Samsung’s August 15 event will introduce the Galaxy Note 2 [RUMOR]


When speculating about just what might be unveiled at Samsung’s August 15th event, we posited that that Galaxy Note 2 was a possibility. According to a source speaking to BGR, that is exactly what we will see. Furthermore, the source went on to say that the phone would feature a 5.5-inch display in a body that is thinner and taller than the original Galaxy Note, which lines up with previous rumors we have heard about the device.

We discounted the possibility of the Galaxy Note 2 making an appearance on August 15th based on its proximity to the IFA show in Berlin, where Samsung will host an Unpacked event. Sammy typically reserves major launches in their flagship lines for such events at big international trade shows throughout the year. So we are still classing this one as a rumor, but we wouldn’t be all too surprised to see the Galaxy Note 2 on August 15th.

[via BGR]

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  1. Samsung is doing the damn thing

  2. What the hell did happen to the Galaxy Note 10.1?!?!
    It was supposed to be launched a month ago!!!

    1. Probably went back to the drawing board. I’d imagine, at this point, they’d want to release it with a 1900×1200 screen

      1. Yeah, unfortunately I guess it did!
        Personally I’d prefer really snap tracking of every pen stroke and a little bit more of zoom & pan, than looking at those strokes “magically” appearing on an awesome 1900×1200 display seconds after I draw them!

        EDIT: Looks like they just released a new commercial, maybe we’re close …

    2. Got in on the Amazon pre-order before they took it down and it’s now showing an Aug 20th delivery date, so it might be released as part of this event as well.

      1. I hope so, they just released a new commercial!

  3. I can’t imagine how much BGR loves “exclusive.”
    BTW, I hope to see a FHD display on the Galaxy Note 2.

  4. BGR is a joke.

  5. Could this mean that Tmoble will be releasing the Note 2 not the Note 1?

  6. I would like to unbox that girl on the right O_o

      1. I agree with CerealFTW, the one on the right.

    1. How about 3 at once. Triple the Fun . It’s pure awesome !!!

  7. Sooo very tempted to trade my Galaxy S3 for a Note2 when that phabulous thing arrives. It’s supposed to be styled almost exactly like the “nature-inspired” S3 as well.

    These things are computers first, and phones last, so the larger size doesn’t matter to most of us (with regular pants and large hands).

  8. I agree forget the phone this is all about the gorgeous girl on the right!

  9. and the T-Mobile Note is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

  10. Love my note for the most part, and I will wait patiently for the One XXL or whatever their large phone tablet thing will be called.

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