Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus presence in AOSP still nowhere to be found


After hearing some rather surprising news that Verizon submitted binary code and drivers for its version of the Galaxy Nexus to make for easy building of source, Sprint seems to be on the other end of the spectrum. Sprint’s maintained their stance of not submitting drivers to be included for the Toroplus, their version of the Galaxy Nexus.

Without these drivers AOSP won’t be of much use to developers who want to build custom ROMs from source. Jean Baptiste-Quero, a Google engineer, confirmed that Sprint currently has no plans to target their Galaxy Nexus for custom AOSP builds.

That means everything still has to go through Sprint, and we all know how much of a pain that can be when relying on timely updates. In short, the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint has just become the least favorable option for pure Android devices.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Verizon has given control to Google in terms of issuing updates, but at least the community can bypass Big Red if they want. In any case, we’re sure the illustrious developers of the Android community will keep Sprint users happy while Sprint continues to walk in the other direction on this. [via Google Groups]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sprint is the “Now” network… More like I’m leaving “Now”

    1. Left last week and got a Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile. I too got tired of waiting for ICS on the S2. Where I live I never got 4G so not getting phone updates was the last straw.

      1. I’m still waiting on ICS on a sprint Sll through sprint. I just can’t leave the unlimited data. =/

        1. I hate the idea of leaving unlimited data but I’ve been thinking about it more lately. Their data network is just horrid and unbearably slow every where I go

          1. I agree. I swear my old 56k modem was faster than the 3G speeds I’m getting. It’s terrible. I’ve never gone over 3GB of data, so I can safely switch to Verizon and choose their 4GB option. Verizon may be the devil, but at least their network actually works.

          2. Thinking about getting the next gsm nexus and going t-Mobile prepaid myself
            Sent from my Galaxy S II

  2. You mean “Jean-Baptiste Queru”

  3. Damn! Thanks Sprint for screwing me over. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the ICS update for the Sprint GSII, and that seems to be nowhere on the horizon. I was going to switch to the Nexus to avoid that problem. Looks like that’s not happening either. Guess I’m switching providers when my contract is up…

  4. Leave to sprint to royally screw themselves even more. Even verizon the most locked down carrier added there code to AOSP.

    1. How is that Sprint’s fault? You do realize that the binaries come from Google first and not the carrier, right? The carrier mods it for their liking. Google decided to cut support for CDMA. Do some research before opening your mouth.

      1. Facepalm! Perhaps you need to do some research. Binaries are the drivers for certain chipsets. CDMA has proprietary driver code that is used by Verizon and Sprint. Google has nothing to do with those biniaries in question. Google still supports CDMA devices, just not in ASOP.

        1. I forgot to add /sarcasm. It wasn’t meant to be a serious post. Just an FYI.

          1. Lol, you clearly can’t read. If you could, you would see that I said it was meant to be satire. As a way to say that Sprint really did fuck up this time around. At least as far as Nexus/AOSP goes.

          2. I saw that you said it was meant to be satire, but I didn’t quite ebelieve it because the way you wrote it I didn’t interpret it as such. You seemed to back paddle on what you said once you were called out by bakdroid and then attempted to make it look like you meant it as satire. i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt though and will agree that Sprint has messed it up this time around. I am hoping the only reason they havent released it is because their LTE isnt up and running yet and once it is by the middle of the month in the 6 select start up cities that it will be released at that time. Here’s to hoping!!

          3. Ehh, no. If I was wrong, I would admit it, but it was in no way meant to be taken serious. If anything it was a shot at the shitty articles Phandroid posts up and then the users coming out here to argue about nonsense. Most of which have no clue what they are even arguing about. In any event, LTE should be up and running soon enough. Sadly, I won’t be seeing it in NYC until the winter months.

          4. Yeah, I’m in Los Angeles and I’m not holding my breath as to when they will be rolling out LTE here either. :)

      2. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus is supported in AOSP. Verizon uses CDMA just like Sprint does which means that Google apparently supports CDMA if they have the drivers and binaries.

  5. That’s really effed up Smh… I hope the developers will still be able to cook up some decent ROMs

  6. Everyone needs to post on Sprint’s facebook and twitter about releasing the binaries and drivers. If we get enough they will listen the same way HTC did when they started locking bootloaders.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sprint

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sprint

    1. I just hit up their Twitter

  7. CDMA just needs to die already..

  8. Didn’t Sprint just send their CMDA/Wimax binaries to Google for the Nexus S 4G, and how many months ago did that phone come out?

    On the bright side, both companies are moving away from CDMA. Maybe that will alleviate these problems go away in a few years from now!

  9. It should be Sprint’s customers walking in the other direction… away from Sprint.

  10. If you want to help, go here and leave Sprint a message…


  11. This is my last year with Sprint, I have a Galaxy Nexus and GS3, but make not sense continue with them.

  12. But I just bought the Sprint Galaxy Nexus…

  13. This is bad! I bought the Sprint GNexus to avoid bulls**t like this!!

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