Existing Dropbox Pro plans doubled, new 500GB option introduced


Dropbox has just announced a change in their plans for Pro users. Users on the 50GB and 100GB plans will now have their storage doubled at no extra cost. That means you’ll be getting 100GB if you were on the 50GB plan, and 200GB if you were previously on the 100GB plan. Beyond that, a new 500GB option was added for those who need even more storage.

The change for existing users will happen automatically. New users will be able to choose from the new options sometime tonight. Furthermore, Dropbox is now allowing Pro members to give friends and family a free three month trial on the Pro 100 plan. These changes can be nothing less than great and we’re glad to see that Dropbox listened to the many customers who’ve been requesting them. Head over to their blog for more information.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. “The change for existing users will “happy” automatically” :)

    yay happy automatically!

    1. With the number of people that read this site combined with the length of the articles, the lack of proofreading/ editing is pretty amazing. I love the site though, and won’t go anywhere else to get my news first.

      1. So many errors … shows a totally lack of caring… as well as an education.

        All my students laugh at this site’s total lack of even a 4th grader’s education.

  2. To be honest, it is still overpriced compared to other services like skydrive and google drive.

    1. I never used Dropbox before i got the free 50GB with the SG3. I have 25GB of google drive 5$/year and it’s no value compared to Dropbox imo. I have slightly easy access and can edit documents pretty easily on google drive. But i can’t seem to share anything – photos documents with non google users. With Dropbox people send me a notice before i even knew i shared that photo. Google has some way to go there.
      I have the Dropbox 50 GB in 2 years for free but am already considering paying for it… but waiting a bit though ;-)
      (I won’t even mention my 25GB free on skydrive or the 50 free on box (even if the 50 on box is a second best for me)

      1. I have to correct you there. With Google Drive there i a sharing option where you can set it to public on the web under who has access. Even if this option wasn’t there, would you really be willing to pay 60% more?

        Regarding box, that one doesn’t allow syncing on desktop for free users and is expensive if you don’t want much storage.

        Skydrive is really cheap compared to the others, only 37 euro’s a year for 100 GB extra vs $99 a year for dropbox (new price) vs $60 a year for google drive vs 156 euro’s a year (granted for 1000GB but still, don’t need that much).

        1. Since i joined G+ and google automatically made all my private Picasa photos public in G+ i lost a little faith. Still think Dropbox is easier and as i said i’m considering paying for it even if i have the 50 free now. I don’t go for the cheapest solution but the one that fits my needs best… and then the price. I usually pay 200$/year +/- for various hosting/storage solutions and sometimes i change my plans :-) (Last one i dropped was yousendit which has been very reliable for years and with desktop program. But 2GB for 50$/year has become a little too steep even for me)

  3. I think one big thing that many people may not be aware of is the file size limits on Dropbox. If nothing has changed its 100mb. You can upload up to a 10gb file on Google Drive.

  4. so let me get this straight, $50.00 gets me 100GB with Sky drive, $59.88 gets me 100GB with Google Drive, and 99.99 gets me 100GB with Drop box? At that price even with the 32GB if you get all the referrals you better off to pay i will the extra 19.89 for Google drive and get 200GB over the 132GB… as that puts drop box at 0.76 cents per gig a years as apposed to 0.60 cents per gig with Google (provided my math is right…) not to mention the extra 19.89 gets you 68gigs more than the drop box plan

    1. Well, does google drive have plethora of third party apps to support it?

      1. meh i have the Google drive app on my SII so that’s all i need

  5. the advantage dropbox has over google drive is the streaming i don’t have to download a movie off dropbox to watch it it just streams it instantly

  6. I ended up getting 50 gigs (lifetime) through Box when they had their LG promotion.

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