Samsung appeals Galaxy Nexus ban


Samsung has filed an appeal to overturn a preliminary injunction of the Galaxy Nexus ordered by a US District Court late last week. The ruling came just in time to put a damper on the week’s Google I/O events. While Apple’s case was against Samsung and not Google, there is no denying that a ban of a Nexus device goes right after the developer of Android and not just its hardware partner. Still, it appears Google will not get directly involved with the appeal process at this time as Samsung argues that the initial verdict does not line up with the US court’s typical standards for reaching such a decision based on patent infringement claims.

The ban is the second big blow for Samsung in the US court system after a similar ruling was reached in a case arguing that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes on patents related to Apple’s iPad. That case is also now headed to an appeals court. There is a decent chance we could see one or both verdicts overturned, but we likely won’t have clarity on the matter any time soon.

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  1. #boycottApple on twitter and Google+!

    1. Amen!! **** Them!! :D

  2. I am still considering getting one of these. I am off contract from Sprint and my EVO 4G. Looking to just buy it from the Play store and moving over to Straight Talk.

    1. If ur gonna rom, do it! The jellybean update just breathed new life into the gnex. It feels new again!

      1. I probably will not be doing too many ROM’s and I think that is my one hold up. I would hate to buy a new phone giving that it is 7 months old already and Google tell me in 5 months that they are not going to update the Galaxy Nexus for Android 5 whenever that comes out.

        1. I debated that as well but in all reality, Android 5 likely won’t be out until summer/fall next year so it won’t be that bad. And if Google doesn’t give it another upgrade, seeing it’s a Nexus, CM or AOKP will.

        2. I assume that Google is committed to updating their devices for 24 months at least since that is what they had the oem’s commit to.

        3. I understand your concern. I think Google and Samsung have done a pretty damn good job rolling out the updates to all nexus phones including the Nexus S. What we needed 2 years ago was for 2GB of ram to be on all these nexus phones to further ensure we continue to recieve stock updates. At this point im debating going with a more custom UI’d phone or waiting for a Nexus device. The updates I want all the time.

    2. Ordered mine last week, right after reading the article of Apple trying to ban it. Hopefully it’ll be coming in soon, can’t wait to see how JB looks.

  3. Another stall tactic from Apple, no way this is going to get banned permanently. Apple is just trying to keep the general public from seeing JB before they launch their iPhone4GS in the next few months.

    That aside, it looks like Apple is targeting key features of Android. Google needs to get involved directly instead of letting the OEMs fight it out. They should take the momentum they had from the Oracle suit and fire a huge shot across Apple’s bow. Apple has avoided Google head on, it’s time for the big dogs to fight it out and end this stupidity once and for all.

    1. Did Samsung drop their recent win over Apple for a utility patent using 3G where Apple has to pay money? NO Or did Motorola who won a utility patent case where Apple has to pay drop their claims? NO They ALL do it and they ALL want our money. Fact.

  4. For those of you just starting college and don’t know what career path you want to take…..Might I suggest law school so you can become a litigator for Apple? You will ALWAYS have work…..

  5. Boycott apple the patent troll!

  6. Just when life was breathed back into the GNex , Apple tries to take away it’s Oxygen

  7. I mentioned on a article of the Evo 4G LTE being banned, that Apple is going to attack software wise if it can do it hardware wise. This increase in 200 features of iOS is most likely a way for them to start patenting standard features already available on Android and start banning devices. I give apple much respect for their great devices. I love the iPhone and its Macbooks because they are worthy devices on their own, but Ive stuck to Androids because it offers more. They are gonna take the “more” part and start integrating it into iOS to keep doing patent disputes like this. Apple is starting to show its an anti-competitive corporation hell bent on doing Steve Jobs dying wish. This is truely sad to see the state of technological advancements and the freedom of choosing our products at risk because your market share is steadily being threatened. This is an outright attack on Google and this is the first time, I believe, we have seen them attack the nexus line.

  8. I’m getting tired Google just sitting back and watching Apple attack all of Googles partners because they are to scared to go after them directly. Way to support those who support you Google…
    Man the fuck up and defend your damn operating system and all those that support you for gods sake would you. This sideline BS isn’t working if you havn’t for some reason noticed already. Should’ve brought up this matter at I/O…….

    1. Not sure what they can do. Their hands are limited when they aren’t being directly sued. They tried to help HTC with some patents but that didn’t fly. It’s Apple that is playing the games by taking swipes without manning up and going after Google. They could conceivable go after after Apple (which they might be arming up with patents) but then are they sinking to their level?

      1. Yea, its sinking to their level, but its also about defending what is yours. Defending the consumers who spend money to use their phones and the manufactures who produce the phones.

  9. Well according to this Samsung claims they are working on a plan WITH Google.


  10. Slide to unlock? The person that granted Apple that patent is definitely on Apple’s payroll.

    1. they are all on apples payroll, Google has had the notification window patent pending since 2009 with a couple other features and yet they are giving apple insane patents like slide to unlock with like a week to a month

      1. How come car manufacturers can get along? they all have wheels, engines, fuel injection, GPS Navigation, the list is super long, you don’t hear about them suing each other over copying each other. But Apple is foaming at the mouth, trying to sue anyone and everyone.

        1. all those features are pretty much crucial for a vehicle, same thing can be said about apples patent, software company’s shouldn’t be given patents for tasks but for the handle process that results in that task, like you can’t patent WiFi but you should be able to patent how the phone toggles on and off the WiFi

        2. lol I just thought of a funny ass way Google can bypass this, what if they made a app instead of pre loading it into the phone so then they can ship the devices and users can downloaded it themselves from the market,

  11. If i was samsung my comment would be… ‘ **** off, grow up, generate higher sales by making better products rather than forcing customers to chose you, and stop sueing me! ‘

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