Apple wins stay on posting notice that Samsung did not infringe on products


It looks like Apple’s humiliation will have to wait just a little while longer. They’ve won a temporary stay of the UK ruling that would have forced the bitten fruit company to post a notice on their website saying their products did not infringe on Samsung’s. The stay will be in place until Apple can be heard in October.

Apple’s response to the ruling was that it obviously did not want to “advertise” the competition on their own website. We’re not talking about calling Samsung’s line of devices the next best thing since sliced bread, of course, but no company likes to acknowledge their competitors in any sort of positive light.

It wasn’t made clear whether or not Apple would be seeking an alternative way to post the notice or if they were trying to duck the ruling altogether, but we won’t know either way for at least another 3 months.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. If you don’t want to have to eat crow for being wrong, then don’t talk sh!t on your competitor.

    1. “Eat crow”? LoL!! Ok then.

      1. trying googling, guy with a hat too large for his tiny head.

  2. *sigh*

    As consumers we can just never catch a break…..finally a verdict that doesn’t negatively impact the customers and actually gives us something to look out for and it gets postponed :S

  3. lol, Apple lucked out, posting their apology in the UK when/where the olympics start tomorrow would of been so just desserts!

  4. Wait, so Google is under investigation for possibly ranking its own services on its own services higher than competition but Apple are allowed to duck out of telling the world they were wrong about a competitor on their site.

    1. Logic.

  5. I think the story meant to say that “forced the bitten fruit company to post a notice on their website saying that Samsung’s products didn’t infringe upon theirs or their patents.” ??

    1. Thank you…

  6. You mean that Samsung did not infringe on Apple’s products.

    You said it wrong.

    1. Title had me scratching my head as well until I read the article and relized it was about the uk ruling.

  7. So Apple will have to advertise Samsung right around the time the new iphone comes out. This is great.

  8. Someday they’ll make a movie about this.
    -or a cartoon…or a coloring book.

  9. patent system is broken and clearly the judicial system is broken. When a verdict is passed down and penalties are accessed, you do NOT get an immediate stay. People wait it out in jail until their appeal is heard. Also, the amount of appeals in the judicial system is astounding. Taxpayers dollars are being wasted while Apple refuses to put a banner on their site? REALLY?

  10. I think the judge should take note that Apple is trying to not follow through with the judgement.

  11. Now ain’t that some ole bullshit!

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