T-Mobile Data Outage Affecting Users Across The Country [Update: Should Be Fixed Now]


According more than a few reports, it looks like T-Mobile’s network is experiencing some data troubles this evening. As one of our readers points out, jumping onto T-Mobile’s customer care hotline will notify you that there are “1,538 people ahead of you.” Yikes. Users are reporting general data outages, so don’t throw your phone on the ground if you’re experiencing similar issues. T-Mobile let everyone know via Twitter that they’re on it so, hang in there!

Thanks, Tom and Anon!

Update: Looks like T-Mobile was quick to get things repaired saying in a statement via Twitter that, “Full data service has been restored to customers. We thank you for your patience.”


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  1. I did notice it would be stuck on 2G for long periods of time.

  2. Yeah… my phone have be out for while…. now it’s back 4G..

    1. I was flipping out wondering why my phone had signal but no service. Google would load in Dolphin…but nothing else would work. I restarted over and over and over. Finally wiped some cache from recovery…it worked after that…very odd.

      1. I had to re-install my ROM before I got data back. Weirdest thing ever.

  3. It’s just now hitting my area. Still stuck with No G. =/

    1. That’s normal in my area.

  4. I woke up read this and saw i had no data. Turned airplane mode on let it sit then turned it back off and all is well again.

  5. Would have been nice if a broadcast text message could have been sent out to alert customers of the outage. Might have reduced the 1500+ people in the cue.

  6. this happened to me when right before i sold my gs2. i was freakin out. but like 5 minutes before i actually met the guy to sell the phone the data came back on. lol

  7. I did a battery pull and all was well.

  8. tinyurl.com/cozaa3k fgyuh

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