T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note already hitting End of Life?


Some disturbing news has just tricked in, folks: the Samsung Galaxy Note on T-Mobile is already close to reaching end of life status. After being incredibly late to the party following a long string of delays, T-Mobile finally released the Galaxy Note in early August.

But the timing was just horrible: not only did the Galaxy S3 steal any thunder the Galaxy Note had, it was threatened by the impending launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Those two variables alone are enough to spell disaster for Magenta’s 5.3 inch smartphone.

The device has hit backorder status, and for some people the device is even no longer visible on their website. It appears they’ll be trying to burn through any remaining inventory they have to usher the device out of the door and forget about it like an ugly red-headed stepchild.

So does this mean they’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? It’s tough to say. Samsung could be pushing for an “all carriers” launch like they did with the Samsung Galaxy S3, and if that goes down then it’s safe to say T-Mobile will be invited to the party.

Although Samsung’s expected to announce the second iteration of the Galaxy Note by the end of this month we probably won’t get information on US availability until a bit further down the line, so sit back and let the chips fall where they may. [via Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Well that a recording breaking time fashion.

  2. Wow. Two Weeks……wow…

  3. Should just release it on all carriers at once.

  4. I see a 1¢ or BOGO firesale in the near future for this phone……

  5. Sigh, this is a stupid rumor.

  6. Maybe they got their hands on or the promise of Note 2??

  7. Just release the Note 1 as the low end device you get for free with a new contract, at the same time you launch the Note 2 as the premium device you have to shell out $200 for. There, problem solved.

  8. Damn I want the note 4 t mobile

  9. the problem is that the note only applies to a certain percentage of people, notably android enthusiasts, I don’t believe any android fan with any know how would purchase this phone with the impending launch of its successor. if the next note was six months away it would be different, but within three is short enough to hold out. yes the device has surprised Samsung and the public with it’s popularity but this launch is tantamount to launching the iPhone right before the announcement of the next one. consumers are still generally uneducated when it comes to the technology they carry in their jeans, but people always will know that the next one will be “better”. it is because of this I attribute t-mobile’s flop with the note and eventual abandonment.

  10. can we get a firesale?

  11. Nothing new about android devices.

  12. Cool! How many phones get to become rare collectors items 2-3 weeks after their release?

  13. Well ya, in this business, the moment you walk out of a retail store with your brand new phone, the employee’s are already hanging up banners for the sequel to what you just bought.

  14. T-mobile has really been screwing up handset releases lately, really focusing on the low end and late to the party with the note. I’m not sure why they even bothered releasing it when the Note 2 was coming… Somebody should lose their job…

  15. Hahaha let the chips fall where they may. I get it.

  16. It’s okay to write “ugly red headed step child”? Would it have been ok to write” ugly black step child “?

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