New version of FlightTrack brings visual refresh and price tag of “free”


Developer Mobiata has revealed its new FlightTrack app, and if this is a sign of things to come we couldn’t be more happy. The new app is free to use and it has gotten a very nice polish to bring it a more contemporary look in the world of Android.

The approach has been simplified — you perform a search for a flight and as soon as you identify the one you’re looking for its flight information spills out onto the screen.

You get a visual map of the area you’re flying over to let you know how long you have until landing. Other information like gate number, terminal, and baggage carousel number help you out when you’re on the ground and looking to exit the busy airport.

It’s FlightTrack like we knew it before, except it looks a lot cleaner and easier to use. But there’s one catch — premium users aren’t getting the visual upgrade just yet, and as such they won’t be getting features like notifications.

We’re not sure if Mobiata just hasn’t finished that version or if they’re planning to roll the changes into this new version and use in-app purchasing for premium features, but for now pro users might want to skip this one (or, since it’s free, use it for the new interface while still hanging on to features of the old one). If you are fine with the relatively minimal functionality head to the Google Play Store for the download.

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  1. Still showing up as $4.99.

    1. If you follow the link at the bottom of the article, you will find the free version.

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