Samsung Galaxy S Duos launches in Europe next month


The Samsung Galaxy S Duos may share much of its design philosophy with the Galaxy S3, but it bests the 2012 flagship phone in one way: the number of SIM cards it supports. As a member of Samsung’s Duos lineup, the handset is privy to dual-SIM cards to go along with a 1GHz process, 4-inch display, and Ice Cream Sandwich. Even better, both SIMs can operate simultaneously to make transitioning between networks a totally seamless experience. The Galaxy S Duos will launch in Europe next month with pricing to be disclosed at a later date. Head over to Samsung’s blog post about the phone to learn more.

[via Samsung]

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  1. Nice. Never making it to the us probably

  2. Why Phandroid doesn’t have an editor, idk

  3. This would be phenomenal for a corporate device. You could have a business and personal phone in one. Anyone that has both would benefit greatly from this beast. Being able to keep your data and minutes separately on the same device. Now that’s business innovation in a disruptive and sustainable form.

  4. That home button is so much better looking than the GS3, I’m still at a loss to figure out wtf they were thinking with the weird crescent shaped button.

  5. I have the SGS3 and I like the look of the home button. Is the S Duo button ugly? Not by any means. I like the style of the home button on the S3, it’s not just and oval or rectangular button with round corners. It’s different, adds a different curve than other buttons and it’s not too big. Just my $. 02

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