Samsung Galaxy Nexus now $99 at Verizon


Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus with LTE is beginning to show its retail age, dropping to its lowest price yet as of today. The phone that once retailed for $299 on a two-year contract can now be had for an easy $99, which by my calculations still makes it a major steal, even in light of newer devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3. Some might speculate that the Galaxy Nexus is on the way out at Verizon, and that very well may be true, but there’s still time to pick up the stock Android device for a great price.

[Verizon via DroidLife]

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  1. that’s truly a steal for such a great device.

    1. I agree. I switched from the Galaxy S3 to this device and I truly am impressed with this Galaxy Nexus, even more so since the device is already 7 months old. It may not be the greatest hardware, but it sure is a great device.

  2. Or a great way for you to get locked into a shared plan. I’ll stick with buying the phone outright to keep my unlimited.

    1. can you upgrade another line and then switch it to a line with unlimited to keep it?

      1. yes you could

  3. Yes, if you do an alternate upgrade to your line, you keep your unlimited data

    1. How does this alternate upgrade thing work?

      1. say line 1 is available and is the unlimited line. transfer the upgrade to any other line and do upgrade. after received phone activate and after activated put old phone back on that line. then with new phone just add it to line 1 witch is unlimited:)

        1. what if all the lines are unlimited?

          1. good question. I have one unlimited, two on 2gb and 2 non data phones. I guess one of your lines may have to sacrifice its unlimited for your main line.

  4. GNex > VNex

    Where is Jelly Bean Verizon?

    1. Calm down. It’s been out for like a week. Flash a ROM if you really want it.

      1. This is a Nexus, you shouldn’t have to flash roms to get the newest version.

        1. Exactly…

        2. This argument has no basis. First of all, it has been a week. Second of all, the fact that it is a Nexus means that it gives you the ability to flash ROMs and tinker with it. Third, you will get JB OTA eventually. People are just way too impatient. Like I said, if people care enough to get the updates right away, then they should learn to flash ROMs.

          1. Nexus means stock, not “I have to root to stay current.” The ability to flash roms has nothing to do with Nexus but everything to do with unlocked bootloaders. I ran several roms on my Epic 4G Touch.

            And the root comment was Verizon is really behind the GSM GNex, a point that was failed on you.

        3. This is a Nexus, you have the best developer community of any device in the world making ROMs for you.

      2. So I guess my mom, dad, and sisters should learn to flash their devices as well to get the latest updates?

        1. Do they really care enough? Do they have a great phone with a great operating system? Is JB an update that fixes a problem with the phone? The answers are probably no, yes, and no respectively. It’s not that they WON’T get the update, it will just take a few weeks extra.

          For those that care enough, yes they should absolutely learn to flash their devices. But if they don’t care, then what is the problem? Let them enjoy ICS. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with it.

      3. By the way I’m not on a VNex, I have a GNex. I’m just saying that it is ridiculous that Verizon is ruining such a great phone with delays to updates.

        1. sadly it’s what happened when Google let Verizon get exclusivity for the phone. Verizon got their will and as usual hold up everything. Google needs to get tough with carriers when it comes to Nexus devices and let google handle all the updates and of course google not allow carrier bloatware on the phones.

    2. Go over to Rootzwiki or XDA and grab a ROM. Jelly Bean 4.1.1 is almost perfect already. Wish I had one, easily the best Verizon phone, especially at this price. I don’t think I’d ever buy a non-Nexus device again.

    3. I highly recommend the Vicious 4.1.1 ROM. It really is buttery smooth, and I still haven’t found any bugs in it. It’s the perfect way to hold you over until Verizon sends out the update and maybe even longer if you so desire.

  5. I wouldn’t touch one. The SNR is AWFUL for LTE on these things. If you do get one, prepare for A LOT of “no connection” messages.

    1. I’ve had no such issues in the 8 months with my VZW Gnex.

    2. A coworker has one running Jelly Bean (4.1.1) already from Rootzwiki, he gets 15mbits down in our office where i get about 1mbit down with Verizon’s garbage 3G. Maybe in some areas it’s worse, at least here in NYC, it’s awesome. The only downside is the poor LTE battery life, this phone is in desperate need of a Snapdragon S4.

    3. 4G reception is not a strength of this phone. Love the device; battery is OK (with extended battery). I bought it for lack of bloatware and ease of flashing other ROM’s. If you’re staying stock I’d recommend the Razr Maxx. Better battery and 4G reception.

    4. I’ve tested 15 different devices, and they all have suffered from radio related issues. Strength of signal is fine (often slightly stronger than the rezound), but there is constant packet loss because of SNR. I would wait to see what this fall brings. It may be $99 but who wants to carry around a phone for 2 years that has data issues?

  6. Deal!!!

  7. I have the GSM running Jelly Bean. This is a GREAT phone!

  8. At this point is wait for the next nexus, it’s like getting an iPhone 4s now when you know in a few months a new one is coming out and you’ll have last years phone for the next two years. I hope my carriers offer the next nexus, I’d love to have one again (had a nexus one) but not for full retail

  9. This tablet is very exciting if only 1 knew how it

  10. Wouldnt bother, i would get the gsm unlocked version from google play, your simply better off.

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