Move aside, Apple Retina Display – here come 350ppi OLED screens from Samsung


Android fans have a long list of bragging material when comparing devices with Apple’s. There is one factor we haven’t quite been able to beat, though – Retina Display. But we all know the day when we can also silence Apple fanboys in this department is coming eventually, and it may be sooner than you think. Samsung may be able to bring this technology’s pixel density, along with the advantages of OLED panels, to upcoming Android devices.

With the development of FMM (Fine Metal Mask), Samsung is said to be able to achieve an OLED pixel density of up to 350 ppi (pixels per inch). Currently, such high-density pixelation can only be achieved by with LCD mobile displays. And even though we have devices like the Galaxy Nexus, which does have a 720p AMOLED display, the crispness and clarity can never match that of the HTC One X or Apple’s Retina Display (due to its need of a pentile display).

Mixing the colors of Super AMOLED displays with the non-pentile pixel-density of LCD would be a dream. The difference would mostly be noticed in small text, which is actually pretty crisp in AMOLED HD displays. But does it match HD LCD? Definitely not.

Long story-short: this technology is said to be easily applicable to current OLED technology. This makes it inexpensive and simple to start manufacturing such OLED displays, and we might be seeing them in upcoming Samsung devices rather soon. Anyone want a Galaxy S4 with one of these? Maybe the next Nexus smartphone?

[Source: ETNews Via: OLED-Info]

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  1. I think the original Galaxy S screen looks better than an iPhone. Even the 4S. I don’t know what people see in this display, it looks like your run of the mill LED screen. Why do I get the feeling “retina display” its just tactics used by Apples marketing to get people to thinking they need it, or its the best? As a person who gets to play with various Android devices and iPhones, I don’t see a difference. If I have to get a magnifying glass to see a difference, why should I care? Am I going to be using the phone against my damn eye? I’m more than happy with the DPI on the Galaxy Nexus.

    1. My fiance had the epic 4g, I’ve had quite a few Android handsets, and my boss had an iphone 4s…a much s it paid me to say, all the others fall just short of the retina display. Itr really is that crisp. Having said that, I have been waiting for the day that Android devices best Apple in this last battlefield. (since they have topped then everywhere else other than arrogance and bs…oh and litigation)


      1. Have you compared it to a rezound screen? My step dad has a 4s and my mom has a 4, they both think my screen looks better, and of course I do too :|

    2. The original galaxy s have one of the worst display i’ve seen even the screen of the galaxy 2 doesn’t come close to the retina display. But if you talk of the one x screen that is a different story.

      1. Do u know who manufactures HTC One X SuperLCD screen ? Start with a S and end with a G

        1. Nope it start with an L and end with a G. The one x screen is an IPS

          1. It’s Super LCD 2 FYI

          2. Per my previous reply, there’s no such thing as Super LCD 2, it’s a made-up marketing term.

          3. Both are’s s ends with y

        2. Incorrect. Made by Japan Displays, Inc.

          1. Japan Displays doesn’t make Super LCD. It’s Samsung

          2. The One X has an IPS display (technology term). The expression Super LCD is not a technology term, it was made up by the blogosphere who didn’t know that S-LCD was a company (evidently, Google was broken that day), so they ignorantly guessed that the S stood for Super.

            The name stuck, and now people believe that Super LCD is an actual thing.

            Marketers give the people what they want to hear, so the nonsense, non-technical, marketing term Super LCD has been applied to a number of technologies, including Sharp’s mobile ASV panels. The One X was originally marketed as having a Super LCD 2 panel, making it more hilarious. Inspection of early units showed that the display was made by Sony, and that division was absorbed into Japan Displays.

            The advantage of the Super LCD marketing term is that because it’s meaningless, manufacturers can substitute panels from any number of suppliers with various technologies without changing their web or spec sheets. HTC has always claimed that the Evo 3D uses a “4.3-inch Super LCD 540×960 qHD resolution 3D display” and yet the principle supplier of that panel was Sharp.

            Last I checked, Samsung wasn’t licensed to make IPS displays, so any so-called Super LCD/2 display that’s IPS is not made by Samsung, by definition.

            And the idea that IPS is the best type of panel is an Apple marketing myth. It’s simply one of nearly a dozen LCD technologies. Admittedly, it’s a good technology, but which type is best is hotly debated in the HDTV realm.

            Hope this helps. :)

          3. is sony who makes them.fact

          4. Yes, I have one, I know exactly why you’re saying that. Just read up on Japan Displays and see my note above, that Sony division is now part of Japan Displays. ;)

    3. Pentile displays are absolutely garbage. The pixels in a pentile Ghetto Galaxy are constructed of less subpixels than in an Ips display…..33% less.

      You got screwed! That’s why you should read before you buy cheap stuff!

      1. You sound like a moron.which I meAn you are.please so take that apple out of your hole…we’ll we know Tim cook like s well

    4. original galaxy s has a better looking screen? I love android as much as the next guy, but please check your blatant biasedness at the door. Retina display is a beast. It’s just a 3.5 inch beast.

      1. Yes it in fact does look better no more bias than you have.

        1. Ok, I mean i don’t have either phone. I love the color pop of an amoled screen (no matter how artificial it may be), and if you were to say something like the Gnex or the GS3 screen looks better then i’d be cool, but i find it to be silly to find the original galaxy s’ to be better.

    5. Most people are idiots about displays theres nothing wrong with the SAMOLED pentile displays they are beautiful displays definitely better than Retina in every way. Retina looks good on paper, but the colors on all of samsung SAMOLED displays just pop with its color. If you can see a individual pixels on samoled displays you are looking too close or have some super vision

      1. That’s because if you notice all the colours on an Android is mostly black and dark backgrounds. If Android is designed using lighter colours probably look horrid. AMOLED or SAMOLED works best using dark colours hence the black is black. How about Android giving some whiteness.

  2. If the next Nexus has has a 1080p I will drool all over it

    1. As cool as 1080p sounds, more pixels = more processing power and more battery drain with very little appreciable difference.

    2. me too

  3. Are you down with OPP? :D

    1. You know me – Stephen Hawking, lyrical terrorist.

  4. Is this allowed?

  5. If hd lcd already exists, then why does this really even matter? I have never been a fan of the Samsung amoled displays anyway. The color reproduction is way off.

    I will take the screen on the one x and ReZound over anything Samsung makes any day

    1. Have you heard of OLED?

      1. Have you heard of using your phone outside?

        Who the hell wants to use a display with a metallic cathode outside?

    2. Have you seen a Galaxy S3 screen? I will admit I was never a fan of SAMOLED precisely because of color reproduction and contrast. Until I saw a GS3 anyway. Samsung finally got it right. I mean spot on. It is also significantly brighter and easier to read outdoors. (Not so much in direct sunlight)

  6. Hopefully we see it in the next Nexus

  7. Samsung needs to work on the longevity of their displays (according to them) so they can get rid of the pentile. I think the SGS3 display looks good, but you can definitely still see the pentile matrix, especially if you have used a One X.

    1. You can see individual pixels wth are you doing? holding your phone an inch from your face? lol

      1. Not at all. Use a One X or even a GS2 for a few weeks and then look at the GS3. You can see it in the white that borders colors (like the chrome logo). At 12-16″ ish you can see the pentile. I’m not saying it’s a bad display or a bad device (actually I often wish I could swap my One X for it), but you can see the pentile with the naked eye and not from a ridiculously close distance.

  8. After being an Atrix owner, I would prefer not to own another pentile device. Its not horrible, but its something that is always looming in the background. So, no thank you.

    1. This is non-pentile, and even if it is pentile, if the dpi is high enough, you will get the same sharpness as a non-pentile screen.

  9. As far as I’m concerned the Retina Display has already been beat, by the Rezound’s higher PPI display.

    1. I almost forgot about the Rezound… but, yea.. you have a great point!

    2. Unless you are outside or looking at it from an angle…

      1. My rezound screen works fine outside in the sun, and angles don’t really effect my view f it. :| do you even have a rezound?

    3. But the colors look dull on the HTC…..

    4. And diod you see the difference between Rezound and iPhone 4/4S?

    5. Just got a Rezound sent to me to replace my Tbolt. Can’t believe how nice of a phone it is. They could have marketed it so much better. Better display than my GFs 4s definitely.

    6. I think just about everything beats it. A 3.5″ display? Seriously? It’s 2012 and I’m in love with my 4.5–5″ phones… Couldn’t ever go to something that tiny and ridiculous…

      If my Nexus 7 could connect to 4G it would become my new phone (and yes, it is just barely pocketable).

      1. I agree. I got the SGS3 and I don’t know that there was really a “break in” time to get used to the size. I can easily type one handed in portrait orientation. It’s got me thinking maybe the Note isn’t so big after all. The clarity of text and the amount the screen can display is awesome. More screen means more stuff on the screen at one time so less scrolling around and zooming in and more reading content.

  10. Super sharp? Super AMOLED colors? NO pentile? …You’re hacking

  11. Damn…. Apple’s gonna be pissed. :/

    1. They have been for a while; hence, the lawsuits.

  12. The Iphone may have a high PPI, but its only 3.5′ big! There is nothing revolutionary about a high PPI count on such a tiny display regardless of what name Apple invents to make it seem impressive. Who wants to hold a phone 3 inches from their face in order to be able to read it?

  13. C’mon people – the term ‘retina’ is really being thrown around a lot these days. I suggest you read this –

  14. But can you see it out in the sun. I don’t care how nice a screen is, if there is no sunlight readability then no sale. If I want a nice screen I will watch my 60″ LED tv. A phone needs to be readable outside and needs to operate as phone, i. e. make phone calls.

    1. Probably not terribly well. My Gnex outdoors has nothing on the Bionic’s screen. That thing is horrible to look at indoors, but outdoors it’s great.

  15. it’ll be messed up if Samsung developed this for Apple. wasnt there a recent story about iPhone 5 having some kind of thinner screen tech? This could be it… gotta remember that Apple pays hardware manufacturers hefty fees for exclusivity to latest tech.

    1. Thinner screen could just mean Gorilla Glass 2.

    2. Samsung would give exclusivity with their best tech to the enemy plus the new iPhone is supposed to do away with samsung components hahaha we’ll see how that fares over dang thing will just be a slow choppy brick that can get no play. If Samsung was to hand this over to apple it would simply mean Samsung has a better tech cooking up to be released

  16. Apparently phandroid has never heard of the HTC rezound…

  17. I wish Samsung R&D worked on batteries like they do on other components, then we could use our phones heavily for a week before recharging…

    Even original Galaxy S screen is better than iphone’s.

  18. they should focus on battery life and heating issue.

  19. Sweet. I am satisfied with my S2 because the colours and size are of the screen is WAY better than the iPhone’s retina display. 3.5 inches with a high resolutions does not matter, like everybody else I would like to have a high resolution on my phone, but Sammy’s AMOLED screens have been nothing, but a joy using. AMOLED over Retina any day!

  20. Apple’s over hyped Retina display “is” a Samsung screen.

    The BlackBerry 10 developer phones are 355 PPI just for reference, a bit higher than the Rezound — which others have already pointed out bests Apple’s bragging right.

    1. No, it is made by LG.

      1. Ipad 3 screen is Samsung’s…

  21. I really hope this’ll be on the next Nexus phone! They should include an extra large battery though, since this probably will be power consuming.

  22. as awesome as this looks…. the next nexus had better not be Samsung, they’ve had TOO MANY in a row and now it’s someone elses turn.

    1. Who cares if its samsung again? they did a great job every year so far. The only other company that should make a nexus is HTC for the nostalgia

      1. Wasn’t there an idea at one time that the Google Nexus Phone would be manufactured by different OEMs every year to give everyone a chance at it? to give Nexus love to everyone? Samsung may have done a fantastic job every year but don’t other OEMs deserve a crack at it? I’m biased towards HTC but i’d be happy with even an LG or Motorola… hell even Nokia if they so wish… although it would be out of the norm… but isn’t that what Android has been about? Taking the consumer out of the norm for options and and an improved experience?

  23. I see another lawsuit from the rotten apple

  24. Apple fanbois will start silently switching to Androids.

    Today is going to be a good day.

  25. Samsung continues to innovate while others just stay on the sidelines including Apple. Apple doesn’t innovate they just buy the parts from different manufacturers and get them assembled into a nice phone and call it their own. I will continue to buy from Samsung due to their initiative to push out the news technology. The next Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S4 will have this with other great great technology.

  26. I’m currently using my LG Optimus LTE while my One S gets serviced and it has a higher ppi and resolution than Apple’s (LG’s to be precise) 4S retina display – 329 ppi vs. 326 ppi respectively. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck on Gingerbread with this phone, at least until August when it gets ICS. So, if iPhone users think that they still hold the ppi title they are sadly mistaken.

  27. And this is exactly why I’m glad my upgrade is next year. =.D
    The Galaxy S4 or next Nexus device will have one of these screens. I am now excited. I’ll just trade my E4GT for the Photon Q since I love Qwerty’s and patiently wait until my upgrade. It’s all falling according to plan. I am very happy ryt now. =.D

  28. And once again, you guys crack me up. It’s all about specs for you and nothing else. There comes a point where the human eye can only pick up so much detail so sure, technology can make it higher but there’s a point where the only thing it gets you is lower battery life because those extra non-essential pixels need power to get them going.

    Apple was ridiculed in the beginning for their “Retina” campaign, and you quacks were first on board to question the need for such a high PPI. But hey, thank Apple for bringing it front-and-center so you guys can beat your chest like a bunch of silverbacks for taking it to a level that frankly, is useless for a phone.

    Who’s sipping the Kool-aid now??

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