LG Optimus Vu II with infrared capabilities coming next month to Korea


LG has rather unceremoniously unveiled the Optimus Vu II, a followup to their original phablet that launched earlier this year. The biggest change (or the only one LG is talking up at this point) is the addition of an infrared transmitter for controlling other devices such as set-top boxes via a special QRemote app. It might be realistic to think that the Optimus Vu II will carry few other changes from the debut model, as LG hasn’t revealed too much in the technical specs department.

The Optimus Vu is coming to Verizon as the LG Intuition this fall and is rumored to sport a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, an upgrade over the dual-core innards of the previous model. It could be that the Optimus Vu II sees a similar bump in CPU spec when it launches in LG’s native South Korea next month.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Good stuff, I’m suprised nobody has thrown an IR in before now, could come in pretty handy, not to mention all the devious pranks you could pull, ie: tvbgone app, etc… ;)

    1. A lot of the old Windows mobile phones used to have IR. You could get universal remote apps to use with it.

  2. I thought the Note II has inferred

    1. Inferred what? What kind of inference are you implying? On the other hand, I might infer that your reference was to infrared…

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