Jun 26th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:24 pm

Though not much info has surfaced on a Kindle Fire sequel, several reports have at least confirmed Amazon’s intention to release a new iteration of the Android-based tablet this year. Now word is emerging the updated Kindle Fire could be headed out way as soon as July 31st. Upgrades will likely include a camera (though its location on the front or rear of the slate is unknown), a higher resolution display, and hardware volume controls.

The timing is appropriate given Google’s plans to release a Nexus-branded tablet this summer. We could see that device unveiled this week at Google I/O and speculation is building that it will launch next month. Given the so called Nexus 7, which is being produced by ASUS, will sport more robust hardware than the current generation Kindle Fire while aiming to hit the $199 price point could mean the next edition of Kindle’s e-reader gone tablet will gain Bluetooth capabilities and more storage capacity among other enhancements.

Rumors have pointed to additional Kindle models to be launched this year, though they may be timed to line up with the holiday season. Amazon may also launch a series of redesigned eInk Kindles alongside the new Kindle Fire.

[CNET via The Verge]

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