Wild Blood is the name of the mystery Gameloft game, and the first teaser is here [VIDEO]


A short time ago, Gameloft teased the mobile gaming world with a screenshot for a new game they were working on. We had very little info at the time except knowledge of the fact that it was being developed with Unreal Engine.

They asked users to vote on the piece of information they release next — a teaser or some concept artwork. As you might expect the teaser won in a landslide, and the day has finally come for Gameloft to reveal it.

The name of the game is Wild Blood, and it’s a fantasy game set a long time ago in some unknown location with orcs, elves, and more ugly beings that you’re out to destroy.

The game could be likened to Darksider from what we see here, but with so very little information it’s tough to pinpoint what, exactly, we’re getting here.

We still need lots more information (not even a release window was given) so enjoy the 30 second clip above and be on the lookout for more in the coming weeks.

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  1. If its MMO I’ll check it out.

  2. Looks good. I’m fully expecting a bevy of in-app purchases to buy things like health and arrows :p

    1. 99 cents to unlock “wicked blood”. Watch blood fly at a rate from No More Heroes.

  3. If it goes freemium, or even 99 cents, with a plethora in in-app purchases then I won’t be playing. Unless they’re just selling skins or different colored items it takes all the fun out of gaming. Just make it $10 and I’ll buy it. Oh, and give it fair but secure DRM so I don’t pay and then you make it free later. *cough* Madfinger *cough*

  4. Wtf even the monter looks like a infinity blade ripoff

  5. I want to play this one!

  6. as nice as they are, i still avoid Gameloft games because of the really ridiculous permissions… why does a game need to start at boot?!? that’s just one of the typical permissions asked by many if not all of Gameloft games…

    1. A game wanting to receive the onboot intent is almost always because it wants to spam you with new special offer notifications. “50% off gold coins for a limited time!” etc.

  7. Looks boring, make a first person shooter with zombies with that Unreal Engine then I’ll want.

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