Android Overload: ITC Rejects HTC’s Request To Use Google Patents Against Apple, Jelly Bean Keyboard Now Available For Download, and More


  • Nobody really wants to video chat on their phones. They just think they do. [KOTTKE]
  • Jelly Bean predictive keyboard now available for download. [Google Play Store]
  • Study asks why don’t we use WiFi more than cellular? [GigaOM]
  • EMG now suing Google over Chrome Mobile for patent infringement. [Electronista]
  • Claystone Launcher gets UI overhaul in latest update. [Google Play Store]
  • Google adds indoor maps and walking directions for 20 US museums in Google Maps. [Google]
  • ITC rejects HTC request to borrow patents from Google to fight against Apple. [FOSSPatents]
Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I wish people would stop paying any attention to that hack from FossPatents. He is as useful as a boil on ones arse!

  2. Gotta agree on the video chat bit. I bought one with a front camera, thinking I’d use it. Never have once in over a year and a half. The issues more about quality over cellular networks, I guess, since at home I’d just pull out my laptop for a better experience.

    1. Actually, I use the front-facing camera on my G’Nex and my TF101 at least once per week. (video chat with relatives)

    2. Mileage varies on that considerably. I’ve been using it since before that article was written, happily.

  3. No one wants videoconferencing on a phone?

    An Apple article from June 2010?

    Yep I didn’t want Facetime when that article came out. Then again, I was already videoconferencing with my Skype buddies on my Evo when that came out, so yeah.

    1. Yes, I’m wondering how Chris even found a 25-month-old book promotion.

      1. @EarlyMon:disqus @ntegrit:disqus Came across this old article and thought the guy made an interesting point about video chatting on mobile phones, iPhone or otherwise.

        I threw it in the Overload because, well, it wasn’t exactly front page Phandroid stuff =p

        1. I’ve had many excellent experiences using my phone for videochatting both professionally and personally.

          I think that there’s a lot of hate for video chatting already, has been for two years on phones, and maybe the more interesting story is how it can a make a huge difference to many. Just my opinion though, keep on trucking. ^.^

  4. When are you guys going to fix this 404 issue in your Overload posts? Every now and then clicking on external links brings up Not Found page.

  5. Google should just buy EMG and get it over with. This isn’t a billion dollar company, this is just some patent troll looking for a quick buck. Glancing over who they have sued recently gives you an indication of their true motives.

  6. Why are you linking to FossPatents? That guy is so biased it isn’t even funny. ALL he reports is favorable information about apple instead of the whole truth and all outcomes. In my book he’s an asshat and should be ignored my ALL tech sites that actually report on tech news rather than a biased agenda. Please, STOP linking to him and feeding him hits.

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