Google issues statement after Samsung defeat in Apple patent trial, not worried


Despite a jury returning a verdict indicting Samsung of infringing upon several Apple patents, Google isn’t worried about the results of the monumental trial affecting Android on the larger scale.

In a statement Google has said,

“The court of appeals will review both infringement and the validity of the patent claims. Most of these don’t relate to the core Android operating system, and several are being re-examined by the U.S. Patent Office. The mobile industry is moving fast and all players — including newcomers — are building upon ideas that have been around for decades. We work with our partners to give consumers innovative and affordable products, and we don’t want anything to limit that.”

In reality, Google has to be more than a bit concerned about the results of the trial. While Samsung may have a chance of winning an appeal, and even though much of what Samsung was found guilty on has no direct bearing on Android, the win could give Apple all the strength it needs to challenge Google directly. At that point, here’s hoping Google’s patent acquisition spree pays off.

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    1. This whole lawsuit is one of the reasons why I don’t ever intend to own an Apple product. Given their recent shareholder valuation, how much did Samsung really “hurt” them? Competition is good for any industry and particularly one like mobile electronic devices. Then there was who Apple went after. If they were going go go after someone it should have been Google for the Android system. Strategically it was safer to go after a foreign based corporation like Samsung. Ironic since Apple uses Samsung processors.

    2. The majority (-2 at the time) were hating on apple! I am happy as sh*t about the media and public outcome of this case!

    3. Well they are after all a bunch of yahoos so….

  1. based on whats come out about the jury I’m thinking at least parts of the ruling will get overturned. Besides not too worried about the future of android or samsung.. TouchWiz has evolved a lot compared to the iphone clone UI they had with older models.

  2. This may sound silly…but, I really wish that Apple would just go kick rocks.

    I am tired of seeing the consumers being bashed for Apple being greedy.
    To say that the consumer is not smart enough to realize what products they are buying. And to try to control progress by stifling competition is egregious.

    1. You forget that’s Apple’s whole business model. Their UI is simplistic because people are too dumb to figure things out. They lock down their devices because people are not intelligent enough to access other functions. They don’t allow replacing stock functionality (Dialers, keyboard, etc) because you don’t know what’s best for you, THEY know what’s best for you.

  3. Google stop letting your partners die out there. Take the fight to the patent trolls aka apple

    1. Koh would have thrown them out of court. She set it up for Apple to win.

    2. They are. They’ve filed with the the ITO or something about 7 patents that Apple is violating. One includes a patent that Siri violates. They re starting to go on the offensive.

  4. This goes beyond just Samsung vs Apple. The real fight here is between iOS and Android. Google stands to lose billions in ad, branding, marketing, r&d, engineering and so on if Android is ultimately the problem.

    Google waited to see how this would turn out before getting involved. I think this is less about what patents google has acquired and more about investigating the patent office which allowed frivolous patents to be validated in the first place. Fight the war at the source, the patent office.

    Koh should also be investigated. There were facts, documents, and testimony that was forcibly omitted by Samsung at the direction of Judge Koh. She is a known Apple-supporter and judging by her actions AND her OWN statements, the way the case was run should be investigated.

    Apple needed to win this in order for the US to realize how bad our patent system is. I hope this case puts a magnifying glass under the USPTO and the patent system in general. Hopefully Google or even lawmakers will call for an investigation into the office, the patent system and the method of how Apple pushed through patents. Yes, there may be something to the fast-tracking of patents for Apple by government employees.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the sheep yelling how Apple patents showed how Samsung copied. Patents are just like laws. While they are meant to be obeyed, the should also be challenged regularly to verify their validity, especially as time goes by.

    1. This is strange that a judge could show obvious partiality. Do you think the same bias could happen again at the appeal court?

    2. I don’t blame the Judge at all. She made a deadline to file all evidence, Samsung missed it. That will all be shown at the appeal… so no worries. There was always going to be an appeal, so let’s move to the higher court already.

      1. Right.

        I saw nothing to indicate anything wrong with little Lucy aside from the moral confusion which would allow one to become a federal judge in the first place.

        Samsung’s lawyers completely dropped the ball in this case, and Koh’s adverse rulings were completely as a result of that.

    3. how would u like it if someone ban the product you like to buy

  5. Google has hidden patents. Apple can’t take down Google. It’s open-sourced. They get their stuff from other open-sources. So if Apple tries to say Google is copying something, they will easily be able to say what open-source they got it from AND prove that Apple made a patent for something that was already out, like the rest of their patents. This will make Apple look stupid, prove the patent system is flawed, and force Apple pay for all the damages they caused and pay for the USELESS court fees.

    1. I totally agree but… hidden patents? Like there’s a secret section at the USPTO? ^^
      (…and Google is open source?)

      1. Yes, Android is an opensource project based on the Linux Kernel. Might be the best thing to ever happen to Linux.

        1. Yes… Android…

    2. Apple is too scared to target Google so they using Samsung as their medium as its the biggest android name.

  6. Please stop saying that this one verdict,as ludicrous as it was, will give Apple all the strength it needs to take on Google. It does not, and besides, Apple is devious…they well continue to pelt the OEMs who license Android.

  7. If Google or Apple were to ever face off against each other I feel like it would be a draw. Both of them have patents which the other could potentially be found guilty of infringing upon. Meaning that the damages would probably offset each other for the most part.

    1. If that draw led to some form of cease-fire, it’d still be better than where we are at now.

      /begin melodramatics

      This patent-war only serves one purpose: MAD

      The consumers lose, the opponents lose, while the lawyers and judges dance on the graves of the fallen.

      /end melodramatics

    2. That’s why Apple is going after the manufacturers abroad, because taking on Google would just cause a stalemate or even a loss considering the open-source aspect of Android.

  8. It’s not googles fault, in fact google told em specifically NOT to do it to begin with, yet they didn’t really care, google is in the clear

  9. I want the new Nexus already >.>

    1. Me too it’s time to upgrade my N1 which served me very well over the years. Definitely not going back an iPhone.

  10. I hope Samsung is enjoying the surge at retailers while it lasts… I’ve come across several “non-techie” people whose take (after the verdict) is: “Ohh, I can get a Samsung MacBook for 1/2 the price of an Apple MacBook and they’re the same thing?? Sweet!”

    1. There was actually an article about that yesterday, that people who bought MacBook Pros and iDevices are upset and feel like they have overpaid. This might have been Samsung’s best marketing campaign ever lol.

  11. I’ve been thinking if apple can patent a shape I want to patent a letter I think I will choose “I” now apple I want $1.5 trillion its only fair

  12. I still say Google needs to buy RIM to strengthen their intellectual property further. RIM had a lot of actual innovation back in the day. Some of those original ideas and patents could be invaluable in taking on Apple.

    1. They should also purchase all of the WebOS and Palm OS pattents from HP.

    2. RIM would definitely strengthen Google’s position in the corporate world. Having Android using a completely secure data network and even compressing the usage of data by up to 500%. RIM might build dated phones, but their network technology is top notch. In many countries RIM is still the only option to receive data to a handheld device.

    3. RIM wont budge. Heck Steve Ballmer gave them a chance to save themselves by switching over to Windows Phones but they still declined with their stock shares falling fast, Unless BB10 Delivers its going to get bought by either Microsoft or Google

  13. Why did search get removed from the nexus its pure android isn’t it

    1. i thought it was only the local search which was removed form the S3 for awhile till they figured out a workaround for it because it violated an apple patent. Search is back up now

  14. Apple would have a MUCH more difficult time winning a lawsuit against a domestic company with great lawyers and hoards of money like google than they did against the foreigner samsung and their ill prepared lawyers. I say bring it Apple, I think their lucky streak would end and it could prove how brittle apples new corporate mantra of waging war in the courts instead of out competing really is.

  15. Samsung should do some print ads with pictures of Apple products and a big slogan saying “SAMSUNG INSIDE”.

  16. If people cant figure out between a samsung galaxy s2 and an iphone then they have no reason to live…How can you confuse a Rectangle button on the galaxy s2(Some) with a damn circle button on an iphone.

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