Nokia warns Google, ASUS that the Nexus 7 tablet infringes on wireless patents


It seems no one can catch a break these days. A spokesperson for Nokia has called Google and ASUS out on a possible patent infringement existing in the Nexus 7 tablet that was unveiled last week at Google I/O.

Part of the infringement allegedly covers the standard IEEE WiFi 802.11. Nokia reportedly has more than 40 licensees who pay for the privilege to use the technology.

Fortunately for Google and ASUS, Nokia will be a bit more lax in pursuing a licensing deal than other OEMs have been lately.

Instead of pushing for bans on sales, Nokia will do the civil thing (yes, civility still exists) and give Google the opportunity to come forth and work up a licensing deal.

We imagine things’ll get a bit more heated if Google and ASUS refuse to do so, but it beats launching a missile toward the enemy before they even have the chance to wake up and brush their teeth in the morning. Let’s hope Google, ASUS, and Nokia work something out. [via The Inquirer]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. nokia needs to stfu and die quietly

    1. why is that. they are being mad chill about it. i see this as a good thing.

      1. Stfu. Wifi is on every portable device from laptops, handheld gaming and pc. NOKIA didnt invented wifi. Their crying like Apple/M$ would do anything to stomp the comptetion. plus

        1. Was that REALLY necessary? Do you feel better now? Do you know that wifi probably has more things going on in the background then you realize? Maybe its not so much as its a broad generalization than hey wifi = Nokia and its more that nokia = tiny behinds the scene portion of wifi. It someone is using your stuff i assure you would want to be paid for it. They are not being outright assholes and suing the crap out of them like all the other chode companies. They are reaching out and trying to deal. I see that as being ok in my book. As for the inevitable I’m a troll fanboy BS comment that is sure to be unleashed by your keyboard warrior tendencies, Im an android fan. Have been since the start. I owned an iphone for 2 weeks and got rid of the thing as fast as i fucking could. After the mytouch3g I owned the Galaxy S Vibrant for over a year and now the Sensation for the last 6 months. Ive thrown just about every custom rom available for them on it so its not like i Dont know wtf im doing in the android sense. Im also looking at buying one of these tablets. All in all I would suggest you take such asshat comments and keep them to yourself. Have a great day. Tool.

    2. the correct situation would be if someone asked nicely if they could have sex with your wife, would you be ok with it?

      1. HELL NO!! there are no such thing as free services.

        1. lol I know I wasn’t saying id be ok just fixing your situation you compared to this. I mean, I think Nokia is doing the correct thing. Offer a license deal and everyone’s happy and not spending unnecessary money in courts.

          1. i know, i was kidding. i was trying to say to OP if someone patented it, you have to pay to use it or get sue.

    3. Depends on what she looked like. xD

  2. I say, Nokia team up with Google instead of Microsoft and that would be awesome. And same goes for Rim. These damn patent wars. Ridiculous. We just want good reliable products that don’t cost an arm n a leg.

  3. What’s worrisome though is the fact that any license fees will eat further into the loss that Google must recoup through content sales since it’s selling the hardware break even.

  4. A patent for WiFi? I thought it was an IEEE spec.

  5. Good Guy Nokia

  6. How does Nokia know that an unreleased device violates their patents?

    1. thats what i want to know

    2. It may not be available for retail yet but, there are units out there.
      Maybe they got one from I/O like everyone else.

    3. Considering Asus has been making Routers, Wireless adapters, Laptops and Tablets for years now, I’m very curious about it myself. How can they determine that an unreleased device infinge on their patents when they never bothered with it for every other devices that Asus made that uses the same technology.

  7. While I agree Nokia is being civil about this, I have a feeling it is for different reasons. Windows phone 7 isn’t exactly taking off, and I am willing to bet they are seriously considering building Android handsets in the future. They just don’t want to burn any bridges now.

    1. Yep. See today’s other news where the Nokia chairman said that they had a contingency plan for Windows. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

    2. Also Nokia didnt even make a tablet

  8. So sick of hearing about patents! Perhaps anonymous needs to visit patent Office??

    1. how does this comment not have more +1s? the uspto or whatever the acronym, is so idiotic or so bent it needs a proper investigation, however it’s instigated!

      1. I see what you did there :) LOL

  9. Apple needs to learn from diplomacy, instead of Thermo-nuclear war. Pay attention late Steve Jobs, this is why your company will fail.

    1. nooo it shall fall BECAUSE jobs died. he was the iline heart and soul. notice how many cases started after he was gone

      1. That’s true. Last time Jobs returned to Apple, and was able to save them from failure. This time he’s not coming back.

        1. Apple has like a trillion dollars. They can find a way.

  10. Isn’t that part of FRAND?

    1. If you had any idea what FRAND is then you wouldn’t be posting this question.

      1. If you don’t wanna answer the question. Don’t comment. Simple.

        1. And if you don’t want to look stupid, don’t post stupid questions. Simple.

          1. I fail to see how his question is stupid. Ur name is stupid and we’re not complaining.

    2. FRAND doesn’t make the patents free to use, it simply makes their patent holders obligated to offer fair standardized licensing agreements to anyone who wants to use them.

    3. That F in FRAND = Fair =/= Free

  11. I swear they better not screw with bow fast I get my nexus 7. I might have to find out where they live if they do.

    1. Keilalahdentie 4 02150 Espoo, Finland
      071 8008000

  12. Oh boy here we go again

  13. wait… are we talking about 802.11 no b g n or anything?

  14. You mean to tell me only Google and supporters of Android are the only people who are using these highly regarded patents? Nokia is just mad it’s irrelevant.

    1. And you’re just mad that you have a 2nd grade reading level. Maybe you should get someone to read the column to you and explain what the words mean.

      1. I have a 4th grade reading level, and I understand it completely. Google and Asus didn’t pay Nokia for a license. I will properly abide by the rules set forth by your internet guide lines. I will have a designated reader present from now on. They’ll also give me a hand while I’m on Brazzers.

        1. Thank you.

          1. Welcome.

        2. xD Best comment this week. Well done.

  15. Sounds like the last cry from a company on its way out…

    1. Maybe. They did recently find out that MS screwed them with no backward compatibility for current Windows phones and WP8.

  16. If Nokia is right, pay it. Last thing you want is Apple to bring this up should a battle occur. If not, Nokia is being polite, return the favor and work it out like professional adults.

  17. Nokia has been talking about the sale or licensing of their patents to raise cash because they are moving dangerously into a low cash position. I think this is Nokia’s way of having Google call them for a sit down on the larger issue. I would expect Google to make a move for some of either RIMM or Nokia’s patents.

  18. Speaking of WiFi stuff did anyone notice that WiFi direct has been removed from JellyBean?

  19. This means M$ is afraid of the nexus 7 eating their windows tablets. And means Nokia’s plan B doesn’t involve android.
    Either way I’ll be adding Nokia to my boycotted corporations and recommend friends to avoid it too.

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