Excited European soccer season is back? Then you’re going to want to download this app


Every year, millions of people spend their summer counting down the three-odd months of off season for European football. It feels like some kind of forced hibernation until, finally, the various competitions are kicked off and the games come thick and fast. For any fan, the season begins with a whole lot of hope and promise, and tools to keep track of the happenings at each and every ground become priceless.

Unfortunately, so far there’s been no single app that could be defined as a “killer” app to do exactly that. Scoremobile’s been around for a while, but I’ve found it unreliable on several occasions. Eurosport’s there, with decent text play-by-play commentary, but it lacks notifications (at least I couldn’t find it anywhere within the app). This year, though, things are looking good thanks to Live Score Addict, a new app that is a must have for all soccer fans.

It does an excellent job doing the most important part: keeping you informed about what’s happening through notifications for various incidents (such as the start of a match, red cards, goals, half/full time, etc). It provides those notifications faster than any sports app I’ve ever tried. But that’s not all it does. It provides you with live stats from matches, live league standings, and even video highlights (via YouTube). And it does so in a gorgeous way.

There are some things I’d like to see them improve upon, such as allowing us to change refresh frequency based on other factors such as WiFi/Cellular data or battery status. I would also like to see text commentary for at least the big games. But that’s really clutching for straws to find something to point out.

What I would like to know, though, is how the developer intends to monetize it. The app is free and I haven’t seen any ads on it. There’s a lot of content in the app which would have cost quite a bit of money. Heck, the schedule for the English Premier League is copyrighted and distribution rights alone cost over GBP 5000 (almost $8000) prior to VAT. I wouldn’t grudge the developer looking to make money for the app in any way in the future, and I would definitely pay for it, but typically I like to know such things early on. Maybe they’re looking for something less intrusive than apps, maybe looking to sell the app to some interested media corporation or maybe looking to link to content within the app with a media outlet with a revenue sharing deal. Whatever it is, I wish them the best, because that’s what they’ve provided us with.

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Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Nice, I was looking for that kind of app

  2. Holy Moly. Yes!

  3. Beauty.
    Thanks for this, the only thing that FotMob has over this is the push notifications, but that doesn’t work will on ICS anyway.

  4. I found this app last night when looking at alternatives for FotMob. Not that there’s really anything wrong with FotMob – it worked fine for me last season and I was considering purchasing the pro version, but it hasn’t been updated since February so I decided to see what else was out there.

    Live Score Addicts looks nice and the amount of control over the notifications is great. I also installed Soccer Livescores ( ) which doesn’t look as pretty but some people would actually prefer the Holo style.

    I installed them both last night and set them to notify me about one of today’s English Premier League games and they both did a great job at providing timely notifications. I preferred the format of the Live Score Addicts notifications (more info shown), but it doesn’t trigger the notification light on my GS3 and Soccer Livescores did.

  5. You mean European Football season has started & thank goodness for that.

    1. ‘The word “soccer” originated as an Oxford “-er” slang abbreviation of “association”‘

      Soccer is a universally accurate term for football, and there’s nothing wrong with using it. Now if you’d want to call American Football “hand-egg” you would have my support.

      1. In Europe, football is the more commonly used term. But that’s moot really, call it soccer and everyone knows what you mean. Names for the same thing aside, this looks a handy wee app.

        1. It can help you wee wee? :D LOL

  6. Could at least use Unicode, nothing I hate more than seeing names in purely the English subset of the Latin alphabet. Was the same with the Olympics on the BBC.

  7. thanks

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