Jul 2nd, 2012

VideoLAN’s swiss army knife of the media player world has hit Google Play in beta form. VLC is now available for download, though its creators warn that the current version is just about as unstable as can be and is only recommended for seasoned Android users. For those interested in checking out how the popular desktop player translates to the mobile world, it is worth nothing that you will need a device with an ARMv7 processor supporting the NEON engine. Most Android users will meet that criteria. For those that don’t have a compatible device, VideoLAN is promising wider support in the future.

From the description of the app, it sounds like the typical user might want to skip this one until a more complete build is released. VideoLAN notes that the final UI will likely change and that the current release is missing performance enhancements and may experience audio playback issues. That being said, the media player does feature VLC standard multi-track audio and subtitle support and also comes with a playback widget for controlling audio playback. If you’re ready to take the plunge, head over to the Google Play Store now.

Google Play Link: VLC Beta (NEON version)

[via MobiFlip]