Apple sent letters requesting retailers cease Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Nexus sales, Samsung calls them ‘menacing’


Apple and Samsung don’t see eye to eye regarding terms of the recent preliminary injunction placed on the the samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Surprise, surprise. Shortly after rulings were handed down to temporarily ban sales of both devices, the maker of the iPhone and iPad sent notices to retailers requesting that they cease selling both the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Nexus, including any remaining units in their inventory.

The letter insists that the order from the US District Court “applies not only to the named Samsung entities, but also to anyone ‘acting in concert’ with them.” Further, retailers were asked to “comply with the order by ceasing immediately to engage in any of the specified acts (e.g., importing, offering to sell, or selling within the United States) in connection with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer.”

Of course, retailers no longer must comply with orders related to the Galaxy Nexus, as the ban on the device was stayed following an appeal from Samsung. Still, the Korean maker of Android devices feels stores with remaining stock of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 have every right to sell off their remaining units, going so far as to call Apple’s actions “menacing.” As the matter currently stands, several retailers, including Sam’s Club, have refused to honor Apple’s request pending further review of the court’s order.

[via TheVerge]

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    1. I lol’d =D

  2. Good one Crapple. Now you gonna get the retailers against you with your bullying. Crapple has taken it too far now. One thing is for sure. Bully the retailers and your ipods and ipads will not sell during the holidays cause not every city in the country has an official crapple store. They need the retailers.

  3. Stop making money by selling my competitors products…or else…or else we’ll send you another nasty letter.

    1. And my dad can beat up your dad.

  4. I actually laughed out loud.

  5. Apple is really sickening with their tactics. I certainly will not regret their demise (business wise ie)

    1. In 2 years we can gracefully say: Good Riddance Apple

  6. I bet they didn’t send out letters stating it was ok to sell the GNex again. ;)

    1. lol! Yea…exactly.

  7. sorry apple, court orders are not as vaguely worded as your patents. by the way we have decided to not refill our depleting stock of iProducts. thanks for your cooperation.

    sam’s club.

  8. Yes, Apple, that’s it. Piss of Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club, and Google, and everyone else.

  9. Apple has serious issues.

  10. I’ll laugh my ass off if this gets back to the courts and blows up in Apples face.

    1. I really hope that it does.

    2. Apple looks really, really desperate right now. If I was an investor and/or user of Apple products….I wonder how does that look?

      I mean why worry about the retailers? If they’re gonna get in hot water for still selling stuff, who is Apple to worry about it?

      What just blew my mind looking at posts on The Verge….some long time Apple, iDevice fanboys….have switched sides to Android. I wonder what phone. device made them switch?

      1. They may have switched based purely on Apples behavior. I certainly wouldn’t want to be backing/defending a company that’s acting like a petulant child, and I suppose neither would they.

  11. Sounds dangereously like restraint of trade.

  12. When you can’t outsell them, scare them.

  13. Just about the time you think you can’t possible have any more disdain for Apple…

  14. This is really pushing the line of business competition. This is outright blockage of sales across everybody and most definately will be a step on many Co’s toes. I can’t understand how anyone in the the US Patent office or The Dept of Justice for that matter, has not even found this highly threatening to business and commerce itself. anti-trust/monopoly or just unfair and menacing practices is what it seems to be…one of those at least. becuz seriously! Apple’s climax moment in sales is fast approaching sometime by next year or two. The battle for market share can only go on so long. Android devices are steadily approaching or have reached a bug free state with 4.1 and the hardware is beyond anything apple has offered, to allow this smooth operation. Their closed iOS and strict business model is good for them but it cant give constant success that long…this is strictly a cut to the neck of the software on Android and those who use it. It’s out of control and a disservice to iOS and Android fans alike. Android is the dominant system….Why? started from a buggy state and upgraded to what is now the smoothest experience 2. The hardware advanced to continue providing a smooth UI experience regardless if running vanilla or UI’d. 3. Apple has shown no massive change on their devices. They always catch up on device capabilities, but somehow their damn marketing team is that good to keep ppl from defecting. 4. But ultimately Android represents an ecosystem of CHOICE, CHOICE to have the phones UI changed. CHOICE to root, choice to change the ROM. A choice to make it YOU, Personalize it, and love it, regardless of how shitty the hardware and sofware maybe or was. Its choice and thats why todays powerful phones with top of the line specs and ICS/JB providing smooth experiences will be the ones to take away that market share. Quite threatened if I might say so. Not a fanboy but a logical thought on why this is all happening…feel free to add more thoughts

    1. Good analysis, I think. In two years or so, much of the legal shenanigans will be over, especially on the overall design of tablets. The glove might even be on the other hand with many android makers coming out ahead of Apple with varying new ideas. Apple will be forced into cross-licensing deals just so it can use what it is obvious.

      Then Apple will be competing just based on the ease of use of the underlying OS. I think the app markets will be roughly equivalent, with android’s market(s) stocked with much more in the way of utilities, customizations, and third party apps-device controllers. Apple will begin to shrink in this regard. It will be a more levelled playing field. Apple will have its 20-30%, and android its 60% plus. And we will all mostly have forgotten how poorly behaved Apple was in the early days of the tablets.

  15. Well put Andrew Torres – I echo your sentiments, there has to be a reason that there are 3 android devices to 1 apple #Choice , Apple has no choice offereing forcing the end users to have it Apple’s way or no way, develpoper friends of mine continually moan about having to write for the IOS platform, as soon as Apple fall foul for antiCompetitive pratcices in forcing comapies to sign exclusivity when writting apps for their platform they will fall further behind Android – THE platform of Choice

  16. Yes apple no problem. We will gladly take a loss on inventory we paid for by not selling it. In fact we will just throw it all away and only sell your products. I mean, after all, we are in business only you make you happy. Lol

    Strong arm and threaten the companies that distribute your products now? Wow. All time low even for them.

    You will definitely learn your lesson on this one. The LAST thing a retailer likes to be is threatened or told how to run their business by another company.

    1. This is like a labor union being denied a contract, so then they go to a supplier and say if you supply these scabs you’ll be sorry. Only they won the contract, but still go to the supplier and tell them you only sell to us.

  17. What a douche move, I really hope this comes back on Apple with 100x bad karma.

  18. It will be awesome if Apple had to compensate Samsung or pay their legal fees like Oracle had to pay $3 million in Google’s legal fee’s.

  19. Apple is way out of line here. It’s almost pathetic to see a company of their stature acting this way and at the same time, to me at least, it’s hilarious. Apple is running scared because they are being beat. I can’t stand the as a company

  20. You always see Walmart in the news for treating their employees poorly. But this time they’re doing something right. Who’s Apple to tell them not to sell these products? All government jokes aside, the Department of Justice is going to have to step in eventually. This is almost racketeering to monopolize mobile electronics through inane patents. Too bad this didn’t happen last year, or we’d be seeing an occupy movement.

    1. a lot of these comments are not completly valid. first off apple will still be here in 2 years. second apple banned both those products yet there still being sold, even though the patent dispute is garbage they still won fair and square and should be granted there injunction regardless of what we say. 3rd saying android is the os the people want is a crap statement at best. most consumers actually want iphones but since the prices arent competitive compared to android with all carriers there only real choice is android. now that the iphone will soon be with every carrier lets see how much market share android truly has. im a fan of android and i enjoy apple products as well. i enjoy both but like android more and i despise the patent wars but im just looking at it in a more pluasible factual way that is all.

      1. Didn’t change things when Verizon got the iPhone.

        Didn’t change things when Sprint got the iPhone.

        Won’t change things if T-Mobile gets the iPhone.

        1. Exactly….lol.And the fact that AT&T still sells it….I guess some ppl cant accept reality.

      2. Validity..?

        To Points 1 and 3 – “most consumers actually want iphones.” Um, no:

        “Nielsen reports “According to the latest figures, 31 percent of consumers who plan to get a new smartphone indicated Android was now their preferred OS. Apple’s
        iOS has slipped slightly in popularity to 30 percent and RIM Blackberry
        is down to 11 percent. Almost 20 percent of consumers are unsure of
        what to choose next.”


        As for Point 2 – Don’t think anyone’s saying Apple won’t be around, it’s just going to end up like the Mac v Windows wars, only worse this time because there is an internet now and most people are seeing tv and the web news non-stop covering the Apple vs Everybody wars, making Apple look really really awful – greedy, scared, and bullying out of fear. Also, people are fickle and grow tired of the same thing. At this point, as long as iStuff has been around, would it be such a surprise that folks in general and younger generations in particular would see it as dated at this point? And the only new stuff is Android (and man is it getting good.) With Jobs gone, the blind faith reality distortion field is falling away and suddenly Apple will be judged on the merits: older, over-hyped hardware, running ridiculously, ridiculous, ridiculous restrictive software. I mean, my bro and sis-in-law were visiting and wanted to play music off their iphones on my nice system to hear in good quality (not wanting to plug in an analogue jack.) They couldn’t. WIthout installing iTunes on that computer, there was absolutely no way to get a song from either of their phones onto my pc to play. I showed them 21 different ways I could do this on my Nexus S with any file at all. It’s just sad. For so many reasons, from the horrible publicity to closed, option-less functionality, the switch is happening. But mainly iPhones are still basically perceived as the same and that means they are old. Android is new all the time, expanding to appliances and soon will be in our clothing as well.. Apple can’t keep up with this proliferation (for the same reasons they couldn’t keep up with Microsoft proliferation back in the day, only this is even more extreme due to the numbers of devices etc,) so Apple just tries to hold it back. That’s an uphill fight no one could win.

        1. Excellent post.

        2. yup i showed a friend of mine what he cant do with his 4S and i can with my sgs2 (simple file manager,usb host among other things list is to long for this post) and he went and bought xperia arc, his 4S became an iPod lol

      3. As as the injuction, so far it is only valid against the tab. The injunction against the nexus currently has been lifted pending further review. The letter appears to indicate both devices are banned which is false. Im sure there is some penalty for falsely claiming a judgement and using it to intimidate/ influence the sales of a competitor but we’ll see what happens.

      4. Prices? Carriers? This isnt 2008 …

        You do realize the iPhone has been on Verizon for about a year and 1/2, right? Sprint for going on 10 months? Set sales records on BOTH carriers….AT&T still sells the iPhone. Smaller carriers are selling it now.

        So everything is supposed to change with T Mobile getting it, as they are the last big carrier to not have it?

        You do realize some ppl buy Android phones at retail, and pre-order them, right? Ppl with upgrades available….the iPhone and recent Android phones are about the same price….the GS3 sold millions already…..that wasnt BOGO deals or 1 cent deals.

        Whats funny is that iPhone 4S ad….that was about the same wording for the iPhone 4 when Verizon started selling it…”the wait is over” …”its the most amazing iPhone yet”

        In the words of Dap….WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

      5. Nah. I could buy an iphone if I wanted to, in fact I did just to try it out. I sold it within a month with a huge loss just to get rid of that thing. Sorry.

  21. Random thoughts about why CRAPple is still doing so well. I was just looking to see how many jobs CRAPple has in the US and found this, which isn’t too impressive:

    I couldn’t find anything on Samsung at this time; however, if Samsung show’s that they have 47,000 or more jobs in the US I’m sure this would change to view of many.

  22. it will be a sad day for the electronic community when Apple disappears… it’s really said that their awesome hardware (cmon everyone, admit it. they do have pretty amazing products although i AM an android fan.) is getting so tarnished by their political reputation that soon everyone will forget that they had quality products in the first place and only remember them as “the company who threw consistent temper tantrums”

    1. I agree. Kids mother has an iPhone. I just dont want one. But the hardware and apps are nice looking. Overall….it just isnt my cup of tea….

      I’m on the big phone kick…..that at one time Mr Jobs said….ppl didnt want bigger phones….Oh how wrong he was.

  23. Am so sick of them!!!

  24. Seems like Apple feels that they are above the law. It is not their place to tell a store what they can and can’t do. If they have an issue, go through the court system like everyone else.

  25. Geeeez it sounds like Snapple has become the mob u have to buy there drugs or ur dead meat What a bunch Fn losers. Some 1 please give them baby’s a bottle already and change there Pampers.

  26. I would bet the wording of the letter sent to retailers lead them to believe that the retailer would be in contempt of court or similar actions for selling remaining stock. I hope Google or someone else gets fed up and sues the pants off @$$ple.

  27. This is why I lyk Samsung. They lyk, yea our stuff may “look” lyk you stuff, but wii still can differentiate. LoL!!

  28. Apple is getting desperate. Samsung’s devices and sales are continuously growing. The galaxy s3 is shattering all the records Apple set with the 4s. They cannot keep up with Android if iOS remains a closed system. Apple is just doing the only thing they can do to stay in this business. Their iPad is the only thing they can keep up to date. The iPhone line however, is quickly approaching its inevitable demise.

  29. I hope Samsung (plus other Android phone manufacturers) will find something in iPhone5 to request a ban of it :P

    The busiest department in the whole of Apple seems to be the legal department.
    Everyone else seems to be on off :P

  30. wow Apple you are just embarrassing

  31. Galaxy SIII is available on all 4 major teleco! That must have scared the crap out of Apple.

  32. With Steve Jobs gone Apples crash and burn is going to be massive and as fast as RIM’s. The company has lost the ability to innovate and must turn to patent trolling to survive as products developed under Steve Jobs grow older and older, only occasionally receiving minor updates.
    Yes, Apple has lost it’s “cool factor”.

  33. I have talk to people at HH Gregg they are “On Hold ” with the Gaxley Tab, not from the letter from Apple,but as a wait and see type of thing,I have been told they are waiting at their warehouse they want to see Apple make a mess this whole thing up royaly then they will have orders coming out their ears,smart

  34. Apple to Retailers: Quit selling Samsung’s stuff be cause we had it “banned”. (scare tactic)
    Retailers to Apple: How about no? QQ more n00bs.

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