Aug 18th, 2012

We have been begging and praying for them for years, but Google Play Store gift cards have yet to reach the store shelves. The long wait is finally ending, hopefully soon, and yet another rumor regarding the anticipated Google Play Store pre-paid cards has come to light… this time attached with an exact release date.

The guys from Android Police have gotten a hold of a picture that leaks information from Target’s internal documents. It informs workers about the Google Play gift cards availability, which should be on August 26th. Until then, the Google Play Store gift card spots will be empty, so you can go imagine where they will be in your nearest Targe store.

Everything seems to be ready now. The Google Play Store is ready to support the gift cards and we have seen at least one person purchase one ahead of time. So what are you waiting for? Start making those back-to-school wishlists!