AT&T officially drops HTC One X price to $99 on contract


Just a couple of days back we first heard the rumors of an upcoming price-drop for the HTC One X. While the XDA source didn’t seem too convincing, it turns out he was indeed speaking the truth. The beauty that is the One X can be yours for as little as $99, as long as you sell your soul to AT&T for two years.

In my eyes, this is a great deal. I consider the One X to be up there with the Samsung Galaxy S III as the best Android devices available currently. Each trumps the other in different fields of comparison, and on feature set I can’t choose between the two. But, with a $100 price difference, the One X is the winner for me.

[via Brief Mobile]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Feature set, price, and… carrier? (Verizon vs AT&T?)

    1. I’m sure there will be more than a handful of people looking to buy either the Galaxy S III or the One X on AT&T.

      1. S3 but not before IPhone5

  2. The awesome screen on the htc is the tie breaker for me, The better build quality is just the icing on the cake

  3. android phone lose their value fast!

    1. not really price some of the last year Androids like Razr, Nexus,and SGS2

    2. and apple doesnt? you need to check again. and learn about supply and demand.

      1. Ebay
        iphone 4s ~$400
        Lte galaxy nexus ~$300

  4. 16GB with no expandable memory is a deal beaker for me. If it had 32gb I could live with it.

    I am considering buying the international version out of pocket for Tegra Zone and 32GB, but I should give it a couple more months to see if the Tegra lte chip gets released.

    1. me too

  5. Not a bad deal. One of the best phones out for 99 on a two year contract while the IPhone 4S will cost you 199 on a two year contract.

  6. It was 99$ since last night. But i dont buy phines that doent support sd cards. And i could care less bout drop box. It doesnt play back avi,dvix, or wmv files.

    1. drop box suck google drive also

  7. Am I the only one that thinks HTC should make an option for the customer to flash a stock, non Sense ROM onto their handsets?
    Give your customers a chance to decide if they want vanilla Android or Sense UI

    Make the file available on the HTC site for each handset you sell.

    1. Devs will have some pretty vanilla ROMs out soon.

  8. This phone isn’t even worth $99 dollars. It should be given away for free. The only phone I would consider buying without expandable memory and without a removable battery is the upcoming iPhone 5.

    Sorry HTC, you are not Apple, you need to include a microSD and removable battery in your phones. Let’s hope the rumored HTC One X+ on T-Mobile includes both.

    1. LOL

    2. Isheep buy anything.

      1. iSheep? FYI….I own an Android device

    3. Don’t even bother bro, they’ll call isheep anyone who has anything negative to say about android or anyone who even mentions apple, ignorance runs wild up In here lmao

    4. I guess the question would be… why give one company a pass on doing this and not the other? The battery seems more than sufficient at over 24 hour daily life… and the memory is augmented by cloud storage. All that’s really different is the brand…

      1. cloud storage is not SD card storage. much faster, local, doesnt use my data, and i can still access it when i have no data reception. ’nuff said.

        Even as much as an apple hater as i am, i will say he has a point, because at least apple makes iphones with 32 and 64gb so you dont have to worry about an sd card slot.

        1. HTC does make the One X and XL in 32 GB too… AT&T just chose not to carry it.

  9. 99 not bad this device is nice but not better the Galaxy s3

  10. I love my One X, I just really wish it had 32GB of storage or an SD slot. Either would be fine.

  11. I wouldn’t pay a single dollar for a smartphone that has a NON-USER accessible battery & memory card!!!

  12. I have the one x and love it. all my music is in my cloud and I have used 0 of my 5gb regular cloud storage. this phone is perfect and the build quality is perfect. I don’t always have to buy the best…. but when I buy HTC I get it anyhow.

  13. Galaxy Nexus is free at Radio shack with a 2 year contract

  14. HTC blew it on this phone 16gb which is more like 10gb user and no sd fail. I have EVO LTE it only works for me because of the sd slot I would have waited for galaxy s3 other wise

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