Reminder: Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III now available through all channels


In case you haven’t been watching the Sprint site like a vulture, here’s a friendly reminder that the Samsung Galaxy S3 became available via all sales channels over the weekend. The phone is in stock at Sprint’s retail stores, but only the 16GB flavor. Those seeking 32GB of storage will have to pick up the GS3 online or via telesales. Pricing for the smaller storage option starts at $199.99 on a new two-year contract.


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  1. Enjoy your sales now. Wait till Apple gets ahold of you!

    1. Ok….. Another brainwashed fool or just a troll. The iphone is a great phone and just like my mac computer it just works. But I had to give up my iphone 4 for an android due to the lack of options i had. The iphone is not as great as people believe. But go ahead, keep paying twice as much just because apple tells you to.

    2. You left off, “in court with another patent troll for something that they didn’t invent!” at the end of your last sentence.

  2. Believe me I haven’t forgotten. I’m still waiting on my phone from letstalk

  3. My Verizon one says it ships July 9 . It’ll be worth the wait I’m sure!

  4. I went and picked one up for my gf yesterday. Super sweet phone. The onscreen color is really saturated again like in the gs2. I found my gnex isn’t nearly as color saturated. The screen looks like its definitely improved since the gnex and looks massive bc no onscreen buttons yet the phone is similar in size to gnex. ThAts my only complaint about the gnex. I love the onscreen buttons but there should be no bottom bezel if they are there.

    1. Well then rom it and take them off. I use Button Savior to swipe the keys on the screen. Best mod I’ve ever seen. At least check out the video

  5. I’ve waited this long for the phone so I might just wait til September and get the phone on C spire AND use there LTE network when its deployed in September it also beats waiting til next year with sloooooow Sprint

    1. You do know sprint’s lte network officially launches on the 15th right?

  6. I got mine yesterday.
    I went to BestBuy but they just have the phone for preordered client, I went to 3 Sprint store because the first two were sold out.

  7. The white looks better.

  8. Went this morning to see it, very nice size, barely bigger than my Droid X size wise but screen is a nice upgrade. I wasn’t in love with the pebble blue (the one I pre-ordered) I actually thought white looked better and I hate white phones :( I really just wish they had dark grey or black

  9. Hopefully the 64GB version will be available.

  10. keeping my LTEvo

  11. On Sprints slow 2G network.

  12. ogalaxy fit gt s5670

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