Leaked Galaxy S Duos takes a page from the Galaxy S3’s book


This leaked image of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 will make you do a double-take. Yes, it sure looks like a Galaxy S3, but it’s 4.-inch display, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and 512MB of RAM sure say otherwise. As part of the Duos line, the main draw of the handset, which is said to be headed for a launch in India at some point later this summer, is its dual SIM nature. And Samsung’s Nature UI, which sits neatly atop Android 4.0.

Other specs include a 5MP rear camera and VGA front-facing camera as well as 4GB of internal storage. All signs point to this being yet another budget option in the Duos line, albeit with a bit more style. Exact details on pricing and release are unknown at this time.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Galaxy S duos was first announced in 2011 and since then there are hundred of blogs, already publish images of GS D. You still think you have exclusive leaked images? You must change the title…:)

  2. Maybe this is a stupid question but what exactly is the purpose of a dual sim?

    1. when u are in in the Eurasia continent, it is very likely that u may use more than one carrier for service. so one Sim is for one carrier, the other, a different carrier…. like 2 phones all packed into one device. and it keeps you from having to power off or phone, pop out one sim, fiddle thru our pocket for the other sim, insert that and power back up just to make a call…

      1. You can have 2 wives with only 1 phone without them knowing about each other! No seriously, one for private stuff and one for work is the usual combo. Or, one sim with a good LTE/3G/4G subscription and one with a good amount of minutes/texts subscription. Or, one for a specific country and one for your local country.

  3. Apple is going to sue. They have a patent which covers the ability to make your own devices look similar or in case of the 4 series, identical…

  4. I would consider this if they made a 4.0″ with the Snapdragon S4 like the HTC Incredible 4G. I’m sick of the larger phones. Give me a Nexus 4.0

  5. this would be a good phone for prepaid carriers

  6. People have to realize that this phone is made for the developing markets. Expecting 1 Gig RAM, HD screen or LTE is not part of the plan. Dual SIM enables the user to have one carrier that gives good call rates and SMS plans, while the other carrier gives good data plan and 3G,
    Like in India, Vodafone gives good call and SMS, while data is taken care by Airtel, the perfect combo. Duos line of devices are a huge hit among the people as a mobile phone can be bought for as low as $50 without carrier restrictions

    A good SMS and call plan will cost u $5 pm, and a good data plan on 3G will cost u $15 for 2GB on 3Gpm

  7. So basically this is a first generation Galaxy S with a facelift?

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