Samsung announces biggest Android media player yet, the Galaxy Player 5.8


Samsung is continuing its line of Android-based media players with the introduction of the Galaxy Player 5.8. The device might be better called a tablet with its jumbo-sized 5.8-inch display at 960 x 540 resolution. The Galaxy Player 5.8 runs Android 4.0 and Samsung’s latest TouchWiz interface and comes with 16GB or 32GB of storage, a 2,500mAh battery, and a front-facing camera. An internal processor wasn’t named, but we don’t expect it to be near the quad-core Exynos chip found in the Galaxy S3. A release date is unknown at this time, but we should be learning more about the Galaxy Player 5.8 at IFA next week.


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  1. I didn’t know ppl still bought media players.. only thing I wanna know from IFA is if the note 2 is coming to Sprint & date!

  2. At this size, I find this device kinda pointless. Yes I like the amount of space, but might as well get a Nexus 7. LoL!!

    I’m sure these will also see the $250 starting mark easily.

    I’m guessing its the space that will make this the deciding factor on this or a Nexus 7.

    1. not really. The Note was a big seller and it was larger than a smart phone and smaller than a 7″ tablet. Guy who wears a hat too big for his head, don’t worry if this tablet isn’t for you, others will buy it.

      1. Contrary to your thoughts, that hat is quite small. LoL!!

        And I’m saying since its 5.8, its close to the size of a Nexus 7. That’s why I’m saying the Nexus over this. But at the amount of space it offers, I can see it being a better buy.

        Nothing to do with “oh my that’s way to large to carry around”. LoL!!

    2. The Nexus 7 is not a media player. It won’t even connect to an external display unless the display is DLNA-compliant. Media players can work with almost any big screen.

      It also has little memory and was designed to not connect to USB drives. So the Nexus 7 is two steps removed from being a media player.

      Other than that, though, you are right. The acer A110 and other, non-crippled Kai-based 7″ tablets on the way. If they support USB mass storage out of the box and have MHL or HDMI for video, they will make fine media players. The only thing they might be missing would be an infra-red blaster and older wired video connectors. HDMI is fine for me, though.

  3. At what point do you make a difference between a tablet and a media player? Aside from size and the interface android chooses there really isn’t much, is there?

  4. One thing about this is that the resolution is crap for the size. PASS!

  5. I have below average eyesight. Small phone is more convenient but I NEED a bigger screen to allow me to read comfortably. But for media player, I would prefer something small for better portablity. I won’t certainly take a big 5.8 screen to the gym or practising outdoor sports. May be there is a market for such devices. Personnally, I would rather buy a 7″ tablet, especially if the tablet is less expensive.

  6. FTW

  7. Crap resolution. Pointless product. Cant do anything phones bought in the last year can do. Might as well get a 7inch tablet if your where considering this.

  8. Meh. Nifty but with the Nexus 7 out and about for $200 this really doesn’t wow me. Not to mention that with a little tinkering the Nexus 7 makes phone calls and texts just fine over Wifi as well as serves as an excellent media player/media center.

  9. nice! i like the screen size, perfect for a kid begging for a kid begging for a tablet (my sister)
    i would go for it, but the price, not so much -,-

  10. Well, there’s the Note 2 but with worse screen resolution.


  12. I love my Note and am eager to see the Note 2, with a rumored larger screen…. but what is this thing meant to be? Why not use the Note’s better screen if it is a media device, and give it much more storage? I don’t know who the target buyer for this is…

  13. I wonder what differences this android “media player” from any other android device… Can’t the Galaxy Tab or the Nexus Tab play media in the same way?

    Any way I hate this fashion where the firms make one hit and then name every thing after that:
    Samsung -> Galaxy
    HTC -> Desire, One.. pick your favorite.
    Sony -> Xperia

    We deserve more respect.

    1. I think you misunderstand how Samsung are naming their mobile devices. The pattern is as follows: Android devices are called “Samsung Galaxy xxx”, Windows devices are called “Samsung Omnia xxx” and Bada devices are called “Samsung Wave xxxx”. If you see a Samsung phone or tablet that doesn’t follow that pattern, it’s probably because of carrier branding.

  14. Why not give us something useful, like a sgs3 with a physical keyboard instead of one of these vanities?

  15. Samsung needs to take notes from Apple in some cases, this being one of them. The iPod sales have slowed down drastically as kids are beginning to get cell phones (iPhones) at a younger age. Apple combatted this sales drop by releasing more iPhone ads to attract children showing off the gaming, and media aspects of it. Samsung has come a long way with their mobile device advertising but still has a long way to go.

    On a side-note, the Nexus 7 seems like a comparable device, and has also come straight from Google. I don’t see why Samsung would make a media device that probably will get cut off from support within a few months with all of these other products that are already ahead of the game.

    That being said, I have a GS3 and absolutely love the phone. I’m not hating on Samsung because I truly love what they’ve brought to the table in mobile devices. It just worries me sometimes when they try to roll out several devices that most Samsung fans have not even heard of and are not at all interested.

  16. More asian girls with tiny hands holding giant tablets pls.

  17. I already have a Note LTE so I don’t have a need for this, but if it was a Note 2 sans the phone I’d consider it and get something else for a phone, just cause I like having lots of gadgets with me :)

  18. we bought 2 of the 5 inch for our 6 & 3 yr olds. this was to keep them off our new phones. we paid $250. each. This was about 9 months ago and we have not regreted it once. these kids run circles around some on theses games and just the device in general. Of couarse speaking of a 6 7 3 yr old level.

    Also some people could just want one for their entrance into the android world.
    My family is all about android, google and this whole side of the fence. The kids laugh at the older cousins and their small icraps. The grand parents even feel comfortable gaming with the kids on them.

  19. According to a leaked document over on Rootzwiki released a week ago, it has a dual-core processor. This, along with the qHD resolution, was probably done so they can sell the player for cheap, which is good.

  20. This could hint towards the 5.5 and look of the Galaxy note 2?

  21. OMG i thought APPLE had a patent on music, headphones, anything that powers up. A 5.8″ that was patented like 20 years ago by Steve.

  22. I think this would be great for parents with little kids. You wouldn’t want to give a kid a phone, but still give them something to keep busy. My friend lets his kid use his iphone, but is scare to death that will will break it. Also, why pay the phone company when you don’t need to?

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