Jul 16th, 2012

How much is an unlocked bootloader worth to you? That’s the questions you will have to ask yourself as you behold the landing page for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition for Verizon, which looks to set you back at least $599. The site appeared online over the weekend and features the ever popular “coming soon” tag but few other details aside from the rundown of standard Galaxy S3 specs.

For one reason or another, Verizon’s subsidized edition of the Galaxy S3 has been set up in a manner that is not so friendly to outside development and Samsung promised to provide the Developer Edition to meet the needs of hardcore users. The choice now is between purchasing the special edition of the phone at full price or waiting for a possible unlock tool, whether it be through official or unofficial means. There have been some whispers that Samsung will provide such a software tool in the future, but these remain unconfirmed.

[Samsung via DroidLife]