Angry Man Rampages Inside T-Mobile Store – Tears The Place Apart Possibly Looking For The iPhone [Video]


Maybe this man was unhappy after suffering through tonight’s T-Mobile data outage? Not likely. He’s from the UK and although we don’t know exactly what caused this man’s mad rampage through a local T-Mobile store in Manchester, it’s plain to see that he’s very upset about something. The video is already set to go viral and shows the man ripping fixtures off the wall, tearing down posters and dousing the the store with a fire extinguisher. This all happens while a T-Mobile employee remembers his training, and watches calmly from the sidelines. Not soon after the po-po’s come in and whisk the man away. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve thought about doing this inside an Apple store…

Chris Chavez
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T-Mobile Data Outage Affecting Users Across The Country [Update: Should Be Fixed Now]

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  1. Apparently he was angry because he was trying to return a device outside of his buyer’s remorse.

    Really, this goes to show just how completely stupid some people are. Deep down some people are whiny spoiled children in adult bodies.

    This guy’s reaction is at one end of the extreme but variations of this guy’s reaction can probably be found amongst consumers in every retail store in America. It’s one thing to be upset at a policy that inconveniences you momentarily but why take it out so personally? You would think this guy’s family got attacked or something. No, turns out he couldn’t get a refund on his Optimus Q Blaze. Pathetic.

    1. Where have you heard this at? He doesn’t even look angry. Doesn’t seem at all upset that he is about to get arrested and even is laughing and somewhat of a smile on his face.

      1. Dementia will do that to ya..

        1. Honestly, yeah, it probably will. I’ve seen some sad things. :/

    2. You obviously failed to READ the article or WATCH the video. This was shot in a Tmobile store in the UK, not the US. wow, great comment son!

      1. I know it was the UK. Extremely angry behaviors can be found in the US too is what I was getting at.

      2. I wonder if you speak to people like this in public. And if so, how many times have you been jacked in the eye? haha

  2. this man is clearly insane, and they call some people adults… lol

  3. I’ve had some times in the T-Mobile store when I’ve wanted to do that. But I didn’t.

    1. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all “been there,” but never act out like this dude. I’m sure it was very satisfying though.. O_o

      1. Lyk the tym I needed to buy a charger for my iTouch 2G and a cash transaction took 5+ minutes because they did everything over their iPhones. -_-

      2. I haven’t.. It’s a strange thing that has happened in the “service” industry.. and it’s pretty much the fault of the companies who have kind of brought it on themselves by catering to it.. The average customer now believes that acting out and creating a scene and being angry is going to result in better service.. squeaky wheel gets the grease and freebies, etc… Personally if someones an ass, I would not want them as a customer because if they do it once they’ll do it 10 times.. Like having a high maintenance girlfriend, if it becomes too much your better off finding someone else.

  4. This man works for Apple. He’s what happens when you infringe on their rectangle patent.

  5. He seemed so calm for ripping apart a T-Mobile store…

  6. One word: Bath salts.

    1. Uh, that’s 2 words…

    2. two words: Rondo.

  7. Police stand by while bald guy helps and destroys t-mobile store. Once he finishes, they conviently swarm in for the arrest to share a few laughs.

  8. He must have forgot to set his alarm for last years riots, or possibly looking to get in on this years ones early. He must hate queues and crowds so he thought he would riot on his own and get a cell on his own to miss the rush.

  9. The flash mob was cancelled?

    1. No, it was moved to a half later but he didn’t get the update because…

  10. Clearly? I don’t think by watching this video anyone can make a clear assessment of his state of mind.

    I personally think it seems more likely that’s he’s not a quick thinker and his rage clouded his ability to foresee the consequences of his actions. That is what I think people are finding funny.

    1. So what you see in the video is typical? The average person does not destroy a whole store, then calmly allow themselves to be handcuffed. What people are finding funny is their ignorance towards mental illness.

    2. I as a social worker, immediately thought he has to be mentally ill. The way he moves, the way he is taking his actions, they just don’t match up.

      I don’t understand why people speak of anger or rage. There is no anger or rage visible in this video. The actions he is taking do not seem to be inherent to his facial expression and body language.

      Next to the clear fact that you have to be ill to perform such action and not being able to stop the urge that a normal person does suppress, the discrepancy between his emotion and actions are clearly signs of a mental illness.

      That still of course, does not justify such behavior :)

      1. So what if he is mentally ill? Slap him on the wrist and send him on his way? I’m tired of society doing that crap. Everybody has an excuse for something they do wrong. Punishment should be handed out equally for everything, whether mentally ill or not.

        1. Oops the webpage had a hickup and I posted the same message twice. Please ignore this.

          1. yeah, it almost did it to me also.

        2. Like I wrote, that still does not justify such behaviour.

          I totally agree that behaviour like this is unacceptable. On the other hand, there is no healthy person that would kill someone or destroy a store like that. So in general every criminal is showing sick, deviating behaviour. How this should be dealt with is not up to me to decide. There are governments for that. I think the main goal should be to prevent such a person to repeat the crime and harm others or disturb society. If that should be punishment or therapy is a huge discussion that goes far beyond the theme of this website.

          For now, I guess T mobile has a lot of free publicity worth cleaning up the mess the guy made :)

          1. I totally agree the means of punishment should deter others from related future acts. How that should be done is how we probably would disagree. As far as the government handling things, government everywhere sucks. Government is supposed to represent the people and never does except on rare occasions. That is the problem. Government and whiny liberals let ppl like this have a pass and blame it on some condition they have. Without giving out proper punishment, this in no way deters future related acts. Because future acts just blame it on some “condition” also. I see defense lawyers do it all the time here.

  11. Someone went over their minutes this month…

  12. Britain’s finest: dispensing justice without guns.
    Seriously, what was this guy’s problem?

  13. There are at least a few hundred people outside that store and ony 2 or 3 people are brave enough to come in and stop this guy and just a sec befoe the police show up? Sad

    1. And do what, exactly? Ok, so the guy is damaging the store but T-mobile will be insured. What is anyone going to get by stopping him, other than potentially injured (he’s clearly gone a bit mad)? If it was a small independent shop, sure, but as I said T-mobile is a big company and nobody’s life was in danger – best keep it that way.

      1. because at ANY given second.. it could have turned bad. he could have pulled a knife and stabbed the clerk, he could have shot the extinguisher in his face blinding the $5/h clerk for life. Yeah the items are insured, but your mentality is why this s*** happens. Too many onlookers in life and no one doing anything about it. pathetic on lookers… i feel are ALL just as responsible for sitting there and not even telling the guy to calm down at least. people too busy worried about seeing a show and filming it so they can post it on youtube. instead of helping. Its that attitude of ” its a corporation F-em” is whats ruining this world. ANYTHING could have been the reason this was happening. Lives could have been at stake. Actually there WAS.. the clerks. And vice versa, what if that big black clerk got pissed off… and killed the guy accidentally? then youd have a smashed store, a dead merchant, and a clerk going to jail for life because the flash mob were all too pathetic to step in. If i was a cop over there i would have started bringing up the closest on lookers with accessory to vandalism.

    2. They were detectives. If you watch the video one of them is on a walkie at the end. nobody from the public stepped in and I don’t blame them at all. you would be foolish if you did. He wasn’t hurting people, just insured property. It would be completely different if it was people in danger. You want to get stabbed over a knocked over display… go for it.

  14. A friend of mine works in that store and told me the dude was trying to return a phone outside of his return period. Unfortunately my friend wasn’t in that day or else he would have Rugby tackled him.

  15. I didnt know they had black people in the UK, with the way he is acting, he must be from New York!

  16. Right behind the employee is a CCTV sign. How long til those videos make it out on youtube.

  17. Must have went over his data cap! Viva Unlimited Plans!

  18. At least he was considerate and put the fire out before it ignited. Those extinguishers look like they needed to be tested anyways.

  19. lol

  20. I bet you that this type of consumer rage is going to get more common as corporations become more and more obnoxious…

  21. WOW! After watching the video the end is what surprised me the most. The crowd was HUGE!

  22. He made a statement and got HERD!

  23. Having been in a t-mobile shop recently with a faulty handset (just over 6 months old) I can kinda understand his reaction even it is over the top. It’s not just t-mobile, pretty much every communication company in the UK is woeful at, well, communication.

    Mobile phones are high value items sold on long 2 year contracts these days and it’s very frustrating when you’re locked into a contract with a faulty handset and they just keep sending it away for “repair” which leaves you paying for a service you can’t use while they (in my case) fix everything apart from the actual problem. It was the classic faulty button on the HTC sensation and the first time it went away they changed the speaker (wtf?) which was fine and didn’t do anything to the button. Of course your replacement handset is a 20 year old nokia which can’t actually do anything “smart”.

    When getting into a discussion with the young, friendly, but badly trained shop staff about the lack of customer service I received when trying to deal with t-mobile over the phone, one of them even said “yeah customer service is awful everywhere these days”. Honesty is nice, but again wtf?

    I don’t think the guy was mentally ill BTW, I just think he flipped out and when he calmed down realised he was in trouble but thought he may as well finish the job. Obviously this behaviour is hard to excuse but dealing with a lot of companies is excruciating these days.

    If I’m sold something on what is effectively a 2 year lease then I expect it to last that long and I expect some pretty good service when it goes wrong. Preferably a replacement or failing that at least being given a similar quality phone while mine is in for repair. And there definitely should be a limit to the number of repair attempts they are allowed (the guy in front of me in the queue was on his 4th).

    Rant over! :)


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