Ice Cream Sandwich Now Available On 10.9% Of Devices – Are You Already Looking To Jelly Bean?


Things move fast around here, and just because OEM’s can’t keep up with the latest versions of Android, this shouldn’t be taken as a hit against Google. Take Ice Cream Sandwich for example. It’s been about 8 months since Android 4.0 debuted, and it’s only today were finally officially seeing the Android distribution chart updated, showing us the new number of Android devices officially on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0, 4.02, 4.03). That number? 10.9%

That’s not half bad either. It took much longer for Gingerbread to make traction and whereas Ice Cream Sandwich needed some pretty hefty hardware to run properly, Android 2.3 could easily run on the lowest of devices. Of course, as we all know, Google has already moved along, not waiting a full calendar year to introduce the latest fruits (or desserts, rather) of their labor, debuting Jelly Bean on the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus.

I hope by now you’ve learned that if you want to stay on the bleeding edge of Android software, you’re going to want to stick with a Nexus device — no matter how outdated those specs may look — we’re well taken care of. My question for those of you still on Gingerbread: are you still eagerly anticipating Ice Cream Sandwich? Or have your eyes shifted towards Jelly Bean?

[Android Developers]

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  1. Already running Jelly Bean

  2. Already running JB on my nexus. I have to say, it’s pretty spectacular.

    1. I’m going to give verizon a chance until the end of July so I can get some JB. I’m not into rooting but, if vzw doesn’t do anything by then I’ll root my G-Nexus and get some JB treat.

  3. Running Jelly Bean as of this moment. Its awesome. Never thought something that looked so similar could be so much better. The under-the-hood improvements make for an entirely new experience. I no longer will have to explain to my friends with I phones why I’m OK with a slower UI. I was using an OG iPhone this spring and my Gnex just destroys it in terms of experience and easily matches the 4s.

    1. This is why people need to buy more Nexus devices. Vote with your wallet. The more Nexus devices we buy, the more they’ll have an incentive to make stock Android devices. If we keep buying heavily modified versions like Galaxy S3 and HTC One X, they’ll never have a reason to change their strategy.

      1. + 100 This !!!!!

    2. I agree, it’s an entirely different user experience and removes the last argument for iOS (besides the camera, and iTunes you’re into that).

      1. I have never liked the iphone. I got the ipad 2 last year and itunes is driving me off the walls. I’m trying to figure out how to convert the my music library back to mp3 files so I can migrate music on to my VZW G-Nexus.

        1. Just highlight the song you want and pull into a blank folder then just move to your nexus. I do that with mine.

          1. thanks for the tip…will try it…

  4. 10.9% that’s a disappointing number, especially seeing how Jelly Bean is about to have its official release. I’m so tempted to get a Galaxy Nexus, assuming it’s still available next week, as the updates are too painful on non-Nexus devices. Motorola, my experience, update-wise, with the Droid 3 has been a horrible experience.

    1. I have owned a Nexus S for over a year now, and I’m still very happy with it. I got ICS pretty much as soon as it was announced (CyanogenMod 9 alpha) and again the Nexus S will be one of the first to get Jelly Bean, which will make it seem as new.

      I’d definitely go for a Nexus device if I were you.

      1. That is certainly what I intend to do next time. I just hope that Verizon gets one of the new Nexus phones later this year when I’m due for the upgrade.

        1. Even with how vzw massacred the nexus experience this time around? I sincerely hope you root, otherwise I think you will still be in for a headache.

          1. VZW can do whatever they want to destroy it. I always root, so all they need to do for me is carry it. :)

          2. This is a phone I would root without fear. :)

    2. I’m probably going to cancel my Galaxy S3 preorder. (Q4 for JB? no way!) I’ve been on CM9 since Alpha, but the Galaxy Nexus just looks like a way cleaner experience.

  5. Awaiting my nexus 7…

  6. Running Jelly Belly on my nexus. Considering the rom was built off of a gsm nandroid and how fast and smooth it is I can’t wait till the source is dropped. Project butter lives up to its name.

  7. What’s an ICS? JellyBean for the WIn! “Damn you’re smooth”.

  8. This is why Google needs to release only one major update per year, not 2. By the time most people are on the new version, there’s already a new one out.

    1. That’s exactly what they are doing. This year the nexus device came out earlier cause google sold it directly.

  9. CM FTW. I’m pretty sure I’ll be running Jelly Bean on my good ol’ Galaxy S 1 by August.

    1. Judging by the time it’s taken them to get ICS onto devices…I highly doubt that…

      1. I’m running ICS on my SGS since January 3. The ICS source was released on November 14. That’s 1.5 months, and JB is only an incremental update, it could take less time.

        1. Guess we’ll wait and see. :)

      2. CM9 alpha (ICS) was on the SGS1, and on my Captivate, only a few week after ICS was released in November 2011.

        I expect CM10 (JellyBean) will also be available for many devices a few weeks after AOSP source is released in ~2 weeks.

        1. Agreed, especially since it’s not as great a jump as it was from gingerbread to ICS.

  10. ok people im having a debate and I need some help I have an htc one x(at&t) but im not sure if I should trade it for a galaxy nexus I really liked the new jelly bean update so should I just trade my htc one x or wait months until htc releases its jelly bean version??

    1. Trade it, Yes the Nexus is a little older, but man i sure love it with Jelly Bean. Just my .02 cents

      1. Agreed, can’t go wrong vanilla android. And direct google updates.

  11. I’m waiting for the next nexus to ditch the iPhone. Really like the S3 but seeing how long it takes for non nexus devices to get upgrades, I much rather get a nexus.

    1. It took vzw almost the same time to release 4.0.4 to the G-Nexus…I’m hoping that they release JB at the same time that the other Nexus will get their treat.

  12. Anyone who says fragmentation isn’t a problem is insane.

    1. I’d say fragmentation ‘exists’ but wouldn’t necessarily call it a ‘problem.’

    2. Really? 74.9% of all Android is on either GB (previous version) or ICS (newest released version). I would say that is pretty damn good. Go troll elsewhere!

    3. When I went from GB to ICS, only 2 of my 140+ apps didn’t work, and those 2 were very old apps that hadn’t seen updates in the longest time. Fragmentation exists on every software OS but it’s hardly the problem the iCamp makes it out to be.

  13. Data collected during a 14 day period ending on July 2, 2012? I suspect that it’s a bit higher than the 10.7% already, thanks to the Motorola RAZR update straddling that period.

  14. Be interesting to see the next time this is posted and how the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus affect the chart with JB. I’m guessing JB will be the biggest introductory iteration yet.

  15. Has there been anymore news on the Nexus line around the holiday season? I’m out of contract but am hoping for an HTC Nexus phone as I’m not a fan of Samsung’s hardware, it has always felt cheap to me.

  16. My beans are jelly at the moment on my Galaxy Nexus. I need someone to come up with a Nexus S build.

  17. Ok, a small favor… All of you please call Verizon immediately, and let them know that you, your family and most of your friends will switch to Verizon as soon as they update their Galaxy Nexus to JB!

    I think they’ll buy it…

  18. I’m on jelly bean already.

  19. Already running Jelly Bean on my Nexus, LOVE IT!

  20. I’ve been running Jellybean for a few days now and I am thoroughly impressed. The new voice controls destroy Siri and Project Butter has earned its name. Props Google…props.

  21. At this point, people who are considering a Nexus should just wait a couple months for the next crop of them to come out. The current Nexus is horribly outdated. Patience is a virtue (unless your phone is actually dying / stolen, in which case sure, go for it).

    1. If you buy Nexus, you can’t go wrong. The “outdated” specs are not that far behind. Nexus > Any other phone.

  22. When is the next Nexus phone expected to be released? I’m holding out for that one.

  23. This article clearly identifies the biggest problem with Android.

    My solution? Google should partner with CyanogenMod to bring the latest OS update to ALL phones with a straightforward manual update tool. No it’s not ideal, but it would be awesome :)

  24. I’m awaiting Ics, on a HTC sense phone that isn’t a ‘one’ series so I doubt I’ll see jelly bean

  25. I’m not sure I’m ready for it not want it. Just took the minor update and my dinc2 had never been the same.

  26. All you waiting for ics like i was, dont be fooled. The operating system sucks. Say goodbye to flash and everything that made Android better than apple. Say goodbye to your good battery life too. O how I Wish gingerbread was back.

  27. This is why I bought the galaxy nexus, I’ve had ICS for a few months,and now I can look forward to jellybean in a couple of weeks

  28. tinyurl.com/cyk9xz2

  29. Jelly bean on the Galaxy Nexus is amazing! Ordered mine just before injunction. great phone!

  30. Yes, the Galaxy Nexus is not brand new, but it is still great and its only $349 unlocked. It also has jelly bean.

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