Asphalt 7: Heat now available for just $.99


Gameloft promised the latest version of Asphalt would be racing to the Google Play Store right around this time, and we’re happy to say their word has been upheld. Asphalt 7: Heat is now available in the Google Play Store.

The game was introduced at a very attractive price point of $.99 which is currently the same price of the previous rendition. Gameloft is offering 60 different cars to race across 15 different tracks, and you will experience those in 6 different game modes with 150 different unique races.

Add all that up and I’d say you have a ton of content to sink your teeth into for less than the cost of an adjunct chicken sandwich. Head to the Google Play Store if any of this sounds good to you.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Good Lord! 1.4GB! I’ll make room for this one!

    1. that’s alright, I have 32GB internal and 64GB external on my Galaxy S III. – )

      1. I’m ok with my GN 16GB as my monthly bill is only $30.

      2. …And 5GB of dropbox cloud storage as a just-in-case. LoL!! =.P

    2. I can’t justify using up that much room on my galaxy nexus…but Ive been told that everything is going in the direction of the cloud every time Ive complained about lack of a sd slot, so I guess I can use that…oh, wait. >.<

    3. LoL!! I just cleared lyk 5GB of space from all my ROMs and back-ups and put them into my Google Drive and DropBox. LoL!!

  2. I guess they’re not worried about piracy.. hahaha

    1. Really? $1? A lot of ppL will buy that and even more ppL will pirate it. LoL!! =.P

  3. The first dollar of my $25 Google Play credit has been used on this. So far so good =D

    Edit: the network checks are a pain because I’m on the highway with no wifi :/

  4. Damnit i just bought aspalt 6 last week.

  5. Does it have in-app purchases?

    1. The sandwich? I sure hope not.

    2. Yes. The most expensive option is $99.

  6. Not compatible with the Transformer Infinity :(

  7. No compatible with my Atrix HD, just like 5 & 6 – BOO…
    At least they tell me now…
    Oh well, I’m liking Need for Speed.

  8. I was just about to buy this until I saw the scathing Play Store review which has been voted “most helpful”.
    ..ridden with in-app purchases, the whole game is predicated on spending more and more money.. constant prompts to share on social networks (advertise for Gameloft) every time you complete a goal… graphics look nothing like the screenshots… horribly low res, full of graphical glitches… constant spamming for market reviews… controls really poor….
    Looks like I’ll keep my £0.69 thanks very much.

    1. yup i looked at the reviews…..not buying it…im sick of every game coming out to be a freemium….suckss.

  9. Waiwaiwait.

    -what was that about a sandwich?

  10. 1 dollar today, free next week?

  11. To those of you with incompatible devices, coining the term ‘incompatible’ loosely there…, you’re not missing much.

    Riddled with in-app purchases that are almost entirely necessary to get anywhere in-game. You unlock cars by winning races, but then have to buy the unlocked cars with in-game money, which is excessively time-consuming to aquire. Unless you’re down to dump some 40+ hours into the game to get a virtual car… I’d say avoid it. The graphics are fairly low-res as well, eith tilt-only control as far as I can see.

  12. Who is the idiot who wrote this, Quentyn? Thanks for mentioning that there are IAPs, as much as $99. Talk about an insane level of greed. Do you get a kick back? I feel like a sucker for buying their reverse ATM for a buck. Thanks to your wonderfully informative review I know what I need to know. Epic fail. Gameloft doesn’t even mention that there are IAPs in their overview… And you should be booted from Phandroid.

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