Motorola RAZR V headed to Canada


The Motorola RAZR V, the latest in the growing line of devices that emphasize a sleek and thin form factor, will be making its way to Canada later this year. Announced for release in China last month and then later other Asian locales, the RAZR V is the first member of the family to ditch physical navigation buttons in favor of Ice Cream Sandwich’s software versions. Otherwise, we get a device fairly typical of the current RAZR models available with a 4.3-inch qHD display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, and 8MP camera.

The RAZR V isn’t the thinnest member of Moto’s flagship brand, measuring in at 8.4mm, but that’s still pretty darn thin. Plus it carries other hallmarks of the RAZR name including the incorporation of Kevlar in the phone’s casing and Motorola’s SMARTACTIONS software. The RAZR V will hit several major Canadian carriers sometime in Q3 of this year. There are no details on pricing at this time.


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  1. So much bezel

  2. yo bro we hear you like bezel so we put some bezel on your bezel

  3. imo i want a lumia 900 with a razor maxx battery

    1. the lumia looks nice but the hardware inside is lacking, not to mention the Microsoft app store is non existent, I would wait till windows phone 8 makes a debut

  4. Yeah! Bell finally announced the price on their page: http://www.bell.ca/Mobility/Products/Motorola-RAZR-V $30 for a 3-year term…have to admit that I’m tempted :)

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