Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Now Available For Pre-Order From Negri Electronics – Ships Out Tomorrow


If you were planning on picking up Samsung’s upcoming quad-core Exynos Galaxy Note 10.1, Negri Electronics is currently taking pre-orders on the $750 tablet. Negri says the tablet will begin shipping as early as tomorrow and in case you don’t believe Negri can make on that promise, the online-retailer tweeted a pic of the tablet, unboxed and exposed for the world to see. More interesting is the fact that this model apparently will come with a HSPA+ radios making it a perfect fit for those on AT&T (and with deep pockets). Who’s getting one?

[Twitter | Negri Electronics]

Chris Chavez
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Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note Unveiling On August 29th

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  1. Would love to have it if I could afford it, but my Nexus 7 is doing just fine.

    1. If the Note weren’t coming out, I would have got a Nexus 7. :)

      I need the N7 for testing, but plenty of the Android peeps I know bought one.

  2. Just ordered an Asus transformer infinity from best buy today. I want expecting this tablet until closer to the end of the year. I think I’ll stick with the Asus and it’s better screen.

  3. Does this have a quad core sexynos?

    1. Yes, it has a 1.4GHz Quad-Core Exynos CPU.

    2. First sentence -_-

  4. I want one, but on a 7.7 or 8.9 inch screen? I bought the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 thinking 10.1 inches was to small, but now I think it’s a bit to big.

  5. Does it have a 1920x1200p resolution like the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity?

    1. no. 800p

  6. 750 for a tablet hmm idk for another 300 you could get the new Asus ultra book with a 1080p display and an i7 + 256GB of ssd3

    1. I wouldn’t pay $750, but I’ll go for it at $549, which is the price I have in my Amazon cart.

      1. 550 is reasonable but 750 not so much with 750 you can buy a nexus 7 + a high end tablet with 1080p res , or a transformer infinity + the keyboard dock and you will still have 100 bucks left over

        1. Yeah, that price is too steep, even though I paid just under $1100 for my Wacom Cintiq 12wx, which is just a screen and is completely dependent on my comps; of course its Wacom-tech is much better than what Samsung has implemented.

          I own an TFT101 now with the doc — great tablet all around — and if not for the Wacom pen on this Samsung, I would have never considered it. At about $500, I’ll be one happy mofo until a better Wacom integrated tablet comes along. :)

  7. I just love Samsung Galaxy and its features…I wish if I could have it….

  8. Would love to pick a few of these up for at the office if it comes out for Verizon.

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