Samsung Galaxy Note coming to T-Mobile August 8 for $249


T-Mobile has announced the availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note for August 8th after months of speculation and lead up. With rumors all but confirming the release of the phone, TMo came clean about the upcoming device a couple weeks back without detailing price or exact availability. Now both questions have been answered. The August 8th date applies for select retail stores and online purchases. The Note will cost $249.99 after $50 mail-in rebate with a standard two-year voice and data package. A Value voice and data plan sees the price drop to $199.99 up front with an additional $20 fee spread out over the first 20 months of the contract thank to T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan.


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  1. premium price for an already outdated phone??? what are they thinking??

    1. “Looks at iPhone”

      1. these are android users…..they know better

        1. Only the ones who actually read tech blogs. Which constitute maybe 1-5% of the android userbase, at best.

          1. very true

  2. They have just thrown away money. People are looking for the second version by the end of this year. Talk about late to the party. Everybody has gone home.

    1. I think it will still do well for them. Especially if they launch before the Note 2 announcement. The majority of consumers aren’t scouring the tech blogs like us.

      But as for the 1% (us), we’re already waiting for bigger and better. True story.

      1. Hopefully this will not become habit with TMO…waiting to see how a device fares before getting on board with it…Im not saying this is the case, but….

        1. It think it was more or less AT&T nabbing the exclusive with their deeper pockets and all. Good move too because it did extremely well for them.

    2. It may seem too late for us. But imagine if we were just regular consumers that only go online for facebook and email most of the time. Most people probably don’t care about what is coming. They just go to the store and see what is available; if they like it, they get it.

  3. I would have loved this Note six months ago. Now the T-Mo Note I want is the second generation WITH A RADIO that will work on LTE when LTE is rolled out.

    1. LTE won’t roll out for Tmo until next year. And it would be in its infancy. You’d be better off getting this now. That way when your contract ends you’d be able to get an LTE phone with decent LTE coverage. LoL!!

  4. Did anybody notice that T-Mobile lists the screen as “Super AMOLED Plus HD”.

    Is that a typo or is this mean they will have an RGB screen instead of Pentile like the other Galaxy Notes?

  5. Note’s LAUNCHING with ICS onboard and has Gingerbread buttons…. Sounds kinda odd:)

  6. T-Mo is full of phail now. The only reason I am on them is the GSM Galaxy Nexus and their $30 a month plan which works pretty damn well.

  7. Bummer, only 2 gigs of internal storage for applications… : WTF?!

    I used up 3.4 gigs of storage on my Transformer this past year, so only 2 gigs on a device I’d carry every where blows.

    I’m getting the tablet firsts and then I’m hoping for an unlocked version of the Note with T-Mobile’s antennas, with of course no carrier jacked partitioning — I’m not a fan of rooting my phones…

  8. Boooo, To little to late TMo

  9. I’ll certainly be replacing my SGSIII withe this phone if Tmobile will give it to me for free and not require service contract.

  10. I think i am going to upgrade.

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