Jul 10th, 2012

After hearing some rather surprising news that Verizon submitted binary code and drivers for its version of the Galaxy Nexus to make for easy building of source, Sprint seems to be on the other end of the spectrum. Sprint’s maintained their stance of not submitting drivers to be included for the Toroplus, their version of the Galaxy Nexus.

Without these drivers AOSP won’t be of much use to developers who want to build custom ROMs from source. Jean Baptiste-Quero, a Google engineer, confirmed that Sprint currently has no plans to target their Galaxy Nexus for custom AOSP builds.

That means everything still has to go through Sprint, and we all know how much of a pain that can be when relying on timely updates. In short, the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint has just become the least favorable option for pure Android devices.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Verizon has given control to Google in terms of issuing updates, but at least the community can bypass Big Red if they want. In any case, we’re sure the illustrious developers of the Android community will keep Sprint users happy while Sprint continues to walk in the other direction on this. [via Google Groups]

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