HTC Incredible S now receiving Ice Cream Sandwich update


HTC is making good on their Android upgrade timeline with the release of Android 4.0.4 for their Incredible S. The Ice Cream Sandwich update is available  over the air for the international GSM version of the phone, ticking yet another device off of HTC’s list of 17 expected to receive Android 4.0 this year. The new software should come much to the chagrin of Droid Incredible 2 owners on Verizon, who will likely have an extended wait before receiving the combination of ICS and Sense 3.6.

The update weighs in at around 250MB. Those hoping to receive it can perform the standard system updates check under the Settings menu in an attempt to pull the software upgrade for installation.

[via TheUnwired]

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  1. Nice! Here’s to hoping this helps CM9 for the IncS and Inc2!

  2. I hate that the US version of every phone is always the last to get updates. But I’m happy that there’s now more hope for us Dinc 2 users.

  3. Finally ICS update for the Incredible S.

  4. International GSM version of the phone? Would that be available for UK?

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