Next Kindle Fire could be coming July 31st


Though not much info has surfaced on a Kindle Fire sequel, several reports have at least confirmed Amazon’s intention to release a new iteration of the Android-based tablet this year. Now word is emerging the updated Kindle Fire could be headed out way as soon as July 31st. Upgrades will likely include a camera (though its location on the front or rear of the slate is unknown), a higher resolution display, and hardware volume controls.

The timing is appropriate given Google’s plans to release a Nexus-branded tablet this summer. We could see that device unveiled this week at Google I/O and speculation is building that it will launch next month. Given the so called Nexus 7, which is being produced by ASUS, will sport more robust hardware than the current generation Kindle Fire while aiming to hit the $199 price point could mean the next edition of Kindle’s e-reader gone tablet will gain Bluetooth capabilities and more storage capacity among other enhancements.

Rumors have pointed to additional Kindle models to be launched this year, though they may be timed to line up with the holiday season. Amazon may also launch a series of redesigned eInk Kindles alongside the new Kindle Fire.

[CNET via The Verge]

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  1. I think they should wait until the holiday season to release this new Kindle Fire. I don’t even see the difference between this one and the one they have now.

    1. “Upgrades will likely include a camera (though its location on the front or rear of the slate is unknown), a higher resolution display, and hardware volume controls.” There are your differences.

  2. Android users were interested in Kindle Fire for the price, and then use it with a custom Android ROM. Now that Google’s tablet will be out for $200, there won’t be any reason to be stuck in Amazon’s much more limited ecosystem, or to have to root it or change its ROM anymore.

    1. For power android users, yes they should ditch it for the Nexus7. For the average person, Amazon still provides a cohesive and attractive hardware filled with users’ favorite books, music, and shopping services in a great ecosystem. I hope Amazon will be able to step up to match Google’s hardware specs.

  3. The Nexus Tablet is supposed to be announced before the end of June…
    I’m scared now. I don’t want to hear a Christmas release. Oh well…

  4. Barnes and Nobles Nook Tablet was better than the fire from the get go. It is too bad that Amazon is kind of like Apple.

    1. The Nook Tablet has a locked bootloader but we have gotten around that and the devs are hard at work on the 3.x kernel for the device so that they can get a proper CM9 rom working. I am currently running CM7 myself and there are some issues but its pretty stable in its current form tho. Glad I bought the nook over the fire the extra ram and space helps big time.

    2. I really enjoyed my fire on cyanogenmod. Then I heard the rumors of the nexus 7 and sold it while it still held value.

    3. How exactly is Amazon like Apple? because it doesn’t have google apps? You can sideload to your hearts desire and the bootloader is NOT encrypted so it’s pretty damn easy to root the device. My son’s is stock with google play installed. If I were going to complain about the Fire, it being “apple like” is not even remotely close to being on the list of complaints.

  5. I say hells yes. The future it tablets ought to be these devices supported by their app ecosystem. I’m using a nook color and have been since it launched. I’ve been tempted by other devices. (Especially the Samsung 7.7) But I’ve always been turned off by the price with or without the contract subsidy. I am personally eagerly awaiting the unveiling on the rumored Nexus Tablet.

  6. Hmph.. Silly me. I thought it had a camera already. Guess I was wrong.

  7. Needs a lot more RAM and a better processor…

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