Galaxy S III available online from US Cellular tomorrow, retail stores stocked by end of week


Those hoping to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S3 but wishing to stay a bit more local will soon get their wish. That is, in regions covered by US Cellular. The regional provider will join the Big 4, putting the Galaxy S III up for purchase on the carrier’s website starting tomorrow. The phone will find its way into the stockrooms of US Cellular’s retail locations by the end of the week.

Initially USCC will only be stocking the 16GB version of the Galaxy S III, but the 32GB model will see a release by the carrier sometime in the future. A specific date has not been named. Word is that customers with pre-orders of the device have started to receive shipping confirmation.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Does it have the encrypted bootloader like the Verizon version? If not, will that possibly help the cracking of the Verizon version since they are both CDMA?

  2. I’m sure all 12 US Cellular customers nationwide will appreciate this….

    1. Try 6 million :)

  3. And many US cellular customers will get the phone before Verizon customers who preordered before them.

    1. Yep, bigger isn’t always better ;)

  4. If it’s not been screwed up, the way Verizon did theirs, then I’ll return my Verizon one and get the us cellular one

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