wallet is?” She thought for a moment and replied “No”. WTF!!!!!! Then I asked her, “Why did you say it wasn’t working and you had no idea what I was talking about?” Then she ignored me and turned around because she looked stupid in front of the customers.

    I just wish that once the NFC machine is installed, make sure the employees know how to work it. THAT’S IT. Is there a petition somewhere about this GEEEEEZZ

    1. THANK YOU.

      Everytime I go to freaking walgreens then seem to have no freaking idea what I’m talking about.

    2. A lot of places here in Bakersfield have NFC. I used Google wallet at McDonalds this morning. most cashiers have no idea they have a NFC machine I just tell them charge credit and they are amazed I can pay with my phone. You should have tried anyway.

    3. I understand your frustration, but if its working properly, they don’t really need to know how it works or even know about it, because if will just work on its own when you tap your phone to it.

      But yeah, in your case, the stupid clerk should’ve just admitted she had no idea what you were talking about.

      The problem is a lot of them don’t work, and then its a problem that no one at the store knows about it because it will never get fixed. I’ll usually try it once if its someplace new, and if it works, great, I’ll remember for next time, but if it doesn’t, then I know to just get out my credit card.

    4. LOL I went to the drug store. Here’s how the conversation went.
      Cashier: Your total is 47.13$
      Me: Place phone on NFC reader.
      Cashier: Wow how did you do that?
      Me: I just put my phone on the reader and that’s it.
      Cashier: Wow that’s so cool! Where does the money come from?
      Me: You know what? I don’t know????
      Cashier: Is that thing illegal?
      Me: LOL!

  8. As usual, the rest of the world gives Google a friendly wave and wonders why we’re continually ignored.

    Up here in Canada, NFC readers are widely deployed, as most credit cards have NFC built in. Moreover, if Google would just sell their unlocked, contract-free Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store up here, with Wallet installed and active, it would work on every wireless network in the country.

    Apple’s payment system is coming soon, and you can bet it won’t take years to roll it out internationally. Google’s execution on this front is just sad.

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