Galaxy Nexus banned: US Court grants Apple temporary injunction


Apple has managed to hit Google right in the gut. Just as Google starts wrapping up one of their best Google IO events in history, Northern California Judge Lucy Koh has sided with the iPad manufacturer. This results in a US temporary ban on one of the most popular and acclaimed Android devices – The Galaxy Nexus.

This specific court case initiated last February, making this a very slow but definite stab at Google. As mentioned, this is only a temporary decision until the court reaches its final judgement. Apple also has to post a $96 million bond before this action takes place, just in case Samsung happens to pull out of this one. Things could get really ugly if Sammy can’t prove its innocence in court, though. It might even result in a permanent injunction.

The official statement is not yet available, so the specifics are still lacking. Such decision would need to have proof of a patent’s validity, though. As well as proof that the sale of the infringing device would harm that of the infringed.

Four patents were brought to the table by Apple, of which only one seems to be the major reason for this decision. Patent number 8,086,604 refers to a device searching multiple sources through a single interface (much like Siri). This functionality happens to be deeply integrated into the Android OS, making it much harder for Google to simply send an update and correct the issue, if necessary.

Apple has also won an injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 days prior to this decision. The same judge has stated that she might also be making the final decision this Sunday, and we will be here to give you all the details.

We just can’t have one weekend of celebration in the Android world, can we? We are about to get the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, and now Apple has ruined our weekend again. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t extend to the Nexus 7, though sending the Galaxy Nexus to the bench is already a large enough loss.

Let’s keep our hopes up. This is a big deal, guys.

[Source: FOSS Patents]

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  1. Maybe google should try to ban next iPhone :P
    for a change.

    1. but it’s apple who has people in their pockets, so TRYING to ban the iPhone would get them nowhere, they can’t play the same game

    2. Android is supposed to be a free system, so it’s hard to claim damages when you don’t profit from Android to begin with.

  2. Why does Apple keep getting these stupid obvious patents? This shit should not be patentable. Patents are for protecting original ideas, not shutting out competition because of blatantly obvious practices like “searching multiple sources of information from one interface.” Goodness, think how much more innovative the tech industry would be if patents lasted for just a year or two. Maybe Apple would have to introduce something new and innovative into their iOS releases instead of just playing catchup with Android and WP7. Not to say Apple isn’t an innovative company, because they obviously are. But seriously, what’s new in iOS? The last major feature they added was notifications which were a blatant rip off of Android. Do you see Google suing over that? And lets think about this, what’s more innovative, Android’s notifications or this ridiculous ‘604 patent? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  3. Apple just needs to go away, like, yesterday.

  4. Why isn’t Google stepping up to the plate on this stuff? They are just sitting on the side like they really don’t care what happens.

    1. I think they are preparing a Thermo-Nuclear Patent Suit with all those acquired Motorola Patents.

    2. I think they are working behind the scenes to invalidate some of these ridiculous patents.I have a feeling Google is up to something on this.

      1. I hope so because it’s getting a little tiring seeing Apple go after all every single Android manufacturer while Google sits back twiddling their thumbs smiling that it isn’t them. This time it’s their very own Nexus,in Apples crosshairs yet they haven’t spoken up yet…

        The entirety of the Open Handset Alliance needs to step up and smack Apple down to size.

        1. Oh my gosh!! I can image the entire Linux community just coming out of nowhere. It’ll be lyk Wrath of Ra.

  5. Sooner or later Apple was going to get that one judge that didn’t know anything and/or is an Apple fan.

    1. Pretty sure the “or” doesn’t apply.

    2. Aren’t the two synonymous?

  6. I was actually concidering getting a macbook pro as a change from windows. But I’ll vote with my money. I cannot morally support a company that does things like this. Companies like apple hold the world back. Yes the og iPhone was different but that’s all they had. Now jobs is gone they don’t know what to do anymore, that is why iOS hasn’t changed Much in 5 years. They don’t wanna spend money on advancement when what we have will do. Just look at googles I/o, yes some products and services are half baked or have a niche market but its different. Look at the nexus q, such potential they should have put Google TV on it sure but its different and is made in the US (quality and no FOXCONN). Nexus 7 amazing tablet at a stupidly low price. Google glass just wow that is the future right there along with Google drive (the car). What is apples new advancement ? A voucher booklet.

    1. I love this comment

    2. I disagree on only one part of your post. I don’t think this is a case of Apple not knowing what else to do without Jobs…I think it’s a case of this is the path on which Jobs set Apple.

      1. I disagree with you, Apple does not have Jobs to push them hard so that they can innovate, the WWDC was not impressive at all, checkout imore.com and see their disappointments.

        1. lol so just because one guy is no longer with the company then everyone just goes to being lazy ? they are better off without jobs that dude worked them like slaves. Then you look at Google employees working in beanbag chairs with an office that looks more like a miniature theme park lol

          1. Look at what happened to Apple the first time they lost Steve Jobs.
            Sometimes all it takes is 1 person to make a difference.

        2. I agree. The biggest thing I heard about WWDC was how everyone was so impressed that Siri started the show off. I can’t believe what simpletons a lot of the tech press is. This was a canned script.

          I was watching iPad Today on Twit and I couldn’t believe how dimwitted Leo Laporte was when he was so impressed about Siri being able to tell you who is taller LeBron or Kobie. One of the things that him impressed him was that he couldn’t believe they didn’t need a last name. When I saw the WWDC keynote, the first thing I did was a Google search with the same query. Guess what? Google search knew who they were too. Google also offered other people’s names after I type LeBron than just Kobe.

          1. It’s because it’s a computer interface that can understand what you’re saying and give back related information. Of course you can type something in. I mean why would you expect that NOT to work. The thing is it’s innovative that you can talk to your phone and tell it to search. When voice searching 1st came out, it was horrible. Now you can have a full blown conversation. I think that’s what they were trying to get out of that. Not the fact that it can “search”. LoL!! But if that’s all Apple has to bring to the table, then it’s over for them.

      2. yea I agree jobs was the one that wanted to “start a nuclear war” with Google

          1. Correction “thermonuclear war”

      3. Are you referring to Jobs saying “burn to the ground…” or something along those lines? And didn’t he say something about using all the money in bank? I really can’t quote because I read that post a while back and stopped reading because I got pissed; but with that do you think it’s fair that the use all this money for the courtroom and not on innovation? Like OP I agree that the og iphone was something crazy new and that for a long time cell phones were playing catch up. But that all changed with the Nexus One. So now the tables have turned and apple begins playing catch up. My point is its not fair to ANYONE with what apple is doing. I dislike apple products, unfortunately I can see where it my be applicable in MY future. So is that “Progression” or “Regression”?


        1. They all do it, Samsung, Motorola, Microsoft and more. I have Android, Apple and Windows phones in our home of 7 people. Samsung won a case last week where Apple will have to pay money, Motorola won one also, so why it it okay for everyone but Apple if they sue and win? I’m sick this from ALL of these companies all of them, not just Apple. That being said the Galaxy Nexus won’t be available for 1 of my kids that want one yet, but it might be overturned, we have to sit and wait. The court has not said what Apple has to pay Samsung in the case they won against Apple yet. They all want our money and that’s about it so I’m not going to knock another person over a phone, or any device. One court threw Apple and Google Motorola out of court last week and said they couldn’t sue. That was a good move. Judge Posner.

          1. Suing for injunctions to stop selling a product is different than suing for damages. Apple basically started this war with these kind of lawsuits. Everyone else is simply trying to fight fire with fire.

          2. Yes, many of the non-apple company lawsuits are a defensive action, not the go for the throat, kill off anything we didn’t invent tactic apple is using.

      4. Path Jobs set? Apple in general is Jobs marketing wonderchild. The major innovation set by apple is to dumb down the product (hardware, os) to mass market it to the general public. Most tech apple puts out has been around. Cloud based storage, voice commands?! Apple, however, does a good job of “polishing” tech and make it easy to use.

    3. I also dislike what apple has been doing recently, but i just got my self a macbook air, and this thing amazing! i do feel a sense of betrayal though :/

      1. If it makes you feel better, it’s in the computer market and not the mobile market. LoL!! Their computers may be better than Windows, but their mobile devices aren’t. LoL!! Good luck getting drivers for your phones. =.P

        1. I found no need to root my galaxy nexus yet, but if i do end up rooting, i have my house computer which is windows based….

          1. Don’t you want to connect your PS3 controller to your phone? =.P

            Naw, that’s cool. That and tethering are the main reason for me rooting. I don’t do too much tweaking. Though I do love ROM controls. Its different for every developer. Remember phone profiles?

          2. Finally a phone without the need to root and void your warranty, right? Well, for me at least. I trade phones too often to not have a warranty.

      2. I’m tired of hearing how amazing their computers are. What is so nice about them? I just bought a macbook pro. I’m not impressed. Windows 7 is much better in a lot of ways. Apple may be better if you have never used a computer but who is that. Computers run programs so all you have to do is learn how to install a program and how to run it. The problem here is that you have a responsibility whether buying Windows or Android to research and buy the best hardware to run the software. Most of us like having choices and Apple can’t stand that.

        1. I fell for the hype and bought one as well a few years ago… most expensive web browser ever. It’s useless for anything else. Snow Leopard destroyed OSX… it’s straight trash.

  7. Apple wont stop and Google needs to step upb to the plate and shut them down. Rekaining neutral in the midst of unfair rulings like this discourages competition which is what the wireless handset business really needs.

    1. Google hasn’t really retaliated, but apple has been at this for 4 years now, and Android has jumped up to 400% from last year alone, there is no stopping the behemoth that is Google, its just too huge now

  8. This is why software patent shouldn’t exist, at least not every countries have made it possible to patent software, glad I live in one of them :)

  9. People need to start protesting at apple stores and their head quarters.

  10. I hope this injunction gets dismissed and rules in favor Samsung.

  11. Bad week for Samsung, Bad week for Android.

    1. 1 million activation’s a day 400 % increase from what i heard at the I/O, its never a bad week for android lol + we get like new cooler phones every other month, we now have jelly bean and its been ported into several devices >.>, it might be slightly less awesome of a week but none the less its still a good week

      1. Ya it was definitely a mind blower when he said 1M activations per day. Imagine where we will be in 2 years???? It just sucks that Judge Koh had to try to spoil our parade during I/O week!

  12. The only way Apple knows how to compete is to sue them :/

  13. Please sign the petition to stop software patents!

    1. I’ve already signed. For the innovation! For the future of the technology!

    2. Not sure if this is all that much better. IMHO as a software engineer I feel that the most IP protection software should get should be at the copyright level. Software should just not even be patentable.

      1. you are right, but hey, this is a start, and probably more likely to get through.

    3. dude let’s just start a petition against apple their the bad seeds

      1. In real life, the Apple seeds contains cyanide so those seeds are poisonous.

    4. posted on Facebook, and a couple other social websites

  14. Meanwhile, at Apple’s headquarters : “Ok… the Nexus 7 now.”

    1. Oh my gosh. Apple would die. Lyk just drop dead. Google will be lyk “Notification bar”, and every Apple device would be restricted.

  15. Apple’s IP NEEDS to be protected! Glad for this ruling!

    1. Why?
      What do you get out of this as a consumer?

      1. he’s an apple fan, talk first think later, apple is pretty much trying to start a monopoly , trying to get rid of any competition

    2. YES!! Apple needs to crush Google with a big rock. But then from the heavens, a lightning bolt… If you get the reference, kudos.

      1. Ok so that’s 1 who didn’t catch it. Any other takers?

        1. Hmm… I know I’ve heard the new mini port on the 6th gen iPhone will not be compatible with present accessories. Not sure how true that is. If that’s what you’re referring to (thunderbolt). I doubt iFans will care though.

    3. Especially on stuff they didn’t invent!

  16. I hope that injunction gets dismissed and rules in favor of Samsung.

    1. If Apple wins, there is always Windows Phone. If the Nexus gets banned, it’s a precedent for all Android phones.

      1. I hope the Judge sees light and sides with Google.

      2. For now, I am preparing my wallet to get a WP8 smartphone when it goes on sale, because I prefer to go away from the real war that is coming. Apple is about to wake up the giant and the giant will begin a real nuclear war made by lots of patents. The best way to stop this madness is dismissing this lawsuit.

        1. I think you are quite right here. Apple is indeed about to wake up a sleeping giant and they are going to regret it big time. It is going to cost them dearly. The way I see it is that Apple has become a bully. All bullies end up getting put in their places sooner or later.

      3. Uh…? No. There is always saved $1000 to buy an over seas Android device… Ok. That idea does sound ridiculous. LoL!!

  17. Apple has a monopoly in the sense that no one else can even sell anything. Wait till 2020 when apple finally uses that 280 trillion in the bank and purchases the U.S Patent office. Lucy, put the iPad away and stop stifling innovation.

    1. agreed, I don’t see how apple fans think this is a good idea , apple is everything we stand against , they want to take away consumer freedom by trying to sue anyone that has any kind of presence in the market. there’s a reason android is doing good and that’s because the consumers want it, the only way apple can have the same kind of success is by getting rid of the competition sort of like early 90s mafia gangs

  18. You have to agree with Apple on this. What does a company like Google know about searches anyway? Maybe of their company name was ubiquitously used in place of “search” it would be different. Or if they had a web site where people could go to search the web, for picture, and videos.

    I have started saying “apple it” anytime I mean sue indiscriminately for random reasons.

    1. <3

    2. Took the words right out of my mouth. Haha.
      I love the irony of this!

    3. :D well said!!!!!

  19. Hey wait a minute yahoo has internal search features

    Why doesn’t apple ban yahoo. Wait a minute yahoo came out before iPhone and so did android.

    Sound rediculous?

    Did Apple give the judge a free ipad?

  20. Google needs to stop playing nice and get dirty in this fight.

    Also, get it out of California courts, seriously..

    Not to even mention the retardation of these patents.

    1. The moment Google stops playing nice will be the moment they bring out that patent for the notification bar. LoL!! It’s over for all Apple devices. Something tells me Google actually HAS patents, but is proving to the world that Apple is the one’s being bullies. This is why everyone is going to Android anyways. LoL!!

  21. This is pathetic. This reminds me of EA with the NFL license. NFL 2K was a superior game to most people, but EA didn’t know how to improve Madden and provide competition. So they did the only thing they knew how to do. Throw insane money at the NFL and become it’s exclusive publisher.

    Apple wants to ban every piece of mobile electronics that’s not theirs claiming FIRST! like an idiot on a message forum. Well guess what Apple, if you’re the only game in town, it doesn’t matter. People will stick with their older phones and custom roms. Don’t believe me? I haven’t bought a Madden game (roster update) in almost 7 years.

    1. FIRST! …reply…

    2. ESPN 2K5 was and is still the pinnacle of football video games….
      Sad, but true.

      1. Wrong, that would be tecmo bowl.

        1. 2nd that vote!!!

  22. I think the android community needs to ban together and develop future software apple may need and/or use. Then patent it while secretly planning a massive one-time kill all patent lawsuit against them to teach them a lesson. And just to spit in there eye, let them survive long enough as a company to see what the world could be without ridiculous patent trolls. Not to stoop to their level (which is beneath the existence of single celled organisms) but it seems to be the only conceivable solution.

    1. Seriously, let’s just incorporate as a group called “Fans of Android” or something, and do nothing but come up with a list of features we would want in phones. Apply for every patent under the sun we could think of, and then sue Apple with every step they take, and sell our patents to Google for a ridiculously low rate.

      1. “Fans for Android” we could shorten that to Fandroid! Oh, wait a minute….

  23. All of these stupid patent lawsuits are only symptoms of the problem. The USPTO needs some massive reforms.

  24. Lucy Koh was appointed by Obama, on the recommendation of California Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. Liberal Democrat, liberal Democrat, and liberal Democrat. Enough said.

    1. For people that believe everything they hear on Fox News, that’s the same pathetic reason giving for everything they disagree with. The rest of us understand there is more to it then a persons political leanings.

    2. this judge betrayed her home country of south korea.

      1. Lol.

    3. Even if it doesn’t have to do with politics, you can’t deny that Barbara Boxer is a troll that should never be reelected.

    4. President Obama didn’t appoint a California judge lol, that’s absurd. He can only nominate. The state’s “Republican” GOVERNATOR was the one with the power to appoint her, and he did, not the President. Please get your facts in order before going on your political rant. Meanwhile, what does this have to do with the cost of tea in Taiwan?

  25. a
    win for MICROSOFT..no XBOX ban in 2012… a win for APPLE.. won a
    preliminary injunction against the Samsung Nexus, Google is under
    investigation by the EU and FTC over abuse of SEP… which means 3
    losses for Google and the horrible android operating system..YAY

    1. If android was horrible then why is android gaining 4-5 times more of the market compared to apple , and still rising at a unbelievable speed, you are one person and the rest of the world disagrees with you. Android ICS even won a award for being for the most advanced and intuitive mobile operating system in the world 3 hours after apple claimed iOS 6 was the most advanced, stop believing the lies apple feeds you and think for yourself

  26. Since the Nexus is a developer phone with Vanilla Android on it, that was partnered with Google…. and this is a software issue…. why should Samsung even be involved. I wish Apple would stop screwing around and go after the source, Google, and lets get the real legal issues settled. I hate how Apple is suing the manufactures and not Google directly.

    1. They tried to sue google. MANY MANY TIMES. The judge always threw it out. So now they go after the phone manufacturers. :( Its a vicious cycle. Steve Jobs was quoted as saying: “I’d spend all the money in Apple’s coffers just to Bring Android down”. Its true.

  27. This is like the attack on Pearl Harbor, they totally underestimated the force they woke up. Don’t think for one minute Google is just sitting there doing nothing, Apple has some rough days ahead, they’ve shown their nature and their competition can do nothing but band together as one force to silence the frivolous lawsuits.

    In the meantime, as a community we need to let our voices be heard. Flood Apple with emails, download the Congress app and start calling your representatives. Google helped to keep the Web free, we need to help defend Android. Don’t just post comments, get involved.

  28. Did this decision effect the Galaxy S3 too? Anyone knows?

  29. Someone needs to inject bath salts into Apple’s corporate water supply so they all start eating eachother….

    1. Oh that made my night. BEST comment EVAH! But will it work? Aren’t they all already zombies?

    2. I think that dude only had weed in his system.

    3. I think they already did and they are trying to eat us. Kind of backfired.

  30. No Nimrod apple fanboys apple stole the Prada design from lg. Go home get a life and stop trolling. Also speak what you know.

  31. So I can’t buy a Galaxy Nexus in the US anymore? Well, I guess that means my only choice is to go out and buy an iPhone 4s. Man, Apple is really playing all the right cards on this.

    1. Haha lol

      1. This guy gets it

    2. The Galaxy nexus was banned from being imported into the country. Existing boxes on shelves can still be sold until the supply is empty.

    3. This is probably the dumbest comment I’ve read in along time.

      1. You don’t get sarcasm do you?

  32. finally I get to use my pitchfork

  33. You are obviously clueless!


    Android, Inc. was founded in Palo Alto, California, United States in October 2003 by Andy Rubin (co-founder of Danger),[18]Rich Miner (co-founder of Wildfire Communications, Inc.),[19] Nick Sears[20] (once VP at T-Mobile),[21] and Chris White (headed design and interface development at WebTV)[7] to develop, in Rubin’s words “…smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner’s location and preferences”.[7] Despite the obvious past accomplishments of the founders and early employees, Android Inc. operated secretly, revealing only that it was working on software for mobile phones.[7] That same year, Rubin ran out of money. Steve Perlman, a close friend of Rubin, brought him $10,000 in cash in an envelope and refused a stake in the company.[22]

    Acquisition by Google

    Google acquired Android Inc. on August 17, 2005, making Android Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Google. Key employees of Android Inc., including Andy Rubin, Rich Miner and Chris White, stayed at the company after the acquisition.[7] Not much was known about Android Inc. at the time of the acquisition, but many assumed that Google was planning to enter the mobile phone market with this move.[7]

    Post-acquisition development

    At Google, the team led by Rubin developed a mobile device platform powered by the Linux kernel. Google marketed the platform to handset makers and carriers on the promise of providing a flexible, upgradable system. Google had lined up a series of hardware component and software partners and signaled to carriers that it was open to various degrees of cooperation on their part.[23][24][25]

    Speculation about Google’s intention to enter the mobile communications market continued to build through December 2006.[26] Reports from the BBC and The Wall Street Journal noted that Google wanted its search and applications on mobile phones and it was working hard to deliver that. Print and online media outlets soon reported rumors that Google was developing a Google-branded handset. Some speculated that as Google was defining technical specifications, it was showing prototypes to cell phone manufacturers and network operators.

    In September 2007, InformationWeek covered an Evalueserve study reporting that Google had filed several patent applications in the area of mobile telephony.[27][28]

    Open Handset Alliance

    Main article: Open Handset Alliance
    On November 5, 2007, the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of several companies which include Broadcom Corporation, Google, HTC, Intel, LG, Marvell Technology Group, Motorola, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile and Texas Instruments unveiled itself. The goal of the Open Handset Alliance is to develop open standards for mobile devices.[8] On the same day, the Open Handset Alliance also unveiled their first product, Android, a mobile device platform built on the Linux kernel version 2.6.[8]

  34. When they got their marching orders from the biggest p*ssy ever to walk Gods green earth they promised to stick to them. Why Samy sells parts to these guys I can’t figure out. It goes against all principle.

    1. Yeah that seems stupid on both companies parts. Let me sell chips to a company who sues me left and right, and let me sue a company who makes our chips. Samsung probably makes a nice chunk of change though.

      1. Like a battered wife.

      2. Samsung should just start charging the shit out of crapple for their screens and chips, and put a Samsung logo on the chips and especially the screens or ghost the logo on the screen so when the iCrap is in idle or asleep it says Samsung real big across the whole screen, that’d be funny.

  35. Google, be evil only to Apple.

  36. If Phandroid doesn’t start banning Apple trolls, or at least give me the option to block them, they are going to lose me as a reader. Add something of value to the conversation.

    1. Just read the articles instead of the comments then? Without the Apple comments, we would be stooping to their level. Apple doesn’t allow their customers a choice. They make decisions for them and charge a price for doing so. If we don’t allow apple customers to state their opinion, are we no better than these same communistic ideas that apple represents?

  37. Android was developed in 2002 by Android inc and then Google bought it for 50 mill from the comp because they were going bankrupt and if you can’t do the math that’s 3 year before apple even started working on iOS

  38. I have an iPod touch, iPad, MacBook Pro, and Apple TV. I will not be buying another Apple product… ever. This is ridiculous. Google is more innovative with their technology than Apple can ever be. Apple is stuck in a rut with their iOS. I love their products, obviously, but as one Phandroid said above, I cannot support BS business like this. Shame on you Apple. Samsung, you will pull through this… That judge is an idiot.

  39. o well, i bought my GN 6 months ago and going to be an isheep this October.

  40. i find it funny that they sue everyone when the beginning of their entire shitty company was stolen from Xerox.

  41. Samsung knows what they are doing, waiting for the first LTE iPhones to release and then the gloves come off. Apple holds very few patents relating to LTE. Apple can sue for software infringement, that can be fixed. When Samsung sues for hardware patent infringement, it won’t be so simple to remedy.

  42. I love how we just got the article about how siri pulls 100% from google for maps (for now) and 61% of information results yet they still get to ban the Nexus wtf???

  43. This makes me want to buy a Nexus S!

  44. You realize this is the most ridiculous statements ever. Hopefuly you are trolling. But this is what the infamous Steve Jobs was known for was pirating other people’s ideas and claiming them as his own. The man even said “Why join the navy if you could be a pirate.” In all reality the iPhone and iOS is a stolen product from LG. Go have a looksy at the LG Prada, it was built before the iPhone. Take note on how similar they look, digest it and look some more.

  45. What could possibly search across multiple sources and types of content?!? A SIEVE. Put in water, sand, jello, rocks, whatever…and the things larger than the mesh will be sorted out. If the size of the mesh is considered a search term, and the matter going into the sieve is analogous to data, then Apple is infringing on the searching capabilities of such wizardry as the colander, the coffee filter, and the gently cupped human hand.

    Since I apparently can’t cup my hand without Apple suing me, I’ll stick to extending the finger in the middle toward Cupertino in a show of “respect.”

  46. This is so stupid. Apple spends all of their money suing people instead of coming up with an original idea… when all of their patents were taken from other companies to begin with!

  47. Apples to grapes…if I was samsung I wouldn’t supply parts for there so called iphones…your screen, samsung…without that what is an iphone really….android is so much better with different choices and specs..iphone fanboys..keep it moving…android is the future!

    1. yes but those screens bring in huge revenues for sammy. it’s a tough call to make.

  48. Had to head to downtown and get drunk. Sorry guys not a good day…. Lol

    1. This is one of the reasons I hate MFing Apple. They need to be buried.

  49. Yeah, let’s see if Apple has the guts to sue Google directly over their new Nexus. You don’t wanna screw around with Google.

  50. I’m pretty sure that Motorola holds the patent for something called a “radio telephone” described as a device using radio communication to place telephone calls. If you ask me Google should use that one. Slap apple back to the iPod age.

  51. So basically Apple just paid the courts $96 million dollars to have a competitor’s product temporarily removed from the market without first needing any sort of preliminary judgment whatsoever? And this is legal?!?! I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

    1. So fly to Mars. I here the weather is great during Summer tym. LoL!! I wanna watch Futurama now.

  52. all your nexus are belong to us

  53. good thing I already have mine!

  54. It’s not just apple, whats the matter with the court?? Run by monkeys??

  55. How can Apple get all these patents after they have already been invented and used by others… because i dont think Apple got this one in the 80s or earlier.

  56. You can’t keep packing all this hatred inside, Crapple….It’ll rot your Liver to the core

  57. Now that I think about it. I think apple is just giving android more fuel. This temporary ban serves nothing then to promote android further. My local news paper even covered the story. Its viral marketing that brings peoples focus on to android. Now people are going to read up on it and see why android is such a threat to apple. I saw one 4s commercial today. I heard nexus about 40 times today. Thanks for the free advertising.

  58. Fun Fact: “Google Voice Search” and “Google Voice Actions” were on the market long before Siri came. Troll patent.

    1. That is so true. the fact is that google voice search and voice actions made it’s debut when the G1 got updated to Android 1.6 Donut and that was a few years ago ahead of crapple and their siri app. I just hope Google joins Samsung this time around to really put a dent on crapple.

  59. I think Ford should sue GM for using an assembly line.

  60. It’s time for Google to go thermonuclear on the iPhone and iPad. I am sure Motorola has enough patents to ban the iPhone and iPad.

  61. well now i kinda hope that rumor of Ban on Iphone goes threw

  62. Uh…? Doesn’t Google Search search multiple sources using a single interface (hence the website)? I am in total loss right now. -_-

    And what app searches multiple sources in one interface in the Galaxy Nexus?

  63. Ban all iOS devices for copying the notification system of Android OS

    1. Not just the notification system but also Voice Search and Voice Actions cause the fact is Google released those 2 features back in 2009 with the Android 1.6 Donut update on the G1.

    2. Doesn’t Google have this patent pending? When it’s granted, it’s going to be a nice day.

  64. I wonder what kind of phone Judge Koh uses?

    1. iPhone 5. They gave her one before the case started.

  65. You are right. Apples are better to eat. That’s why there is a bite mark in the apple symbol.

  66. This is bogus. For most people, it’s not about technology, it’s about being cool and for those, they don’t care about the inside of a phone. This ruling only harms the consumer’s ability to make a choice. Of course if you post here, you are about the technology and the never ending battle between Apple and the rest of the world.

  67. Well, that’s what Google gets for blatantly copying everyone else’s good ideas. The chickens are coming home to roost folks!

    1. If Apple were a car manufacturer they’d patent the wheel and everyone else would have square blocks of rubber. LG Prada says hello.

      1. Typical nonsensical Phandroid response. The LG Prada was a total joke of a phone.

        FYI, although Samsung is a blatant trade-dress thief, the Galaxy Nexus not banned because of what it looks like. It is banned because Android employs integrated search features invented and patented by Next/Apple. Interestingly, these inventions were created while Andy Rubin was at Apple, by engineers in the group he was a part of. I guess that’s where he got the idea to steal them and throw them into Android in the first place.
        Interestingly, while Samsung’s infringement was blatant enough to warrant an injunction, the presiding judge simultaneously threw out one of Samsung’s three remaining complaints against Apple. You know, those pesky SEP’s that the Android thieves are getting in trouble for refusing to license on FRAND terms, in violation of their agreements with international standards bodies.

        Google et. al. Such poor helpless victims. Ha! What a joke.

        1. cool story bro

        2. There’s no history like revisionist history.

          Hyperbole != Analysis

          I just hope that you were paid well for your post.

  68. The government should know that Apple is tring to gain a monopoly in the US with tablets and smart phones!

    1. Our government doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing.

      1. The government is part of it.

    2. SHOULD being the keyword here. Our government should know a lot of stuff but is ran by old fogies who are already bought off by big corporations. There’s no term limits to the senate or congress so there’s no new blood getting in to set this crap straight. So the wheel keeps turning. The game is rigged.

  69. Here the solution. Ship new android phones with a bare bones OS and on activation it will receive an OTA directly from Google with all the latest features. Now the manufacturers will not be infringing, but instead it would be solely Google.

  70. Are you kidding me, how does a company get a patent for getting information from multiple sources from one source. This is absolutely ridiculous. I own a iPhone 4s and a nexus, but this is ridiculous. The DOJ and congress needs to step in and revamp the patent system. I’m absolutely disgusted.

  71. What does this mean for the possibility of the Galaxy S III? Does it have a better chance of a temporary injunction like the HTC One? Hurry up VZW, send me my phone!!!

  72. This story disgusts me…. **** Apple


    1. Shouting in a crowded room doesn’t win you friends.

    2. WOHA, there pickle. your caps lock is on.

  74. Not to go off on a tangent but the general public blames the pc for windows faults. I don’t I have been using Suse Linux for last 3 years. Works great with my lg esteem android phone and nook color running cm7. Although I. Work with computers am well versed with windows seven. Apple is really the only company I ever despised. Knowledge is power.

  75. I’m hoping that I receive my Galaxy 3 before this cr@p gets further out of hand. If iPhone is my only smartphone option when I next upgrade I’m going down to feature phones. I’m not paying these prices to support a company that competes by hobbling the competition.

    1. I told my brother-in-law, who drinks the Apple Koolaid, pretty much the thing. That if iPhones were the only smartphones left in the market then I’m going back to feature phone. And if feature phones are completely obsolete at that point then I’m gonna get a pager, and if that’s not available I really don’t need a mobile contact point anyways. He looked at me like that was the most ludicrous statement ever made, like I was some sort of moron. Keep in mind that he barely knows anything at all about tech.

  76. Google… Please sue Apple for the Notification Bar… Thats all I ask…

  77. Really, I think it’s time to get a higher court involved with these ridiculous patents. To all Android developers, get your asses together and form the biggest patent and legal alliance in the history of the world, TODAY!!! FUCK APPLE!!!

  78. That Judge is a Pawn.

  79. Any company who uses the law with the intended or unintended effect of stifling innovation is what I call a Killovator . It happened long before Apple and will keep happening.
    Oh BTW look up a computer called the Xerox Alto and you tell me both Windows and MacOs didn’t copy the concept including the mouse.

  80. I like apple to try and bother big bad Microsoft. They gonna get hurt.

  81. Hmmmm. I seem to have prior art.

    Patent number 8,086,604, filed December 1, 2004

    Discussion from December 2002 on Sourceforge that describes an interface that provides, “access to items of information that are related to various descriptors … by means of a unitary interface which is capable of accessing information in a variety of locations, through a number of different techniques” (to quote the patent):


  82. How is Apple not violating antitrust laws in their aggressive pursuit to limit the smartphone market by suing everyone?

    I think the judge should think of the ramifications of her actions if she allows this ruling to stand.

  83. Personally I posted a rant on Facebook to make my friends aware of this crap Apple is pulling. I think everyone on here should advise their friends of this absurdity. Being that most of you guys/gals on here know tech, your friends will value your opinion.

  84. It is so funny that apple created the windows os, microsoft stole their idea and pattented it. I feel as though now they are going to the extreme and trying to protect their “intelectual property”. Rightfully so however, they should just act like they got something stolen from them and create something that will make the competition choke. Like they did with their kitty themed mac OS. I will always buy macbooks and ipod but not their iPhone or iPad when the competition makes those two look neutered. STOP SUING AND GIVE US PRODUCT JOYGASM APPLE! STOP BEING LIKE MICROSOFT!

  85. Wow, this is total bunk!

    I’ve long ago decided, whole-heartedly, against supporting them. This has driven yet another nail into my decision to continue following this.

    I’ve actually got a few friends that swore by their iPhone’s and were waiting with bated breath for the iPhone 5. I showed them some of the goings-on that’s been happening in the wonderful world of technology, with Apple simply being in the news for suing others for besting them. They’re not renowned anymore for their ‘advancements’. They made a SINGLE advancement into the mobile market with their iPhone, UNQUESTIONABLY changing the form factor, and future of mobile tech. However, that’s all I’ve seen them do.
    They’re no longer ‘innovating’. They’re just running around like an 8 year old tyrant-brat crying wolf on everybody.
    All that being said, with all these, ‘advancements’, apple has been making, my friends aren’t interested any longer in their favorite cupertino companies phone.

    Apple is a joke now.

  86. I really don’t understand why millions of people buy their products and put money into the pockets of Apple. I used to be an iPhone user, and when I saw that Apple started suing the pants off just about everyone, I stopped using their products.

    It’s like they don’t like competition. Last time I checked competition is good for consumers because it brings down prices and offers options.

  87. Time to go read the Engadget comments regarding this whole debacle. So funny

  88. #boycottapple is trending on Google+! now 250 million people are aware of apple’s attitude towards competition.

  89. Ummmm if they go over that small size phone someone needs to sue them for trying to look like a samsung

  90. So many bone head apple fanboys when you make a comment have factual information. Apple did not create anything. Xerox in Palo Alto research center created the gui. Apple lost the patent battle to Microsoft because it belonged to Xerox. Android was created in Parc as well and predates the iPhone. Get off the fanboy cool aid losers!

    1. aaahh yeah, I think “stereomax” fell in the kool aid and drowned then some fool brought him back to life but he was already almost completely brain dead at that point….now he just babbles constantly about all things apple cause his brain is broke AND CAN’T COME UP WITH ANYTHING NEW (hmm, hmmm, clear my throat, APPLE) saying things like, “iHungry need some iFood better stop and get some apples but gotta get iGas first,” and on the way to get iGas he glares out of the window of the short iBus semi-drooling with that glassed over look and every thing that catches his eye he says in his head, “lawsuit, lawsuit, apple invented that, lawsuit, lawsuit, another lawsuit…mmmm iHooker better stop and get iDollars out of the ATM to pay the iPimp…lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit, new iPhone (doesn’t notice that its exactly the same as the old iPhone, won’t play flash sites and has no flash for taking pictures), lawsuit, lawsuit, hey didn’t apple invent the apple!!” Side note, IBM had a touchscreen phone in the early 90s called Simon, not iSimon either, and the touchscreen made another appearance in the early 2000s in an HTC phone the XDA, not iXDA, for you apple Fl_l [ Kboys! Put that in your iPipe and iSmoke it!!

  91. Let’s face the facts…

    The Iphone changed the smartphone market, Google played catch up very fast. In doing so they did what nearly every software and electronics manufacture does, they copy bit’s and pieces of other manufactures stuff. Employees move around and bring ideas from one camp into another. All of this is normal, sometimes resulting in law suits. Most large companies eventually settle in a cross license and move on because it’s usually good for both companies.

    Apple on the other hand has no intention of playing this game. In the end I believe that Apple will stifle the Android platform or force Google to pay a fat royalty check and a huge legal bill. Since they clearly don’t need the money my bet is on Apple pushing for the kill.

    What Google needs is it’s own game changer. That will be the glasses, unless Apple or another get’s something to market first.

  92. Wow Apple really getting scared now aren’t you!!!

  93. Dude you are a huge loser. Apple is banning the competition because they are scared. Any tegra 3 Droid tablets will kill iPad any day. Android was around way before the stupid iPhone check your facts. The LG prada was the first running touch screen smart phone. Apple stole the design for the iPhone. Lg was stupid not to follow up with a lawsuit. And android had a life way before Google in prototype versions. I believe cupcake was the first os after Google bought it. When android was independent it lacked advertising. But there are many good products the general public didn’t know about just because the advertising WASN’T good . Android was sold to Google and Google is a master advertiser. Your stupid 4gs doesn’t even have 4 G LTE service yet. Android is on almost every carrier and the rates are way better than Verizon and at&t. Apple is so desparate now that they licensed to cricket. Sign of an on failure just like rim. All companies steal and admit it. However Apple steals and claims it created what it stole. And Apple fanboys like you smoking apple fanboy cool aide are dumb enough to believe it. Apple also claimed it would spend every penny in the bank to destroy android. I don’t see Microsoft or research in motion doing that. Android existed way before Apple. Apple made some improvements. Android was always there but it made a huge comeback after Google acquired it. It’s an advertising company like just apple. In fact it’s so so close to outselling apple that Apple is PETRIFIED OF IT. AND WILL DO ANYTHING IT CAN TO BAN IT BEFORE IT WINS OVER THE MARKET!

  94. My wife is a big apple fan but even she is starting to lose all respect for them because of their business practices. She’s even looking to ditch her iPhone and get a GS3. I’ve been angry all weekend after reading this. Apple and the iPhone fanboys claim that they are just protecting their patents and stopping companies from stealing from them, yet apple has been copying and stealing for years. If this really was just about patents Apple would be going after all Android phones and manufactures. I’ve noticed that Apple only goes after the high end smartphones from the likes of Samsung and HTC that have better or equal specs. You don’t see them going after any low end or mid range phones. As soon as Samsung or HTC announces a flagship phone there is Apple filing a suit to ban it. Seeing that makes is obvious that it’s only about stifling the competition and their better phones. I’d like to see news like this on more news channels and websites other than just the android dedicated websites. There are so many apple users that have no idea what their beloved company is doing. I see people all the time saying that the iPhone is a better phone just because. They give no valid reasons why they think that other than it just is. I’m hoping more people get wind of their corrupt business practices and it causes them to lose a lot of their loyal fan base.

  95. F Apple

  96. I am now selling my ipad 3 anyone want to buy it? If not I’m burning it and will record it being burned then post it on you tube. I wonder how many hits I would get for that.

  97. Somehow, I think this entire situation is an upside for Google. Call me crazy but I see this backfiring on Apple severely…

  98. Can’t beat the competition? Get them banned. Lame Apple.

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