Could Apple beat Google in the TV race?


Google’s entrance to the TV market has been a bit polarized; it is substantial, but not up to par with expectations. Google TV never took off and needs some serious work, but it seems Google has been ignoring the platform lately. In contrast, Google Fiber’s offer is impressive, but it is growing slowly (currently only available in one market). Could it be that Apple might have a better chance at this?

Let’s look at the situation before you start flaming me in the comments. I am an Android/Google fan, too. Trust me, there is nothing I would love more than to see Google succeed in this field. Google TV and Google Fiber are great services with major potential, but Google isn’t taking the necessary steps for it to take off.

Google TV continues to be luxury more so than a convenience or fun product. Many of these Google TVs can be expensive. Though recent offerings are affordable (the VIZIO Co-Star being the most notable), the general consumer usually doesn’t see the benefit in it. Yes, they have been selling like hot pancakes due to their price, but one company alone can’t make Google TV succeed.

What we need is a unified service, and this is why Google missed out on a great opportunity while launching Google Fiber. A Google TV could have been offered with the launch of a very popular and anticipated internet and TV provider like Google Fiber. This boost is what would have ensured Google TV’s future, and it seems like Apple is planning a similar move.

Cupertino might not have the best internet in the world, but rumors state that the iCompany is in talks with major cable providers in the US. This means that Apple TV could soon become much more than a cool little streaming device, it could become a “smart” set-top box that lives in most cable subscribers living rooms.

This updated Apple TV hardware/software would work as a hybrid, featuring live TV and other cable TV features, as well as internet apps and interactivity with mobile devices. But what about DVR? We all want to start recording out shows, right?

Well, rumors state that Apple is also working on a cloud-based DVR service. This means that users would be able to record shows in the cloud. Any recorded content will probably also be able to be watched from any Apple device, as it would most likely be linked to iCloud.

Apple is known to keep its mouth pretty shut about upcoming products, so all of this is still considered speculation and rumors. Where does Google stand on this, though? The point here is not that Apple may be threatening Google TV’s and Google Fiber’s future. Any company with enough resources, popularity, a good idea could do it. And most importantly, the will, which seems to be what Google lacks.

Will Apple take this market from Google’s hands? Maybe, maybe not. Google TV is a platform with great potential, and Google Fiber will start spreading like a virus (in a good sense of the word) soon. I say it is time for Google to get working on this – do you?

[Via: The Wall Street Journal 1, 2]

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  1. Even though Apple products are simple, at least they are 100% baked. Take a look at the Nexus Q. They tried to release it whilst being half baked….FAILED. They admitted their mistake, and are holding it back while finishing the baking.

    1. Apple is baked alight, they’re overdone, and need to go in the dumpster.

      1. The Apple of today is NOT the Apple of the 70s and 80s. The Apple of today is not interested in being “different” or “innovative”, no, the Apple of today is all about $$$.

        1. True. But there isn’t anything wrong with being all about the dollas. That’s what capitalism is all about, after all. It’s how they go about it that makes me despise them.

      2. ignorance android alert!

    2. Apple’s trick is not a fully baked product, remember the first iPhone? No copy paste, no app store, no mms, tons of shortcomings, but it looked phenomenal, it felt amazing, this is what put it on the top of the pedistal.

      Google TV works, appletv does nothing, but if Google can’t figure out how to make the user interface dazzling before apple adds features to make it do something, they’re going to get beat in this space.

    3. Siri was a fully baked app in 2009.. Apple bought them, half baked it in iOS in late 2011 (over 2 years is a lot of baking for a half baked app!)… Siri doesn’t answer half the questions, takes too long to answer the other half. Thinks on something for 10 seconds then asks ‘do you want to do a web search?” uhh ya, just give me the fricken answer biatch! Ya, uhhh, so much for your baking theory

      1. For the record I’m an Android fan. Here are a few examples of half-baked Google products: Nexus Q. Logitech Revue. ZERO Customer Service for Android. Have you ever tried contacting Google for help with Android? They don’t even have a phone number for people to call….You have to submit your question on their forum pages, and hope you will get an answer in a few weeks….At least Apple has extensive customer service available. Siri was a last minute addition to try to make the 4S seem like a worthy upgrade, but of coarse Siri is a joke, and besides, how many times to people dictate to their phone in the public? people like privacy. So much for my half-baked theory? Yet in that same comment i referred to the Nexus Q, and you ignored it.

        1. not denying you Google half baked products, stating that one of the kings of half baked is Siri iOS version

          1. Agreed. Shitty product/gimmick.

  2. In the same way Asian car companies beat Domestic car companies in regards to building 4 Bangers and 6 Bangers. Apple will have been at it for longer and even more so their name will sell their products in the off chance. Apple is like midas everything apple touches turn gold and all they be doing is just dumping everything into a pretty case and put a high price on it.

  3. Parts of me thinks huh? that might be cool. Then I look at the current news… Nope don’t wanna fuel that crap.

  4. I don’t think either will take off unless it is built into new TV’s as just another feature. People will buy a console for the latest games but not to play Angry Birds.

  5. “This updated Apple TV hardware/software would work as a hybrid,
    featuring live TV and other cable TV features, as well as internet apps
    and interactivity with mobile devices. But what about DVR? We all want
    to start recording out shows, right?”

    Who doesn’t already have a DVR with their cable TV?

    1. Me… Well my mom.. Lol

  6. Apple is tooo greedy for most companies to want any piece of their action.. lol, comcast gonna give in to Apple? .. Don’t think so

    Especially since apple is totally green in this area, selfish, greedy, expensive and all about 6000% markup, this tends to make companies not want to work with apple, nothing left for anyone else!.. just ask sprint how the iCave worked out.. they are just about bankrupt because of the apple deal. Apple deals only help apple, no one else.. not other partners or consumers… just rotten apples

    1. the funny thing is that they only make like 10 dollars for every iPhone they sell everything goes to apple

  7. The way I see it, it would be a beneficial change for consumers if either company cracked the cable market. I may be personally more invested in the Android ‘ecosystem’ if you will (quotes as I do not get my media from Google Play, and even if I did, mp3 and epub are fairly universal anyway, movies/tv/apps aside), but in the end the cable/satellite industry is a horrid, locked-down, proprietary system that is incredibly restricting for consumers and in no way easy to use. Plus, if one company cracks it, look at how much easier it will be for others to come in behind them and do the same thing (iTunes and the music industry, Amazon and the ebook industry, etc). I personally use a Plex/Mac Mini media server, and have wonderful access to whatever I want in whatever quality, and I can’t wait until that kind of access for movies and tv shows is available easily to anyone! And at reasonable prices, too :)

  8. Still won’t buy a crapple tv

  9. I think Google will step aside and allow Apple to enter this market first. If Apple does well, they’ll “Borrow” a few ideas and integrate them into their own ideas. If Apple fails, Google will have to navigate themself- but by avoiding any mistakes Apple made.

    1. Yeah, that’s why Google is running fiber to Kansas City. Sure.

  10. The logitech revue already can be integrated with dish network set-top box. A great integration if you ask me. Incredibly under marketed. I can search my dvr through google search as well as amazon, netflix, youtube rentals, and any shows playing on dish. Why is it Apple with great marketing will come in and take credit for this concept? I’m pissed that Google hasn’t continued down this path.

  11. Hasn’t Apple already been ignoring the Apple TV stuff for YEARS?

  12. They do need to do something with GoogleTV, I personally love it, and sees it’s potential… But if there going to leave it as it is, it’s just going to die off… I really don’t want that!

    1. Same here. Google TV can become an awesome experience if they put some more effort into making it work. Combining the Nexus Q, with Google TV software and Google Fiber content would be a start imo.

      1. I would love to see all that!!! I had GoogleTV since it was in bata, and I am planing on getting one of the newer devices!!!

        1. What do you use it for mostly? I wanted to get one, but like a tablet I find that I would hardly use it to justify spending money on it. Maybe you can shed some light on the usefulness in day-to-day use.

          1. Will I mostly use Plex. I watch a lot of my own movies and TV shows. Plex for GoogleTV supports Avi, Mp4, Mkv, files that I know of. There are about 8 formats it supports. But I only know of them 3. I have it set up with a hard drive server, with about 8TB of space. U do need a computer on the same network to act as a hub, or a server. U need Plex running on a computer, and on your GoogleTV. Other then that “TV and Movies app” It integrates all your online services, Netflix, Amazon On demand, YouTube with your live TV service, making it easier to find what you want to watch. I think when it comes available you will also start getting movie and TV rentals from the Google Play store. Also, I some time use “Able Remote” witch allows me to not only control the GoogleTV with my phone or tablet, but also share things from my Android phone or tablet to the GoogleTV. So if I’m watching a YouTube video on either device, I share it with GoogleTV and watch it on my TV. U can also share pic’s and websites with this app. This same app also, when your using the app on your phone, acts like a caller ID. I recommend it for casual use and for a family friendly set up. You can do more on a PC or console, But you don’t get the
            integrates with a PC or console, or a TV friendly UI with a PC or console… Don’t get the logitech!!! I have the Sony blu-ray, but its best to get one of the newer GoogleTV’s cuz they have a AMD cpu I think it is. What ever the cpu is, its better for apps.

          2. Hmmm seeems it would be wasted on me. I don’t have access to Google’s US-only movies. I don’t have any streaming subscriptions. To watch movies on my TV I use my xbox connected to my computer (works decently)
            The only thing I would use would be Youtube (don’t have a gold membership so the youtube app on the xbox doesn’t work) But my bro will be leaving his ps3 here when he goes abroad and that does come with an new and improved youtube app.
            Then there is the phone to tv sharing functionality, which I think is very cool, but would not see much use from me on a daily basis.
            So guess I don’t need one just yet.

            Will keep a close eye on it as it could suddenly become handy ;)

          3. It isn’t for every one, especially if you live out side of the country. People always argue about what they can do with this vs something else. I tell them it’s not for every one. But it dose have somethings you can’t get with a PC or console. People really don’t know what it is for. Thats why I said it’s for casual use… I have both a PS3 and a XBox. With a GoogleTV in the house, I now have my consoles hooked up to my 27″ computer monitor, so I can play my games and use my computer with out interrupting what my kids want to watch. It cuts out having to use my PC and console to watch videos and things… But if you don’t have kids or even a wife, A PC or console will do just fine…

          4. Also, just to let you know. If you do go and get a GoogleTV. For the most part to use Plex. Plex needs a little tweaking depanding on your set up. I have a 300mbps router with Cat6 ethernet cable… But even with that said. Cuz my GoogleTV has to communicate with my computer, then to the hard drive server, back to the computer, back to my GoogleTV, I had to enable direct play in plex, cuz thats a lot of communicate it has to do… Before I
            enable direct play in plex, it would stop every couple minutes to buffer… But it doesn’t do that any more cuz
            direct play is enabled…

    2. I only use Googletv for the TV and movies app that searches programs on TV now. Not anything else. It can and does do more, but it’s still a nonfunctional user interface. the hardware is great though, bluray player and universal remote, anyway, it has lots of potential.

      1. My whole house uses this thing… I understand people can get other things that can do the same plus some… But GoogleTV seems to work for the kids… My kids have no problem using it, and they watch Youtube videos, watch netflix, watch Plex on it, play the couple games GoogleTV has, and my son loves watching people play games on OnLive… He’s still young, so I don’t let him play a lot of games on either of my consoles… Can’t wait for OnLive to become a full fledged app… To be really honest, we use it a lot… I my self use Plex a lot… I download TV shows, and go on a bender…lol

        1. Before I got a transformer tablet, I would do many use gtv for lots of things, glad you have uses for it, but I’d rather do most of the things you mentioned on my Android tablet, and the TV is primarily a TV again. I do use Netflix on it from time to time.

  13. Why does everyone assume that the Google Fiber set-top box won’t run Google TV? They really haven’t given any details about the set-top boxes, have they? They wouldn’t necessarily have announced it.

    Everything else you have said seems spot on. I wish Google would make a bigger push in this area. But I fear content providers may not want to work with them because of how disruptive they have been, and continue to be.

  14. they probably will……people think apples products are something out of this world…when in truth they are out dated and overpriced pieces of crap…look at the macbook pros…..there specs are pretty basic and they cost an arm and leg, when you can get a HP or another laptop for less with better specs ….my hp has 4 years and still runs like a champ

  15. I am sure apple is going to push out a new iteration every year like they do with the iphones and ipads and excpet everyone to upgrade this expensive thing every year. But that is not what most people are use to with tvs. They expect tvs to last upwards of a decade or more or at least I do. considering CRTS could last upwards of 25+ years. Do you update your monitor every year or every 2 years? I sure as well dont and I do not expect to have to do that with a tv like this.

  16. I think Apple has already steamed ahead here. You say that Fibre is only in 1 market, but Googles TV is only in 1 market really….it is not available outside the states. In the rest of the world (well more than just USA) Apple TV can be bought TODAY and has access to content from Netflix, iTunes etc. Not great butterfly better than Google TV.

    Don’t flame me down for being some Apple fanboi, I am not. (Own only an old iPod Classic, whilst my last 4 phones and a tab are Android), but backing an inferior product just because who makes it seems pretty one-sided to me.

  17. Apple, definitely not if they stay with their stupid way of updating through itunes! We have a couple Apple products in the house and I hate both of them, the Apple tv just stopped working apparently because it needs to be updated! WTF?

  18. By suing and BANNING other companies. and I’m sure when their TV launch their first victim will be VIZIO. and who the hell wants to buy a 40″ tv that would cost (just guessing) 5,000$ or higher. They would say WE INVENTED THE TV with WIFI first

  19. There are certain things Google TV NEEDS to do, and do well.

    1) Connect and play from SMB/NFS and other types of local network shared without using DLNA, and support all the file formats at least that say the $99 Western Digital SMP player does).

    2) Full Support for Amazon Instant Video (not like the Logitech Revue’s craptastic support using a browser), Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Cinema Now ect.

    3) It needs to work well with conventional style remotes for basic use, and keyboard options.

    4) Add DVR Capabilities that record to standard formats that can then be played back on any Android Device.

    5) CABLE CARD support.

    1. Or maybe they could just put that killer IPTV set-top box with 8 HD tuners, 500 hours of HD recording and such that they’re selling in Kansas City into wide release whether you’re subscribed to their fiber service or not.

  20. Right now my google TV surpasses the apple tv, but you are right google needs to get serious on the tv side. I dont think cable companies want to share data/ban width apple. But if apple buys Time warner cable I am in

  21. Google can get the upper hand if they would advertise. On TV, not the web. Consumers want to be told what to buy they want simple details on what the product is/does. That’s a problem with having multiple manufacturers making 1000 different phones, everyone adds their own thing and uninformed consumers assume that all “Droids” are the same. Hopefully if the rumors of multiple Nexii are true they start advertising the hell put of them and what they do. I know people who have had Android phones for at least a year and still aren’t aware that Android comes from Google.

  22. Does anyone actually pay for television anymore? Honestly, paying to watch forced commercials to things you can (LEGALLY) watch for free online (via netflix or hulu), or even rent for $1 at a Redbox?

  23. I think apple tv already has them beat atm… I’m a huge self proclaimed Android fanboy & depise apple, but, atm I’m tempted to possibly p/u my first apple product (well 2nd, I do have a 5th gen iPod classic), that being an apple tv, for me it’s cheap price & hack-ability (as in being able to run a nice stable version of xbmc on it), basically the only reason I’m considering getting one is for xbmc, it’s an all in one cheaper setup, that works well for the purposes of what I’m looking for…
    These newer cheaper Android products coming out do have me excited, the Ouya(?) looks like it will have lots of community support… They’ve dropped the ball on google TV, should of opened it up a long time ago… Probably not what the average consumer looks for, but for me it’s all about openness, expandability & integrating.
    Contrary to the OP, I think one good, successful google tv product will make a difference & open up the flood gates & have them step it up.

  24. It’s still easier to download the from the net, ad free, and stream it to my tv. The problem with Apple is that their service either won’t be complete like all their other hardware or won’t work unless you already own the rest of their products first.

  25. If Google keeps neglecting their Google TV division, then yes I think Apple will beat Google… The Nexus Q should have included Google TV along side its media functions, that would have put them on top… This isn’t so, unfortunately.. Lets hope the next generation of the Nexus Q will have Google TV built in

  26. Apple makes some smooth kit, but for all of me you can keep it. I own my gear and I am the master of it. Apple’s not going to give me that. I’m not going to pay them to deny me it.

    If we’re talking broadcast TV you can keep that too. We cut the cable. I can’t get back all the hours I’ve spent waiting for vapid commercials to end but I’m not giving one minute more to the end of my days. Same for FBI warnings and forced previews. Once more for dedicated time slots: your entertainment is just not important enough to schedule my day. My youngest kids are going to grow up not knowing what those things are. On demand or go away.

    I’ll take the new Android based TV gear as it evolves, or watch the media I want on the Android / SmartTV devices we have (18 that could stream Netflix at last count, for 6 people). We don’t mind paying for our entertainment, so we subscribe to various services. There’s some great free stuff too.

    Frankly the cable and local channels had gone so stupid the shows weren’t worth watching anyway. Who needs an entire channel devoted to Ancient Alien theories, or cooking competitions, or junk dealers? News channels? Not worth watching. News is deeper and more timely online. Reality TV? No. Some of these channels seem to be deliberately plumbing the depths for the minimum quality that most people will tolerate, and finding no bottom. If I want that, there’s YouTube.

    Right now I’m exploring Roku 2 ES + Plex + Juice + Android. There’s far more education and entertainment there than I have time for.

  27. But, but Google TV was tons better than anything Apple had right? That’s what all the fandroid fanboys kept preaching! Who wants a closed ecosystem when google TV is open!! You even had Kevin Bacon too!! Apple was just a “hobby” remember?

    Apple at least had its act together and you guys make the same tired excuses. Google was never taken seriously, but it sure was fun reading how delusional you guys were.

    Keep sipping your brand of kool aid kids. You’ll spin this into “wait till the next ” story I’m sure!

  28. I have Google TV and Apple TV, I use Google TV (the extra features not just the TV part) much more, as in every day. The Apple TV maybe once a week.

    The one thing I’m bummed about with Google TV is that I can’t play my Google Play movies on it.

    1. Agreed on the Google Play movies, but it’s just a matter of time until we can.

      Update: I just got my Google TV a couple days ago, and didn’t even try it in Chrome. Have you tried that?

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