Nexus Q hacked to act as Pong controller, opens up new uses for orb’s volume control


While the Pong demonstration seen in the above video is pretty cool all by itself, it’s another Nexus Q hack shown in the same video that should really get developers excited. Mobile software firm BrickSimple not only got a variation of the classic game running on Google’s social jukebox, but also tweaked some code to repurpose the sphere’s spinning top from a volume control to a simple gaming controller. Making no effort to withhold their findings, the code snippet that enables such capabilities has been made available for all to use. It won’t act as the most robust method of input, but it gives devs yet another tool in realizing the full potential of Google’s strange orb.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Let me make sure I understand this. Stock wise, when you stream, does it stream the content that’s on your phone screen? So you can be playing an app and see the app you’re playing on your TV? That’s what this does ryt? Or at least that’s what I’m understanding it as.

    1. NO it doesn’t display your phones screen, it only streams media like videos,photos and music from your android devices to your t.v. but now you can actually download apps to it almost like a Google tv set top

    2. No, you’re streaming stuff down from your cloud account. So music is coming from your Google Music account and movies from your Google Play Movies. :/ This day and age, the only thing this has over Google TV is the ability to stream from multiple accounts into the same queue.

      1. OK. So how do you put your account on it? Is there lyk a little screen on the Nexus Q? With questions lyk these I myte just go check out the review. LoL!! Thanks anyways.

  2. Totally worth $300.. O_o

  3. If Chris says its worth $300 then I’m going to go out and get it today. I’m so excited!

  4. Nexus Q looks awesome though, should’ve had more potential for a 300$ orb.

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