Jul 2nd, 2012

It seems no one can catch a break these days. A spokesperson for Nokia has called Google and ASUS out on a possible patent infringement existing in the Nexus 7 tablet that was unveiled last week at Google I/O.

Part of the infringement allegedly covers the standard IEEE WiFi 802.11. Nokia reportedly has more than 40 licensees who pay for the privilege to use the technology.

Fortunately for Google and ASUS, Nokia will be a bit more lax in pursuing a licensing deal than other OEMs have been lately.

Instead of pushing for bans on sales, Nokia will do the civil thing (yes, civility still exists) and give Google the opportunity to come forth and work up a licensing deal.

We imagine things’ll get a bit more heated if Google and ASUS refuse to do so, but it beats launching a missile toward the enemy before they even have the chance to wake up and brush their teeth in the morning. Let’s hope Google, ASUS, and Nokia work something out. [via The Inquirer]

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