Vizio Co-Star Pre-Orders Available Again – Won’t Last Long


Vizio Co-Star is back up for pre-order. After selling out twice since pre-orders went live a few weeks ago, we don’t expect this batch to last much longer either. Arguably one of the best deals to hit Android since the Nexus 7, you wont find a better price on a Google TV set top complete with keyboard remote anywhere. Hit that source link, people!


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. How would I hook up all my devices to this? It seems to have HDMI in and out but I have an xbox ps3 and Wii.

    1. Doesn’t your TV have 2 HDMI inputs??? If not, you’re going to need a hub.

      1. Does this device fix the 5.1 audio problem that plagued the Revue. In order to output 5.1 to my AVR, I have to use an optical cable.

    2. 1) Wii isn’t compatible with HDMI
      2) daisy chaining is what i’ve always had to do…..

      1. Wii is such an outdated piece of hardware that hardly anyone (meaning vendors) cares about how it’s connected to anything. I ended up moving mine to the basement and connect to an old tube TV, because it doesn’t make sense in the living room anymore, where all my cables (ethernet/HDMI) are hidden inside the walls and set top boxes and media players are under the sofa or behind the flat panel.

    3. You don’t need any more inputs on your TV. Just hook this up in line with the XBox or PS3. When it is off, the signal just passes through it.

  2. Can someone explain what a Google TV or Apple TV box actually does? Most new TV’s have Youtube, Netflix, etc….so what’s the point of these boxes?

    1. well on top of YouTube and Netflix , you have a bunch more apps from the play store or the apple store not to mention you can transfer files from you devices to you’re TV and also stream content like music, pictures, movies. its preety much like turning your TV into a giant smartphone cept with a different interface

      1. Isn’t that what DLNA is for?

        I still don’t see the need for these devices if you have a DLNA TV with built in wifi and apps such as Netflix, Youtube, etc…

        Am I still missing something?

        1. the dlna on my vizio smart TV doesn’t allow for streaming of movies just pictures and music + most smart TVs don’t have Skype video chat or a full functioning web browser, its more of a luxury thing really but same can be said about smart TV’s in general

        2. + you can turn your TV into an aquarium with some of the screensavers which is always a cool feature

          1. or a roaring fireplace for some cozy time with your cat.

          2. cats are disgusting

          3. personally, I love pussies… ;)

  3. the co-star rocks the only thing that could make it better would be a NFC chip

    1. What would you use it for?

      1. Just sharing content between my phone and tv in general, i mean if i find a awesome youtube video and i want to put it on the big screen i have to go into the YouTube app and find it to play it , NFC sharing also trumps playing over dlna,

        1. look at googleTV remote. you can push videos and webpages from your phone to your googleTV box (in addition to your phone being a remote).

          1. I know it can I’m just saying its faster with NFC, all you would have yo do is tap you’re phone to the box and click

          2. hmm pushing share button on my remote or getting up, walking across the room just to tap my phone to the device, walking back to my couch only to find another kool video, getting back up, walking acr……….
            I think pressing share on my phone is fastrr.. ;)

          3. touche >.> , I just saw it as one less step with NFC cause with dlna you have to connect your device then search for it then share but with NFC tap-click, but yea def don’t want to get up to do that

          4. nfc would be a nice inclusion for initial set up/syn. like when youve guests over they can just tap their device n be ready to share similar to how the Nexus Q is.

  4. Is this USA only?

  5. Yesterday I canceled my first-round Co-Star pre-order. Why? Because it can’t do Hulu Plus. I ordered from Amazon a Roku 2 XS, which can.

    1. It is my understanding that The Co-Star can easily use Hulu+ and many other apps from the Google Play Store.

      1. I emailed Vizio, asking if the Co-Star can play Hulu Plus. They said it cannot. This is why I changed my mind.

        1. Your right. Hulu+ on the Co-Star is not available yet. I just got my reply from Hulu too. I have high hopes they will get rights to stream Hulu+ on the Co-Star soon.
          This is exactly what they had to say;
          Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’d love to get Hulu Plus working on as many devices as possible, so while there’s no news to share at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised to see support for the Vizio Co-Star pop up at some point. A lot of folks ask about adding that device to Hulu Plus, so we’re certainly aware of the demand.
          Before we can officially support it, we need to obtain a specific set of streaming rights, and we also need agreements in place with both our content partners and the device manufacturer itself – and these steps can take time. If or when support is announced, you’ll see it listed at ( ).
          I hope this helps. If there’s anything else I can address, please let me know.
          Hulu Support

  6. Anyone know if it’s an actual Amazon instant video App or if it’s like the Logitec revue where it’s a shortcut to the amazon web site?

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