MotoActv update brings better notifications, less force closes, more


The MotoActv smart watch by Motorola has gotten itself a nice new update. The sport-centric watch will bring fixes for force close issues, will introduce more useful notifications, improved “pause” functionality during workouts, a fix for battery drain while WiFi is on, and a lot more.

Some users are starting to see firmware 1.7.10. If you want to check and see if your watch is ready to pull the update down be sure to hook it up to your PC and give it a whirl. Read below for the full changelog. [via Droid-Life]

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  1. Whoever here has one, please rate your overall experience with the Motoactv, i have been debating buying one, and them along with your overall experience, what is real world battery life like.

    1. I use it everyday I go to the gym. I have it connected to a bluetooth headset during then. I would say I have to charge it every 3 days or so? That’s around 2hrs of use a day. It would last longer if you didn’t use a bluetooth headset.

      1. do you track your vitals with it at the gym?

        1. I do if I run or use the stair machine. But not for anything else.

          1. So on a 10 scale, how satisfied are you with it?

          2. 8-9. I haven’t had an weird force closes or anything and battery life it great for all it does.

          3. I have one as well and have been very impressed. I use the Motorola BT headset and an ANT+ heart rate monitor. I can get about 3 – 1 hour runs in before charging with these accessories in use. This is on the highest GPS setting ( 1 second interval – most battery drain). If you switch to 2 or 3 second interval you can get even better battery life. The features of this watch surpass nike+ and garmen forerunner without question.

        2. I run outside on occasion too. The GPS locks in a decent amount of time and tracks my run quite well.

          1. Is it similar to Nike+ Running?

        3. I Have never had a force close either. I have had mine since January of this year and use it almost everyday for going to the gym and running/hiking or biking outside. I use most of the features related to those things. Mp3, gps WiFi for syncing. I sometimes use the notifications, but that is only if I have my phone with me. My phone dies faster than the Actv does, so if I am on a long hike, I will not use the notifications. Using it as a blue tooth headset is effective and easy and the fitness tracking (calories, speed. distance) seems solid and accurate. I pair it with my ANT+ hr monitor and a speed/cadence monitor for my bike, with no problems from either of them. The forums for the Actv are very active (see what I did there?) and they have done great work with all of the updates. I know several people on the forums have compared different watches and given Moto their findings, and those posts often get decent responses. They are worth a look. The Actv was pretty much exactly what i was looking for, so it is about a 9/10 for me.

    2. I bought it a couple weeks ago. I like it a lot, I usually use it for the notifications since I’m lazy enough to hate taking my phone out all the time to see who is calling/texting me. I did not choose the other smart watches because this has more functionality for about the same price (bought it on amazon for $200 shipped + wrist strap) i.e. built in mp3, uses the same micro usb cord to charge, etc. I don’t regret the purchase at all.

      If i use it as a watch and notification tracker, it would last me about 3+ days without charging, which is pretty good imho.

      I have yet to use it for workouts due to my hectic life currently, but I have heard great things about the fitness tracker.

      And, you can root the darn thing which is also a great plus!

    3. I got mine 6 months ago.
      Its a nice gadget to have and I enjoy it, However for my long runs I prefer the Garmin 305.
      So if you can spend the money and can enjoy a gadget that is still in a beta state go ahead and buy, If you are a professional runner stick with Garmin .
      FYI here around LA u can find the motoactv on craiglist for bout half price (around 120$)

  2. Love how active they are with this thing.

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