Jul 3rd, 2012

Looks like not even the statues at Google’s HQ in Mountain View, CA are safe from issues. We’ve posted about the Eclair going for a swim in the past, now it’s the Jelly Bean statue suffering from the elements, overheating to the point that the clear head began to melt, then pop off. The trapped air inside created a greenhouse like effect that caused the head to explode, exposing the delicious treats within. Some passerby’s took this as an opportunity to make off with a few jelly beans to which Google’s Dan Morrill asks, “Please don’t steal out jelly beans.” Seriously, stop it.

Apparently, the statue’s artist is already working on a bugfix. I can only hope he comes up with a replacement green head (like Google’s official image) to replace the odd clear one. Oh, and get some security cams installed, Google.