Entry-level LG Optimus Zip announced for TracFone


It looks like TracFone, the affordable PAYG carrier, will be getting a new Android-based handset. It’s the entry-level LG Optimus Zip. This phone isn’t meant to impress on its own merit, but it should impress in price once it launches. (Unfortunately pricing and availability could not be had at this time.) It’ll have a 3.2 inch display, an 800MHz processor, a 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, and more. See if you can spot this on a hook at Walmart sometime soon.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Tracfone’s first smartphone! Lol I guess that’s one of the great things about Android: anyone can afford one :)

  2. They don’t operate their own network do they? So whose network will it ride on? GSM or CDMA?

    1. Probably CDMA since most LG cheap phones use that format (MetroPCS, Virgin, etc.) and it looks a lot like the Optimus Slider on Virgin.

    2. They pretty much piggyback off of everyone, although their phones that run off of Verizon have been few and far between. Based on the similarities to the one on Virgin Mobile I’m guessing this one will run off the Sprint network.

    3. GSM, check the FAQS. ANY ATT or TMOBILE unlocked phone can work with their service

  3. Lol, How the times have changed!

  4. Any word if its got a capacitive touch screen?

  5. Wow a lot of non-information here. That photograph is of the StraighTalk version of the phone. It has a capacitive screen and its a CDMA phone. Not sure about the availability but the straighttalk version at my local Walmart is $179.

    1. Thanks for the info man. Was lookin at it for one of my parents and didnt want them to have a stupid resistive screen again.

      1. Its not a terrible device. But it is an 800mhz processor.

        1. Oh I know. Heck, my dad’s still running a 2ghz single core processor in his computer -.-

          1. I just upgraded from on of those last week.

  6. Aiden9, it’s not “pretty much”. That’s ALL Tracfone can do because they don’t have their own towers. And the carrier they use is probably dependant on the area the phone is sold in. Enter your zip code and you get a selection of phones based on that area. Certain phones work with certain carriers. In my area (Far Northern Ca.) Verizon is king. Most, if not all Tracfones sold in this area use Verizon and any other compatible carrier’s signal (for roaming). My 80+ year old mom has had at least 3 different Tracfones in the past 10 years and they all have used Verizon (primarily, not counting roaming with other carriers). All have received excellent reception, occasionally better than my premium Android phones because of their ability to use another compatible carrier when they lose the Verizon signal (Roaming).

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