Update incoming for AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G


HTC has posted the details of an update that should be headed out to owners of AT&T’s Inspire 4G. The move to software version 3.20.502.2 brings the Inspire to HTC sense 3.0 and includes call optimizations, improved security, and background data enhancements. While HTC’s support site says the update will being rolling out to users today, they also provide a download and complete instructions for installing the latest software for the phone. A full changelog and complete instructions can be found at the link to their support page below.

[HTC via AndroidPolice]

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  1. I know a lot of people could care less about this but I still have a ton of customers with inspires who truly love the devices! This is a good move on HTCs part to continually supports updates for devices that “WE” consider dinosaurs but the general populace may still see it as new and shiny!

  2. Come on HTC, You cheap frakkers, release the kernel/Ics update, as well for the DHD.

  3. I think Ill stick with my AOSP ICS ROM, TYVM..

  4. My Inspire has gone to the smartphone graveyard.

  5. co-worker has one, hates it. I don’t blame her, HTC software sucks….

  6. Have an Inspire 4G, love it. Granted it’s running existz ICS AOSP ROM but still, it’s in all ways a capable phone and I’m happy that HTC is still supporting it at least with sense 3.0.

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