FCC filing adds fuel to speculation on bigger Kindle Fire


Rumors of a tablet in the 10-inch range coming from Amazon have existed since before the launch of the Kindle Fire last year. It was thought Amazon would enter the market with multiple size options, but this idea was later abandoned only to be resurrected after the 7-inch model was met with great success. A newly uncovered FCC filing might finally lend some confirmation to the device’s existence and even hint a potential launch.

Most of the filing’s contents are sealed off due to confidentiality agreements, and the one non-descript rectangular object represented by a line drawing doesn’t reveal much other than the potential size of the device. The filing is registered to Harpers LLC, a front company that appears to be representing Amazon in this case, providing a buffer between the retailer and the FCC report in order to keep things on the down low. It’s a bit too late for that.

The actual size is unconfirmed, but given the proportions of the tablet represented in the drawings, it’s a safe assumption that we are looking at something around 10 inches and with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The filing provides another clue, as well. The confidentiality agreement ends in December, suggesting a launch this fall.

[via The Digital Reader]

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  1. “4:3 aspect ratio”

  2. 4:3? who uses that crap anymore?

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